I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 25 Part 6, Jews Persecuted White Martyrs

This mega-chapter is about White victims who suffered for telling the truth or debating. Today, Jews control us as they did my Polish ancestors.

Alphabetically speaking, I’m on letter J.

The Jewish Defense League bombed the Institute for Historical Review and destroyed $400,000 of books, tapes, videos, and documents about the jewish-only version of the Holocaust. Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel. Several other bombings afterward.
in court in 2001 (Credit: AP)
Jason Kohne’s “No White Guilt!” He stressed the names Jews branded on us and even our newborn White babies: Hater, Islamaphobe, Colonizer, Xenophobe (meaning we tell the truth about evil Jews, Colonist, Racist, (we study race like all the others do and are rewarded not punished for it, Bigot, Fascist, (National Socialist or as Jews defamed the Germans, our smartest and most religious before Jews destroyed the German people,) Sexist, when it’s the Jews who opened up the White woman’s sacred womb to be used as a sewer for all non-White sperms, while Jews are married within 4-5 cousins, White Supremacist, while it is the Jews who are the “Supremacists” and keep us down as they did my Polish people, alcohol and war our only products where so-called Jews dictated over us, Nazi, again a Jew made up defamation word as they named my people and me “Dumb Polacks,” Anti-Semite, Jews pass laws 535-0 as none other in Congress for their “Anti-Semite” laws to whip our Whites into submission to their every whim. Jewess women have taken over the USA treasury. All money coming in and going out. Whites have no say so, even Caucasian Christianity.
Joe Cortina published three books John 8: 44, Volumes 1, 2, and 3 about how Jesus courageously told the Jews off in public. “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and lives not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When satan speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of all lies.”
One of the most powerful books I researched, Author John Beaty talks of the evils of Jewish Communism. After World War II, Jews magically immigrated out of their first enslaved country, White Christian Poland, into Palestine and the USA. Jews then put an “Iron Curtain” of ruthless abuse, starvation, addictions, and fear on Poland. My ancestors were their starved and murdered slaves for 1,000 years. The Jews now have this Iron Curtian over America where we think we’re free but Whites are slaves!
After World War II a plaque was set up in Auschwitz, Poland, where the work camps were for my White Catholic / Lutheran Christian Polish people and so-called Jews worked. It mentioned 4 million people killed. However, the Jews must have had a second image reduced to One and a Half Million, men, women, and children were killed but Jews added “Mostly jews.” Sorry Jews, as Jesus asserted, “You’re liars and the father of all lies ever made.”
In the book, Doenitz at Nuremberg, he has many authentic stories of high professionals, which said the Jews were guilty and the Germans, Nazis, were innocent. Many United States military men also expressed their desire for Truth and Justice. The author, Taylor Caldwell, stated she was boiling mad that the (Jews) dropped two atoms bombs on Japan’s most Christian cities, murdering 50,000!
Julius Streicher, German publisher of the Der Stürmer newspaper. He included articles and drawings showing how the Jews seduced White Christian/Catholic women and girls. The Jews used our White Christian wombs as mere sewers for their devilish sperm. The first 600,000 Jews deported were the jew rapists, the jewess, and her children, who are supported for eternity by the host country’s people slavery, and money.

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 25 Part 5 Pictures

I’m fearlessly White and so are you, whether we think or feel it. Jews created our thoughts and feelings and we can easily change them at will.

Chapter 25 Part 5 ” Jews Persecuted White Martyrs.” I’m a megachapter of my research of the Caucasians who, what, and why they suffered for Truth, Justice, and the European American Way. Here are the pictures I added to my film that won’t be in the book.

First Mayflower 1621 America’s founders Thanksgiving honoring the Red Indians.

First Thanksgiving Mayflower White Europeans and the Red Indians. Whites cooperated with the Indians. If a White man killed an Indian, the White man was executed.
The Second American Second Thanksgiving. How did the Red Indians repay the Whites for our generous love and hospital. The Indians massacred the Whites as the sat down for their Thanksgiving meal. In the back, out of view, more Red Indians were on boats coming ashore. What they did afterwards I don’t know. I do know on the ship before the Mayflower, the Red Indian women kidnapped, chopped up, and boiled the White European English first settlers. Only four remained when my husband’s ancestor, Stephen Hopkins, arrived on a search mission.
Ezra Pound, Jews Persecuted White Martyrs, imprisoned for freedom of thinking and freedom of the “mind.”
Fred Leuchter, the only gas chamber expert in the world. Secretly travelled to Auschwitz Poland as a result of the Canadian Ernst Zündel holocaust trials. He said there were no gas chambers! Even my state of Missouri’s prison system hired him for their executions. Fred’s aim: to help the executed not suffer since the procedures were so painful before death.
Former World War II Navy war hero. First American National Socialist (Jews defamed the Germans with the title “Nazi” as the Jews defamed my ancestors as “Dumb Polacks” so no one even until today, will believe us or me. He also wrote, How to Get Out and Stay Out of the Insane Asylum.
Jesus Christ of the Ozarks at the Gerald L.K. Smith’s Great Passion Play, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Smith exposed the Jews in politics and in religion. Homosexuals (Jewish victims) bought up the town even the banks. The bankers will foreclose and perhaps destroy both the very White Jesus 67 foot statue and the Great Passion Play. Homosexuals (perhaps most White male victims) shut down the Mother Mary, Father Joseph, and Baby Jesus’ birth nativity scene.
German American Germar Rudolf imprisoned. He wrote many books about World War II and the faked holocaust of self-proclaimed jews only. Jews did it to move their entire population out of my Poland, where they forced us into the worst slavery in history, war, and alcohol addictions 24/7, 365, 1,000 years. Now those Jews rule America. Biden’s top 12 choices: jewish!
Gina Aversano, Jew and Jewess persecution, arrest, jailed, and forced to leave her birth city. Why? The patriot pasted a German swastika sticker on a rock! Jews diabolically control Whites, even Christianity, nearly 100% except for a handful of us begging for debate. Even our relatives and flesh and blood are brainwashed. We need to help free their “minds.” We live in a mental world.
Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motors and the assembly line that changed history for the world. He published the book, The International Jew. He built a home for veterans and their caretakers after White Civil World War I. That tragedy was fought for “jewish rights,” and eventually took over the White people, our countries, and even our White Christianity.
Henry Ford Exposê of the Jewish Influence on Whites and America. However, the Jews and their ilk sent auto production (our #1 product formerly) overseas.

Gina Aversano Jailed for Pasting a Swastika

Gina Aversano. White persecuted martyr. Arrested for pasting a swastika sticker on a New York rock.
  • Gina Aversano, USA – In 2021, first White American woman arrested. Pasted a swastika sticker, an international symbol of fertility and good fortune for 6,000 years! [i] When she was seriously sick with pneumonia, the New York Police Department refused to show her a search warrant, confiscated her computer, cell phones, and political materials. Arrested. Dragged her to jail, where she spent the day in a filthy cell – charged with felonies. Dumped at night in Manhattan’s dangerous part with no phone, wallet, money, or way to get home. [ii]
Swastika Germans used as a sign of fertility. Male / female crossing, mating, having babies. Hitler said that it wasn’t even the Jews who were his biggest problem. Instead, it was the White male and White female who fought each other. They love their cats and dogs more than each other!
Original thousands of years old swastika.

How Jews Affected Whites in Music

I’ve been researching 23 years, yet somehow the divine imparts more info. This song suggests a White singers (although it was the writer who’s responsible) who desires a black man. “One Good Man!” Before Janis Joplin’s death, she went off Jewish illegal drugs for five months. She went to her Jewish “good” (evil) lawyer and changed her will I think left all to a female. She then flew from New York to Hollywood and saw Black Tina and Ike Turner for seven days in a row.

Then went back to her motel, shot up with heroin, and somehow died. Jews faked Marilyn Monroe’s death then took over her fortune too. Every penny she had since she had no descendants. Poison in an enema that can’t be detected on an autopsy.

White Janis Joplin’s music was my favorite when I started karaoke. She sang the “blues.” The other top pop female singers were black females. I loved her music song “One Good Man” since it’s been my motto. Love and cherish “One” good White man.

However, when I looked at the lyrics I was “aghast.” Jews use subliminal means to affect our minds. It’s their war of the minds only they just beat up on us and we don’t know.

In this song from “Got Dem Ol” Kozmic Blues Again Mama! – 1969″ the words are innocent. It started me when I saw the words “Pales,” which suggested White. And then she lamented, “I don’t want a mansion in the south,” referring to the rich Confederates who Jews taught us like obedient White rats in mental cages, that the Southerners were evil! Their imps even burned down the Daughters of the Confederates Washington DC headquarters. And the White women had no insurance. It was done directly to oppose my book since I have two Confederate self-made gowns from the movie “Gone with the Wind,” about the Confederacy. It’s ironic but at the end of the movie, there’s a black family looking at the southern mansion where they were treated like kings and queens. Who would have thought Jews would have conquered the Whites in America and put in Muslim Black Barach Hussein Obama. I wrote that for 800 years, the Jews, Muslims, and blacks kidnapped, raped, castrated, enslaved, and put in concubines White young European men and women around the Mediterranean and then further north.

Thanksgiving: How Jews control White sexuality

My next book will be on sex, “From Celibacy to Rape and Back to Celibacy.” Yet, I cherish the intimate bonding between a White male and a female.

However, we must be wise as serpents harmless as doves as the Bible preaches. Jews hypnotized Whites under their spell to use sex as a “controlled” weapon. They do it thousands of ways in the media and then through those around us equally hypnotized. I learned if Whites have sex, it must be of the highest or not at all. Not subliminal sexual affects on the White mind. I read if we are to save America and the White people, our boys will have to have 20 mentors and be segregated from other races, the other two major religions, Jews and Muslims, and even girls. Jews have our men thinking about sex every eight seconds. When the bottom half of our body is on fire, the upper mind for IQ can’t think.

Today, President Biden pardoned a White male and a White female turkey. It’s Thanksgiving Day, where we celebrate the 1st Thanksgiving 1621, where the White English pioneers had landed in the USA escaping religious torture.

The two beds behind the turkeys suggest intimacy. It’s that easy for Jews to define our being.

First, here’s a pix of the two freed turkeys.

Two turkeys, named Liberty and Bell, who will attend the annual presidential pardon at the White House ahead of Thanksgiving, enjoy their hotel room, Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023, at the Willard InterContinental Hotel in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

However, as I looked closer and studied, as my writings always reveal not the surface but the true meaning, there are beds behind the turkeys. It is how Jews used the background as a sexual weapon, especially for the White male. It’s war but of the “mind” not weapons or bodies. Note in this picture two beds behind the White turkeys. Either means intimacy or divide and conquer the White male and female at the most primitive level.

Now, note this Jewish painting by nasty Jew Frederick E. Cohen. (The Cohens rule the Jews, not a single President. 2,500. If it’s changed, the Jews are on “good” behavior since our White news is spreading like wildfire. Read under the picture.

Jew Artist Cohen, 1850, painted this image called the “Mayflower” after the first Christians who came to the USA on the “Mayflower” ship in 1620. He made it a sexually seductive picture so the White woman appears cheap, lazy, and ready to mate with any other race but fight her own Whites, especially the White male.

In contrast, my deceased suicided or murdered US Marine veteran’s ancestry goes back to the 1620 Mayflower ship. Stephen and Elizabeth Hopkins. He the religious reader and Bible reader, she the only woman to have a baby on the ship. Of the 120 passengers, only four women (White) survived.

In addition, these White Christian pioneer females were sturdy, healthy, supportive, upright, and loving. She was NOT seductive as the Jew artist portrays the White female ready to interbreed with Jews to ruin our White racial purity. She has her apron on ready to work as their boat rows into American shores. Her womb is sacred not a sewer for jewish or non-White sperm. She’s not a victim of rape but respect and love. Sex is sacred but was meant for my deceased White husband, whose ancestry goes back to the “Mayflower” Ship. First to colonize America as a Christian country.

My deceased suicided or murdered husband, Michael Duncan’s ancestors were from the Mayflower passengers. Stephen and Elizabeth Hopkins.

White President Biden Pardons Two White Turkeys for Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. I practiced gratitude since Mama’s womb and then in metaphysics 1977-now.
White President Biden with a Jewish cabinet and advisors (As Jews did to Poland for 1,000 years non-stop even now Jew Zelen”sky” twice, forcing in 6,000,000 Ukrainians (especially women) to immigrate, interbreed, and replace Polish people.
Note in the picture by Jew “Associated Press” (where we get all our news from) the turkeys strut their “White feathers!” 

Two turkeys, named Liberty and Bell, who will attend the annual presidential pardon at the White House ahead of Thanksgiving, enjoy their hotel room, Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023, at the Willard InterContinental Hotel in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
President Biden pardons two White turkeys.


I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 24-4

“Jews Persecuted White Martyrs.” I designed this mega-chapter for the fearless White people who researched, wrote, published, spoke, suffered, and died to help save Whites, even Caucasian Christianity.

Here’s the link to help nourish your fearlessness and encourage other Whites. I’ve written this White martyr list alphabetically. Below are pictures of some of my book entries.


Jesus hugged White martyrs Channon Christopher and Christopher Newson whom blacks kidnapped, tortured, murdered, and hardly punished.
House of Representative Dr. David Duke was persecuted by Jews. When his high school teacher told him to be in a debate and take the Confederate side, he discovered a different version of the White Civil War.
Fierce White women’s author and crusader, Elizabeth Dilling: “The Plot Against Christianity – The Jewish Religion and Its Influence
German-Canadian Ernst Zundel waves to you from the grave. The Canadian government hired him, a graphic artist, to present a good German image. Society badly treated them after World War II. In his research, he discovered six million Jews didn’t die. Arrested, jailed, deported, died in shame back in Germany. I crusaded to save his works piled in his garage up to the ceiling, but his stepson, perhaps Ukrainian Jewish, refused to cooperate. It’s paramount that my work and research are saved at least to debate. We only have the jewish side of their “American Dream” reality.

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 25-3

Hello Folks,

This is part three of my book, “I’m Fearlessly White – 1,000 Years with the Jews.” I overcame their hatred against their White Polish Christian slaves in Europe.

In addition, I lament how I suffered in a South Chicago family of 15. And that agony extends until today as a White Survivalist.

Chapter Title: “Jews Persecuted White Survivals.”


Jews Named Me “Dumb Polack!”

Although Jews weasel their way out of any White argument. Their hatred against me a good White woman is an abomination and curse on our people. Polack (Poles are the Whitest of the Whites) is a curse worse as would be kike / Jew, or nigger / black, and spic for a mexican, etc. We have different species as the Bible even says.

Jews named my people and me “Dumb” while at the same time keeping my people and all Whites “dumbed down,” with their “reality.” They created it through their theft of the movie machine and inventing Hollywood 1927-today. 100 years of just Jewish hate and input into our minds. Jews invented the curse words such as Polack, then swayed White society into being “guilty” for what they did. There was no curse word as ‘nigger.’ It was how the White Southern people said the word “Niger” from blacks from Nigeria.

Jew Norman Lear fashioned Archie and Edith, the “All in the Family” characters, after his mother and father. Then made us feel guilty for what they instilled in our heads. Here he curses his White Polish son-in-law, Michael, as a “Dumb Polack” with a black man standing behind me.

What do you know about it, you dumb polack ?

In the millennial year, 2000, I worked as Human Resource Director for Human Development for #1 Caterer to the Stars. I was instructed to hire only Whites. Since I was also a background actress for Chicago movies, I asked if I could hire on the movie set. I went to the Chicago movie set, Return to Me. Unknowingly, I inspired the movie when I sang that song on a previous movie lot to Bonnie Hunt a famous Dean Martin singer.

While I waited to go on the scene at the bowling alley, Archie Bunker, Carroll O’Connor came up to me and shook my hand. Stars never mingle with extras. It was a divine coincidence.

Also, the Jew “creator” of the TV show, named Archie’s wife, a White woman degraded with the name “Dingbat!” Jean Stapleton. He then introduced the “true star” of the series, a jewess kike little girl. I blogged how she found (stole?) Archie’s Veterans’ World War II medals. But Archie and the jewess kike girl sing a love song together with her on his lap. And that’s the image of who the White woman is today, adoring and hypnotized by Jews and non-Whites into giving up their country and everything we did for 400 (2000) years.

Here O’Connor and the Return to Me star chat:

White Carroll O’ Connor, Left, Jews named “Archie Bunker’ to disgrace Whites.

Where the TV Jew refers to the blacks not being equal to “Whitey” (curse word), now the #1 Republican Missouri donor is a St. Louis black “billionaire.” How did he get his $$$$? Jews invented, paid for staffed, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. who now rule over Whites and help each other. The group and Jews are the Anti-White / Anti-Christ St. Paul reminds us in the Bible?

From: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0509934/characters/nm0005279

How Jews destroyed the White image of God and instilled self and divine hatred: From All in the Family