“The Hitler Test” by Polish American John Kaminski

I married a disabled Veteran who fought the Commies as Hitler did. No one knows my or his suffering. What we suffered happened to our White (Christian) Veterans for jewish wars. USA, Europe, Germany, Russia, Poland, England. I’d be callous and cruel to let the USA veterans live in deceit for the smiles and pocketbooks of the jewish family. I hear the veterans cry from their graves as my husband for justice. If we expose the jewish system and inaugurate our own, the veterans lives and loved one’s suffering will not be in vein.
The link below is on a different TV station: Goyim!
John Kaminski is Polish (“ski”) at the end of the name. “Sky” generally means jews who married into royalty. Think Carolyn Kennedy, Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump.
John talks about Nobel Peace Prize winner Russian Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. His book, 200 Years Together. On page one, he writes that he doesn’t go back beyond 1775. 
That was left for me to discover. I then traced 92% of Jews back to Poland 1025. By 1775, there was the “Great Partition.” Austria, Russia, and Prussia warred with Poland but my ancestors merely let them cross the border and didn’t resist. Although the Austrian leader told the other two to “let the Polish people go free. They’ve known only about war for 800 years non-stop.” The other two said that it would be too painful for the Polish to experience freedom since they never had it. It was then that they split up Poland and it was wiped off the map. (many, many times. The White USA has already been wiped off through mental means.)
During the Polish partitioning, Russia “won” the Jews. That’s like Russian Roulette that worked against them. Now the USA “inherited” the Jews through diabolical subterfuge. What’s also interesting as Jews annihilated Poland in 1772, Jewish banker Hyam Salomon began fomenting the American Revolution. 
Note the Jews tied the Polish king’s hands behind his back. The British King on the right is snoring or drugged. Our veterans were victims of Jews and the White men deserve justice and real honor. We will then have finally won the war or the stop the beatings the Jews inflicted on us. Then the hard work begins to save the Whites, (Christians) and our countries and begin to run the race that the Jews and Chinese dynasty now lead. We can, must, and will do it.
 It’s as if the wars had to happen for us to see the hidden evil that has beset us. It’s the same (although I don’t compare) when the Jews hounded Jesus for three years, no one talked “For Fear of the Jews,” and they tortured and hung him the worst death possible. 

Here’s the drawing from my book: Also see “The Hitler Test.” Polish John Kaminski. Note the pictures of the young girls and the mother’s role also.


Jews Absconded the State of Liberty

I came across this link below and was horrified at what the Jews got away with regarding the Statue of Liberty. It represents jewess femininity as Women’s Lib put the jewess in power and enslaved all white women who do twice as much for 1/2 the reward.  The glory all for themselves and against the Whites in this country.

The Statue’s tablet is patterned NOT after the Constitution but after the White Civil War’s Declaration of Independence for black rights and bound Whites. The tablet is not about “law & justice,” but a lawless country as Jews commanded in Poland for a millennium. It was the only such country of slavery in history. 

It’s a long article and I skimmed it for my blog since I’m working on many projects for our cause.
It’s 1886 & the reception for the French Statue of Liberty. Heroes: the most debased Jews and Jewesses. Remember that in 1875, Jews began to arrive en masse, 2,000,000, in the USA. From European countries, but all from Poland. Think of the plant, “The Wandering Jew.” 
The Statue essay broke down, not built up, President Grover Cleveland. This is not only about the White president but what the Jews did to all White men and women. No one dare criticize a Jew or Jewess.
”   a bit fat … with a placid and serene figure.” 20 Local reporters described him as seeming “bored but resigned … regarding with a stone stare his surroundings and showing apparently little interest in the proceedings about to begin.” 

Essay “Break monk’s chains,” it meant to break  Christianity and all Whites including our history and rights in our own land. How about breaking the synagogue and mosque chains? What a heist!

So what does the Jew Joseph Pulitzer do, King of Yellowed News, New York World? He raised donations for the Statue of Liberty. Also, remember that Jews skim 80% of all donations and charities. Yet the Statue’s parade took a detour and went past his newspaper to honor and adore him. That happened once before: Kennedy’s parade took a route detour on Elm Street where jewish Zapruder filmed the only pictures of the presidential assassination. Whites are addicted to smut jew news, etc. etc. etc.
The essay applauded the Suez and Panama canals which Pulitzer helped finance with White $$ not for America but Egypt (Muslim brothers) and the 92% non-white countries. The essay said “We must protect our borders.” Really? What happened? I remember the first time I wrote politically to the famous Chicago DJ. He encouraged my “authentic self.” I lamented the illegals and other problems I saw in 2002. I said the Statue of Liberty is screaming “Enough is enough!” I had no idea where my writings would lead. 
The article knocks down the German female statue as stern, yet the Statue of Liberty doesn’t look happy at all. 
The article talks about the evil White Russian Christian Tsar Alexander. What did he do that deprived the Jews? He stopped the Jewish dictate to turn all Russians into war and alcoholics and anti-Christian. However, Jewess Vera Figner assassinated Tsar Alexander! And she’s indirectly praised as Jewish Communism clawed away at the White people. Essay:
“Yonder were a dozen Russians who no longer feared the wrath of Alexander, the great WHITE Czar. There stood a group of ANARCHISTS and Socialists glad that they could stand up as men [and] say what they pleased … without putting their necks in danger.  (BEING HUNG)”
The essay relates that it was good that the workers rioted at Haymarket Square for an 8-hour day. But it was the unions and Jews controlled all unions in Germany and the USA. At the Haymarket, the Jews were on stage inciting the White men to riot and kill many Chicago policemen. Today, our union jobs have gone to illegals and 92% non-Whites of the world. Chicago, where I grew up: a rust belt of steel companies. Jews just grabbed all the money they could and invested it with compounded interest. Mama said, “Give it back to the Jews with compounded interest. They know what that means.”
1875-1941 – Book: The Rise (and fall but they are still on the rise) of the Jewish Gangster in America. Albert Fried. 
Remember by 1924, Republicans banned all Jews, hence the Jews next step: Stock Market crash, Great Depression, World War II, and their exit from Poland into the USA. Now Biden’s top 12 appointments, without exception, jewish.
So the Statue of Liberty was for Whites (Christians) to invite all the Jews and 92% of the non-Whites to take over America. As in Poland, my kin were broken down and the enemies merely walked over the border.
The essay then speaks of the #1 anarchist & founder of USA God and White hating Communism, “Emma Goldman.” She incited the assassination of White President Mc Kinley. The she-devil drove out the owner of #1 US Steel, Scottish Andrew Carnegie  (richest man in the country but gave back 90%.) She then incited the near assassination of the man Carnegie appointed to take over his company, Henry Clay Frick. Her jewish Russian lover snuck in, beat, hit with hammer, shot, stabbed him. Her highness got off Scot-Free. The Polish immigrant who she incited was executed. Her jewish lover who did the beating and near murder of Frick, 22 years with only 14 spent in prison. Jews had Polish Leon Czolgosz executed. Note when Jews clearly dealt intimately with our White presidential leaders there have been four assassinations and one black president now has a Temple built to worship him in Chicago. Jews outright character assassinate Trump & Biden, but not a word about the Eternal Jewish Occult race. Here’s execution of Leon Czolgosz who the jewess commanded him to do. He said on the St. Louis news headlines “I’m (jewess) Emma Gold-man’s disciple!”

Jewess “Emma” Lazarus wrote the Statue’s plaque. (Note the Jews chose the name of a Jesus character Lazarus, his best friend, who he raised from the dead. If Jews took over a Catholic country for a millennium, it was a cinch to take over the Protestants’ land and people. Not only take over but got the Whites to idolize them for their evils.
Note words of jewesses poem on plaque. Think of all forms of communication Jews usurped and use against us. But a Statue plaque?!

  1. Not “Greek” fame. It was Greek American historian Telemachus Thomas Timayenis who was the 1st anti-Semite. Of all countries, Greece has highet anti-Semitism 69%, Poland next, 49% but we can’t talk
  2. “A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame . . . ” That mighty woman was the jewess and her offspring to be supported for eternity by the host people. The flame (a sort of jewish holocaust of the Whites.)
  3. “Mother of Exiles.” Nom it was the happy Jewesses who were about to arrive en masse and we should “Feel sorry” and give them our entire country along with the 92% non-White women of the worlds. 
  4. “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” Jews already arranged the destruction of the European Kings and Queens so the 15,000,000 Jews could reign over our countries.
  5. Emma “Lazarus,” (like Jews put in another Protestant founder, “Martin Luther” “King) says to welcome and the female statues “eyes command!” to allow all Jews to take over. My Polish ancestors had money when they arrived. Grandpa, a Polish Russian general, bought Chicago real estate and worked as a chief engineer for the EJE railroad that shipped #1 US Steel’s products. 
  6. The article mentioned give us your tired, etc. etc. Jews and non-White actors who are now the happiest people in the world while we are denied freedom or even asylum. It mentioned “hope, freedom, and opportunity,” Do we have equal rights or even preferred rights as White tortured minority? I still have hope although no freedom or opportunity. The wretched refuse (that’s the pampered European Jews who invaded the USA as they did most of the other European countries who merely expelled them as the Germans wanted to do to Madagascar. 
  7. “I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Oh yes, jewess Emma, America has become your golden door but slammed the door on me and mine and locked and imprisoned our White crusaders and all Whites. If I discovered this, all Whites will know! 

The New Colossus

Emma Lazarus – 1849-1887

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

That was the beginning of the end of the White’s country the USA.

Graphic: Jews kidnapped, raped, slashed, & sucked Polish woman’s blood

Jews kidnap, rape, slash, suck Polish woman’s blood. Murder?

Jews are obsessed with blood (think jewish Dracula movie) and excrement, (think homosexuality forced on our men to deneuter them and enforce their own supremacist manhood. It’s the most base and the lowest instead of refined, cultured, and dignified as the White species must become again. Although the movie is long, I watched it in increments.
This drawing is from German der Stürmer News. Once the jewish sons of bitches (and the jewess is the worst bitch of all time) kidnap, rape, and tie the Polish woman, the Jews slash her wrists, and suck her blood. Did they murder her or did she have to live with this curse while watching the jewess control the Polish government, royalty, churches, and banks!?
Jews Suck Polish Blood.png

Jew Doctor raped me: Jew Dentist Sexually Fondled me 12 years old!

Grandma’s last name: “Polish Pawlowski.” Nobility. “Sky” at the end generally means sneaky jews who married into nobility as Jews got Carolyn Kennedy, Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump. Same 1,000 Polish story repeats itself.
The Canadian Alberta judge ordered Pastor (Polish Pawlowski) to kneel, self-hatred, self-condemnation, and basically suicide himself for his COVID narrative.
Grandpa was Polish Russian General who arrived in the USA in 1902. Since Jews forced alcoholism on Russians for 200 years, Poland’s addiction, war, and great human depression for 1,000 years, it was no surprise when I read Grandma’s death certificate. Died of cirrhosis of the liver. Polish women and even Southern USA women used alcohol to relieve war injuries under Jewish dictators as we have today. Grandma distilled green vodka in the bathtub during Prohibition. Think Jews in Poland 1,000 years: alcohol & wars the only products. 
Attached is Grandma’s death certificate. Maiden name: Pawlowski same as the victimized Pastor in the video. Note the doctor who signed it was Jewish Dr. Stern. Across the hall was his Jewish cousin, also dentist Dr. Jacob Stern. Autobiographically speaking, I went to the dentist when I was 12 years old in South Chicago, where Jews illegally immigrated to through holocaust lies after 1945. They already had their Polish White Christian slave population.
After dentist Dr. Stern injected me he then grabbed my breast and fondled me and said, “You’re sprouting nicely!” Women never talked nor did I know about sexual things since we were to be virgins when we got married. Now Jews made the White woman’s sacred womb a sewer for their and the world’s anti-White sperm. We don’t know the difference between good and evil. Grandma Kopaczewski Death Certificate.jpg

Name Pawlowski like Grandma’s. Jew doctor raped me; jew dentist sexually fondled me 12 years old!
The ancestry department sent me this crooked birth certificate what shows Jewish Dr. Jacob Stern’s signed grandma’s last document. His cousin sexually fondled me when I was 12 years old.

Swastika = White male/female = White babies! Scorned by Jewess!

Thanks to Fred Leuchter for sending link. Gina Aversano must be found “innocent” and the jewess “guilty.” Gina, the first woman (that I know of) arrested and charged with felonies for putting a swastika on a rock in an out-of-the-way place. 
The White woman’s baby and fertility are “evil” but the jewess’ are sacred? Where’s Women’s Lib? Where’s Pro-Life? Where’s the Civil Rights Act (1964) which protects 92% of the world’s non-Whites, and 4% of the White women (against White males). Hitler was alarmed when the White population was at 33% of the world and declining. Today, White babies are down from 33% of the world to 3%. If that’s not white genocide, what is! Our babies are indebted $32,000 to pay for 97% of the world and punish White women and children. 

Swastika = 12,000 years old. Spinning clockwise, it symbolizes male energy; anticlockwise, female. Sing of White fertillity, boy scouts, Coca-cola, good luck, fortune, and more! I read the swastika is made of two symbols. 

The swastika appeared frequently as a symbol in the catacombs signifying Christ as the power of the world. In medieval times it was the gammadion, used to symbolize Christ as the cornerstone, also the four Evangelists, with Christ as the centre.

Here’s from the Jew’s words: Meaning birth, life, immortality, joined together = union of male and female. It’s why today there’s a World War III going on between the White male and female. It further said the White female must change, probably damaged and hypnotized by the jewess and such as black Oprah and her army of specialists. 

 From Sanskrit Keys to the Wisdom-Religion: Swastika A mystical cross with its arms bent at right angles suggesting a whirling motion; also, a symbol of good fortune and blessing. The swastika is a compound of su — a particle meaning ‘auspicious,’ ‘blessed,’ ‘virtuous,’ ‘beautiful,’ and ‘rightly’; and astika derived from the verb-root as — to be; hence ‘that which is blessed and excellent.’ The Swastika is a very archaic and sacred symbol that can be found in the religious relics of every ancient nation, for it depicts the whole story of the cosmos and man, their contrasting dual aspects, the four directions of space, the revolution of worlds, cyclic progression, and the union of spirit and matter at the heart of things. In H. P. Blavatsky’s words: (“sky” at the end of name = Jew who married into Polish Christian royalty or nobility. “ski” is Polish nobility as Mama’s last name)Within its mystical precincts lies the master-key which opens the door of every science, physical as well as spiritual. It symbolizes our human existence, for the circle of life circumscribes the four points of the cross, which represent in succession birth, life, death, and IMMORTALITY. — The Secret Doctrine, II, 556-7

Swastika symbols below and definitions below that. 



Swastika a Sticker for White Fertility & European Race

Photo: Attention ALL Whites: Hitler said this symbol was insurmountable! - That's right! Stick together!
by jlamprecht
[Hitler said that this symbol, the SWASTIKA, is insurmountable! PRICELESS! And he was spot on! This is the symbol of the European race! Indeed, IF WE ALL STICK TOGETHER WE WILL BE INVINCIBLE. NO ONE WILL THREAT US AGAIN! We were very stupid and never stood by the Germans in WWII. It was such an idiotic war - the greatest disaster our race has seen since the Roman Empire. Stick together and we have nothing to fear. NEVER LET ANYONE SHARE US AGAIN! Heil Hitler! Jan]
Adolf Hitler’s Mother’s Cross: Highest German medal. For White mothers with 8 or more children. World War II was all about White rights to have healthy babies

I Worked with a Nazi Leader at Chicago Jewish Company

I was looking through my 12-year-old blog and came across this comment from a reader.
When I first wrote in 2009, I wrote that when I worked at Production Tool Corporation, it was owned by a Jew, Henry Brooks. It was a crooked company, which machined or welded from the local and numerous mega-steel corporations. Even as far back as 1968, when Chicago was a steel-hub, the Jew turned his back on his own customers and bought the steel he needed from “Japan.” 
He recently died and I read he was a captain of a US Navy ship during WWII. What makes this “real” and in my life, was that the man who headed the work crew was named “Helmut Zahn.” Jews know the Germans were innocent and it was all a ploy for the jewish illegal citizenship into the USA. In 1924, White Republican American had a ban on them (and the Chinese,) now both #1 superpowers off White agony.
The work crew in Chicago under German National Socialist, Helmut Zahn, were Polish White Catholic Christian immigrants who were paid low wages and many living together in small apartments. What amazed me was that I didn’t know the camps were in Poland and my people were there from 1939-1945, Jews 1943 1/2 – 1945. They were work camps, which Jew Henry Brooks duplicated in Chicago.
The janitor there, Black Benny Scott, had a shining gold front tooth as a reminder to Whites how good we treated and still adore them. I asked him how he could afford a Cadillac like the (jewish) owner. He said, “I sell drugs, my (black) wife collects government $$$ for 5 kids, and the (Jew) pays him a salary. I told him Daddy worked for Jews at Fawcett books where they underpaid him, treated him badly, and overworked him. Plus Mama was their slave yet we (as Whites) starved!
While I worked at Production Tool, two of the employees out of the office of five died of suicide. 
Black Louis Farakhan’s mega church was on South Chicago Avenue just blocks from where I worked.
Jew Brooks cheated his vendors. He didn’t pay them or paid so late it hurt their company. While his crookedness continued, he had a big party at his mansion in an elite suburb. The Chicago northern suburbs were once White and had the big Christian churches, now shut down and replaced with Jews and lots of blacks & non-Whites. I went to the jewish party and they had a billiard room bigger than my large 2-bedroom apartment! Also, the Jew had a high, high wrought iron fence to “protect him and his jewish crooked family.” His son died from an overdose (black drugs) or suicide. 
Jewish Henry Brooks had a black lover he visited every afternoon. While Whites slave our asses off to make it in this society, the jews and blacks laugh right through it and at us for giving up our land and country. Brooks asked me to call his jewess wife to get her leg of lamb recipe since his black mistress wanted to make it for him.
After I worked for them for five years, they cheated me out of insurance money when I was pregnant with my first White baby. They changed insurance companies as soon as I wore maternity clothes. 
When I returned to work after having my baby since my veteran husband was fired from his job, the new jewish comptroller, Norm Dolan, seduced me and I quit. 
Living in the jewish New Jerusalem was a nightmare worse than any movie. Norm told me earlier his wife told him that since she had his 2 babies for support, he had to find sex elsewhere. After the jewi doctor raped me and I confronted him, he said he loved me but had a jewish wife and kids and if anyone found out he’d be ruined for life. I called him recently to see if I could get him to sign a generic document to use his name for the publisher. 
He called me back, and with all the jewish hispanic Colombian (drug capital) chutzpah, said “My attorney said you can write anything you want. I’m retired!” I found on E. Michael Jones’ research into Poland that the Jews used the Polish women (and perhaps boys) for illicit sex since about 1250! The first Jews deported from Germany before WWII were rapists. Here’s an original reply someone wrote many years ago.
I didn’t know German Helmut Zahn was a Nazi leader until this woman asked me for geneology help. Here’s her reply to a blog many, many years ago.

Hi, Queen of Karaoke! I read that you worked with a Helmut Zahn, at Production Tool. I found your blog by Google Searching the name “Helmut Zahn”. A friend of mine is doing her geneology. Can you remember anything else about this man? Was he nice? Who were his work friends? Did he stay at Production Tool? ANY info would be very kind of you! She knows he was in the Nazi party, but everything was so “hush hush” that all she knows is his name. Have a great night, and thank you for taking the time to read this.Approve | Reply | Quick Edit | Edit | Spam | Trash

Laughing Black Beats Disabled White USA School Teacher

Re: Black student attacks disabled White teacher! Thanks for sharing. Brother Eddie, (White Polish family of 15 slaves to Jews in South Chicago) was an English literature teacher. When I asked him before he died how I could read more books, he said “read two pages each night before bedtime.” It’s how I finished my last books. Although I have a reading stand to read while I eat sometime, and of course there’s the dear toilet seat! LOL. Jews made prehistoric “illiterate” barbarians out of my Polish people. (92% Jews, Ashke-nazis from my Poland 1025-1945, then South Chicago their main place which already had plenty of Polish immigrants used to slavery.) The Writing Center PhD said we’re going back 6,000 years to hieroglyphics. They don’t teach grammar. I went to three different colleges and universities to get help since 2006. All was about hating Whites, especially men, and loving Black men, Mexican, jewish homosexuals, Chinese grandmothers. 
Brother Eddie taught Whites and blacks. Our town had veterans’ community homes. Eddie said if a black failed he flunked as he did to a White. He was equal. It was the same with Dr. William Luther Pierce college professor (listen and see his videos). When he failed a black student in nuclear physics for not passing, the White was fired and never worked another day. I know of many other teachers, the same.  Eddie originally wanted to be a radio announcer autobiographically speaking. He said before the Civil Rights Act passed (covers illegal Jews since the Republicans had a ban on them in 1924) he heard on an underground Chicago radio that “Martin Luther” “King,” said to the president if he didn’t pass the law the blacks were set to burn down America. The last I checked all our USA generals are or were black. After the Civil War, jewish carpetbaggers shoved in twice as many blacks into Washington DC. Since 1865, our formerly White capital is now occupied by jewish leaders with a black tough army who jews trained to hate and deceive Whites since 1650.
Brother Eddie said the black Female mothers are the toughest on earth. (Think Michelle Obama who ruled over us for 8 years and grew up 5 blocks from my home on Euclid Avenue.) Eddie said the blacks took him to court every marking period and every year to get him fired, money from him, the school, the government, you and I paid for their rights. I saw a video that said the blacks incite the Whites to fight but other blacks in their “tribe” as they always go together would take pictures to go to a jewish lawyer. There was a Youtube video by a black who rapped about how they could get away with anything since they all had “good” (evil) jewish lawyers to persecute and prosecute Whites in our own homeland. Brother Eddie weathered the storms and lasted to retirement.
I know of a Florida school teacher who was in the Peace Corp to help blacks and browns. She moved to Florida and taught all blacks. However, she was partially crippled from a car accident. One day, a kindergartner (black) came to school and pointed a loaded gun to her head. She talked him out of it but reported it. When the black “father” went to the principal and she hobbled in with crutches one leg being shorter than the other, he viciously slammed her to the floor gloating over his supremacy as shown in this video.