Polish Winged Hussar Costumed Soldiers Saved Europe

From my autobiographical book research, the costumed White-winged Hussar soldiers saved all of Europe from the Ottoman Empire. The Muslims had conquered the other countries and would walk in and take over Austria. There are three main religions. I’ve gone into detail about the Jews, but we also have the Muslims to deal with, not damaged as our dear White people and united to a fault as the other races and religions.

I saw a Polish man dressed in his self-made Hussar costume at last year’s Chicago’s Polish festival.

Barbie Novak in my Polish Dancing Lady costume at the Chicago 4-day Polish outdoor festival. The man next to me is decked in a Hussar White-Winged Soldier costume as worn in Polish wars. Sometimes, we had seven different wars going on at the same time.

Original 2004 Email: Polish Lost Twice as Many as Jews in the Holocaust?

The head of the Las Vegas College English Department told me in 2006, that all we have today is repetitive writing. I researched further: no new ideas since the 1970s – monopolized book publishing. She added my autobiography going out to the famous Chicago radio jockey, which had never happened before. Publish the emails.”

Below is my primitive email writing to the DJ. It was when I discovered my Polish people lost twice as many in the so-called holocaust than the so-called Jews. I also indicate how painful it was to discover the buried truths with an American mind affected by Jews. If no one understands or goes near the topics I uncovered, I understand. Also, the Jews died from typhus perhaps injected in them by their own to create a mass escape from Old Poland their former home of their cruel enslavement of my ancestors. 1,000 years in 2025!


More Poles Killed in Holocaust

March 2004

What is this that my niece and real estate agent, mother of 5 white children without welfare and a husband, with a mother-in-law, rolling in dough from her dead husband who had a pharmaceutical company, Kimmie, tells me that her Sociology Teacher in college told her that more POLISH people died in the Holocaust than Jews. Is that true? That you really want the Polish people extinct? And the Jews were just a cover-up? So not only do people want me off the face of the earth, a feminine woman, but a Polish feminine woman. AWwwwww, no, no, this can’t be true, this can’t be true. Were more Polish people sent to the ovens than Jews, and no one knows or cares. I can’t type, I have a lot more ideas but my body hurts when I work so hard and try to type these ideas. My body hurts. Did you ever work so hard that your body hurts and screams. I know my mother and father’s did. Mine does. I have to stop typing just to let my body heal for a while. You give the planet so much, and they want you extinct. Why did Hitler do that? We are white. At least I thought I was white. Since I run like a chicken without a head all day, and they say I’m 4 minutes late and they are upset, I’m changing my life, not typing at work, or not typing before I go to work, so that I can change and improve. I don’t want to go places late. Selena the Mexican Girl was late everywhere even to the Grammy’s, but she is privileged she is Mexican. Black people can come in late. I was even talking to a Black girl and she talked about work and said “No one would talk negative to her” and she start naming agencies that would back her up if “anyone” said one wrong word to her. )N.A.A.C.P., etc.  Plus laws on the books that the black people changed that the attorneys can use as precedence. Everyone uses these laws and our systems, because they are squeaky and they rule. And because I’m spiritual and confident and loving, it is equated as “stupid”. So, more Polish people were executed in the Holocaust and no one talks about it? Lovingly, Barbie Doll. Again, please don’t hate me cause I’m Polish, and don’t let them mentally execute me or drive me crazy as they did my forefathers and mothers. I only want to love, love and love.

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 21

Chapter 21, “Breaking Jew Chains to Forge White Freedom,” reveals my first college essay and speech on helping to save endangered White people. In 2006, the Las Vegas English 101 teacher said if we didn’t write something she hadn’t read, she wouldn’t give an “A” grade. She threatened to expel me, gave me an A, I complained to authorities, and they were going to expelher. She granted me a A grade after being out of school for 40 years!

In addition, everything we have today is repetitive, and she corrects 1,000 essays a year. All the same! That’s been true since Jews monopolized the book publishing industry in the 1970s and newspapers and news since 1896.


My Anti-White / Anti-Christ Bill 2018

Anti-White / Anti-Christ Bill

House of Representatives

Committee: Billy LongPrincipal Author: Barbara Ann Nowak
Bill No:Topic: Anti-White / Anti-Christ Law
Title of Bill: Anti-White / Anti-Christ LawAugust 27, 2018, 4:45 p.m.
My Original Anti-White / Anti-Christ Law to help save the White People and Caucasian Christianity

Be It Enacted By the house of representatives

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34Preamble: Whereas the 1964 Civil Rights Act covers the rights, privileges, and benefits of 92% of the world’s races and religions, there are no laws in effect for the rights of the White Species (Caucasians, White Christians) the founders and pioneers of the United States of America as it is known today, since its inception in 1776. The Civil Rights Act was passed to prevent discrimination against citizens of all races, and outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, and since the Civil Rights Act prevents Whites (Caucasians, White Christians) the fundamental and inalienable rights under the Constitution and are in jeopardy of decline, degeneration, and genocide, and the Anti-Semite laws passed in the United States protects only the Semites, both the Jewish and Muslim races and their religions, and the law does not protect the endangered White race and religion, Caucasians, and White Christianity,     SECTION 1: Let the definition of Whites, Caucasians (Christians) be defined as only the people of European ancestry and their descendants, and not the Semites, both Jews and Muslims, or any other race or religion who managed to include themselves in the United States Census since 1910 but have separate and distinct races and religions. This Act may be cited as the “Combating Anti-Christ or Anti-Whites Act of 2018.”   SECTION 2: Let Whites, as defined in SECTION 1, receive preferred rights and benefits reserved for other races and religions under the definition of the Civil Rights Act, which must be repealed.   SECTION 3: Let White couples or singles receive exceptional opportunities and privileges for conceiving and rearing healthy, prosperous, intelligent, and moral offspring. Our laws must encourage freedoms such as Whites’ communication, advancement, and travel with the kin of Europe and other Caucasians around the world.   SECTION 4: Let states receive funds by ending the present government funding for non-Whites and establishing a separate government White account.   SECTION 5: This bill shall go into effect 91 days after passage.

Poland’s Wiped Off the Map

Poland’s been wiped off the map as slaves to Jews often happened. This drawing shows a 1772 event. Sometimes the Jews had my ancestors in war with seven countries at a time. This drawing shows exactly that: seven countries and their Kings and Queens!

In the drawing, “Picture for Europe July 1772,” the heavy scale of justice hangs over Polish King Stanisław August Poniatowski, bowed over, hands tied behind the back. Above him Ottoman Empire’s Sultan Mustafa III consents. Far-right, sleeping Great Britain’s King George III has no scale weight. The center figures gobbled up Poland as non-Whites and non-Christians guzzle America. They wiped it off the map: Russian Catherine the Great, Prussian Frederick II, and Austrian Joseph II. Spain’s Charles III and France’s Louis XV look on.

Today, Jew Ukrainian Zelensky, (former clown who couldn’t find work) shoved into Poland another 3,000,000 hot sexed-up Ukrainian women and men to interbreed us off the map. Also they will replace us. But the Polish were slaves to Jews where 92% come from and had us in war non-stop for 1,000 years. War and alcohol were our only products. It was the worst slavery in history – silenced! Even today. Records destroyed!

My Insurance: Chinese and Non-Whites

Jews own AARP, Association for the Advancement of Retired People (Most Whites are over 55 and qualify.) Jews also own or run the Chicago nursing homes where we get abused and maltreated. They even gouged the government’s Medicare or paid health care for seniors.

Also, my Polish White immigrant friend, Irene Debowski, whose parents worked for the Nazis, quit high school and worked at Chicago nursing homes. She said they are either Jewish or run by Jews. Later in life, she assisted a Jewish buyer who bought massive products for senior homes and had contracts for them. She said if the Jew bought from another Jew, the latter raised the price since the government (run by Jews) paid whatever amount was charged. $32 billion a year in fraud from the medical let alone Jews. But if her Jew boss bought from a Gentile (White), the Jew “Jewed” him/her down so low, the White bankrupted or couldn’t compete anymore. It’s how Jews murdered us as business owners. They murdered my brother-in-law’s business (from Alta Monte Italy) when the had his wife seduced, then took over his Italian Restaurant and business, Sorento’s. They drove my sister Mary, to 5 nervous breakdowns and afterward to a Jewish psychiatrist who controlled her and she never confided in me as she used to.

So, Jews own AARP part of my insurance. Jews always work with other countries against the host. Example: Poland 1,000 years. Jews worked with as many as seven countries against the Polish, even with wars and alcohol being our only products. My Polish ancestors outsourced their food to other countries. Then, when the war happened and the food supply was cut off, 50,000 a year of my Daddy’s kin perished of starvation (a horrible death.) Then the Jews donned golden glittery robes and robbed the Polish White Catholic/Lutheran corpses!

Now my health insurance company working with our government has Chinese owners, probably bankers. So did my last one, Aetna, Coventry, which is why I changed only to find the same non-White problem. It’s dangerous for our health to be in the hands of our enemies. In 1924, the USA White Christians had a ban Jews and Chinese. Thanks to the Jew holocurse lies, they Yellows and Kikes took over the USA we built for 500 years.

Here’s pictures of my insurances’ happy email to me. It’s no wonder I get sick. It’s mind control or hypnotism against me.

Do they look White? I am and want to love myself not hate myself and have non-White idols.

How about this health insurance advertisement in my email? Anything White about it for my strength, happiness, life and survival? Or does it speak of death, deprivation, starvation, dependence, slavery?

Are these Brown Mexicans? She’s hugging her man, what about the White man in a formerly White country? Our boys needing over 20 mentors or this will turn into a bizarre for the 92% non-Whites worldwide.

How about this “happy” picture? We’re supposed to ward off depression? Does this make you healthier, happier, or holier? Chinese bombed 50,000 churches in one Chinese City! (Presbyterian to be exact. What about the others? Are White Christians working together or against our interests? A Chinese or Filipino (The USA is loaded with them or almost all customer service agents I deal with are from the Philippines. Think “Hello! How are you? My Name is “Angel” (Or Christian) so that Whites bow and prostrate to them.) No worries!” And then they don’t solve the problem. It took 35 phone calls to Hewlett Packard (owned by Jews) to try to fix my last new printer. However, I don’t have an alternative. We have tyranny. Now look at the picture carefully. There is a White man with two White woman holding him up. But it’s blured out. Is that sexual? Fantasy? No, it’s hypnotism, subliminal mind effects.

Here’re two headless people! The advertiser decapitated them. Naturally the man has a beard, so we don’t know what race. The female nurse checking his heart has blonde hair. Filipino, Chinese, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Red, Mexican? She has her hand on his shoulder. Why?

We don’t know what’s going on except that the woman is deliriously happy? Why? Insane at the idea of our entire demise including Christianity. The White man is so terrorized and afraid and ashamed and guilty for things he’s been programmed to do. He doesn’t even get to look into the camera. He’s devastated! For all practical purposes he doesn’t exist. From my family’s sister’s son, age 59. Out of his 9 high school friends. He’s the only one alive and his Jewish buddy! Even Christian men I know years ago, dying at 59. A Mexican man whose son fixed (did a horrible job) my Vegas air conditioner, said his dad drives back and forth to Mexico at age 97. No exercise or doctors. The USA Mexicans are the 2nd happiest people in the world. 1st is Sweden, Blonde Aryans, brainwashed so bad they are the most #1 Liberal and bow to the 92% worldwide non-Whites! Also, the marketing and advertising caters to the White female (now minority in her own country) since she spends the money!!!! When I was married, I gave the checkbook to my disabled (then saved) Vietnam Veteran husband who fought these Chinse bodies and Jewish bankers but harassed, ridiculed, wounded from USA protestors who threw bottles, bloody women’s pads, balloons filled with urine, poop, and hate words. All Jewish led as the 2007 protest I was in against Illegals. The man who led the counter-protest against us, (White People’s Party, National Socialists, Nazis) came up to me and gave me his name when I asked him, “By your last name, you seem Jewish. Are you?” He said as if I gave him a shock treatment, “Yes!”

White Polish Hussar Warrior Saved Europe from Muslims

Yes, we defend ourselves from our Jewish enemies, but also the Muslims had conquered all of Europe except for Austria in the 1600s. The Austrians called on the Polish Hussar warriors who made headpieces from White feathers in the angle of an upside hockey stick. The feather sounds as the men charged ahead scared the enemy away.

Then, when the Muslims attacked all of Europe, their goal was Austria as their European capital. They were so confident that they didn’t bring just Muslim soldiers but their king, queen, family, concubines, tents, and pots to take over the government and palace.

Remember, researcher Kenneth Poduska wrote that Muslims, (now a billion) Jews, (15,000,000 united as one number and people for perhaps 1,000 years), and Blacks (over a billion) warred against Christian White Europe for 800 years. They kidnapped, raped, castrated, enslaved, sent to war, and killed over 50,000,000 White Christian Europeans.

Book: The Naked Communist

W. Cleon Skousen wrote a book that exposed the evil Jews towards Whites, especially Christians: The Naked Communist. A Jewish publisher conned Skousen and said they would publish it. Jews monopolize the entire White worldwide book publishing (as well as News, Movies, Magazines, and all sources.)

After he signed the contract, they said they had him sign the contract to stop publishing. He lost all rights!

Then, perhaps a Holy Ghost moment, he went back to the Jew book publishing office and persuaded the receptionist (who was drunk) to sign off on the contract. He then gained all rights and the Mormons published it. I read it and included him in my book chapter on White persecuted martyrs.


I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 20

Pictures and link from Chapter 20: Link to click and watch.

Queenie (52 pups; last 13 Champion Pedigree,)sons, and me. Professional photo. There was one with my veteran husband also. When someone smashed my car window in April 2004 and stole his hand-written manuscript about being a White homeless veteran and how they had to band together to survive or even die, our family photos were with it and stolen also. 

Barbie, sons, and my friend, Queenie, 52 pups, last 13 pedigreed with Champio Von Nassua’s Sherpa.

The German artist drew a Jew who looked exactly like Jewish Norm Dolan, a boss who seduced me in 1968. The rest is in this video. My niece was married to a Jew, so rich his name appeared on my Bank America Credit Card statement letter. He used her for breeding: looks, sweet disposition, high IQ (brothers both straight-A students. She left school as I did for marriage. Three presidents’ daughters married rich Jews: Kennedy, Clinton, and Trump. He screamed at her after she gave him 20 years of marriage, “I want a divorce. I have a Jewess I’m going to marry, gave her a 3-carat diamond, and will travel the world with her.” Being a devout Catholic, her friend gave her a Mother Mary statue (Jesus’ mom.) Big, White, heavy. After putting it on the bedroom dresser, the Jew jumped out of bed, grabbed one of his smelly socks, and covered the statue’s head. My niece tore it off and it went back and forth. He then lamented, “Look at the statute’s eyes! She’s looking right through me!” 
Nonetheless, after the divorce was finalized, he threw her out of the house, and although he never did a single day or minute of hard work, he lifted the statue and threw it in the back of her car seat. That was ten years ago. Afterward, my niece became so sick she had to live on a hospital machine daily for four hours. She’s at the point that she’s destitute, denied disability, and is dying after running the medical gamut of doctors. She has to work but can’t even stay on the job for any length of time.
Also, when she first married the rich Jew, they had a party. Sister Joan thought he did or said something disgusting and truthfully called him a dirty Kyke! (Jews defamed my people who slaved for them 1000 years “Dumb Polacks” and named the Germans “Nazis.” But call them a “kyke” or say “nigger!” “spic,” and Jews have the Whites trained so terribly, they both would attack us.) My sister never could see her daughter or 1/2 breed grandchildren again. The Jew never saw my niece again in 10 years but is traveling the world with his Jewess, flaunting and bragging about her 3-carat diamond. And the rich Jews said he’s never been so happy in his life. Well, if 3 White women had the entire US Treasury, Fed Reserve Bank, and House of Representatives bank, maybe we’d be happy too!

Jewish boss who seduced me looked exactly like this German drawing. Jews hung the publisher of the White newspaper for telling the truth.

Another truthful German drawing: 
The Jew my niece married looks like this. I only saw him once at Sister Joan (Jeana and Mayor husband, Johnny)’s 50 wedding anniversary party. The Jew accounting and computer supervisor 1968, who seduced me and helped cheat the customers, looked just like this also. This isn’t German or Polish hate. This is “truth!” 

Jews drugs and seduces White woman as happened to me in South Chicago by them twice. It was when the Jews brought in their “Let’s hate White (Christians) sex revolution, and use the White woman’s womb as a sewer for our sperm.

All my best, Barbie

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 19 – 2

Chapter 19 part 2 is “The Hitler Woman.” See link below:

I was and am the good White woman, but scorned and threatened as a pioneer in many avenues. When I ventured into the comeback of breastfeeding, even my family called me crazy, insane, stupid, nasty, old-fashioned. I lived in solitary confinement for 3 years each son. (Our species female nursed 7 years only to be outdone by the lady Orangutan.)

Nazi propaganda ideal of motherhood | Holocaust Encyclopedia
German mother breast-feeding her White baby under the National Socialists’ attempt to save the endangered White Germans, even the White people

The Jew TV made up bigot, Archie Bunk-er, All in the Family. Jews make curse words against us to keep our Whites hypnotized.

Jew TV Show “All in the Family” defamed the White character, Archie Bunker, Carroll O’Connor as a racist, bigot, homophone, crazy. The Jews also defamed my ancestral people and me as “Dumb Polack” so no one would believe us. And they defamed the Germans, the smartest and most religious of the Whites before World War II as “evil nazis.” No one would dare except me call say “evil Jews,” or “Jews are the dumbest people on earth.”