How Come Whites Don’t Have All-White Literary Agencies?

I’m going through the Writer’s Market guide to take a chance in a million that an agent would sell my book to a book publisher. In that case, it would be free for me and not as much as $10,000+ to self publish. As I went down the list, this “Serendipity Literary Agency” seemed to be the perfect one for my category: autobiography, ethnic, metaphysics, military, and religion. There’s just one catch. It’s all black. They have no self-esteem problems, never have, never will. It’s true for the other races and religions. Our turn will come and blossom someday. Perhaps it’s right around the corner!

How Sad: Jew Book Publishing: “My Life as a White Trash Zombie”

As I contact literary agents and USA book publishers I’m astonished at how the Jews hate and depict the Whites but adore themselves and non-Whites.
Here’s a sample of a “series” of successful Jewish books about White blonde women. How utterly despicable as the world laughs at our agony. As her white mouth bleeds with a cigarette, who mentions the Jews started tobacco in the USA in 1650, and 13,000,000 black army (called slaves) to torture us until today. Yet, the jewess doesn’t smoke but hijacked three USA treasury departments. Can you imagine this book to have a Jewess with her mouth bleeding and $100 bills pouring out of her mouth? As a Jewess Trashed Zombie? 
How utterly sad for our White people when all forces should be elevated to our highest!

This Jewish Book Defaming Whites Must Be Censored!

Billionaire Haym Salomon Bribed Guard – American Revolution

Jews named my ancestral kin: “Dumb Polaks” during the USA burlesque period. They named the German National Socialists, “Nazis.” Hence, it’s only fair and just I call them Kikes and I’m being kind after what they did for 1,000 years and are still doing to Whites. Did you notice how many Whites are saying today that “Socialists” are evil. Hence, if I tell someone about German National Socialists their jewish-White mind turns against me.
I was going to make some Lions Mane crab cakes that called for Old Bay Seasoning. Lions’ mane is supposed to be good for clear thinking. I don’t obsess about food, but mostly eat healthily. I have many seasonings so I looked up what Old Bay consisted of. This website shows that Jew Kike Gustav bribed a White Christian National Socialist guard. Where did all the kike crooks and rapists move: “America.” Old Bay Seasoning: I will NOT use it. I’ll use White salt and White pepper for my crabcakes.
“It was World War II and a man named Gustav Brunn, a German Jew, was sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp.  His family managed to bribe the Nazi soldiers to release him for a hefty sum of 10,000 marks and then hastily made preparations to flee to the United States.  He had to leave virtually everything behind but there was one item he couldn’t part with:  His small spice grinder.  Clutching his meager belongings he escaped from Germany and arrived in what would become his new home of Maryland, USA.  He soon got a job working for America’s largest spice company, McCormick, but was fired after only a week because of his lack of English skills.  But Brunn didn’t let that stop him.”Jew Haym Salomon, Polish banker, Revolutionary War, was the first permanent US Jew and worth $40 billion for his war chest. Today, we have Jewess bankers who hijacked the top 3 banking treasuries for their 1,000 year continuous wars and against Whites (Christians.)

Jews Control Polish – US Banks 1025-now.

In addition, not only did jews control Fed Reserve, but I called all 535 House of Reps and Senators to stop the jewish anti-semite bill that demanded even if jews commited a crime we can’t do anything. The anti-Semite before the prior year passed 535-0! I spent a month. I then uncovered it was jewess Nita Lowey who controlled the House of Rep Bank. Jewess Janet Yellen confiscated all our White $$ coming into the Fed Reserve and Jewess Nita Lowey spent it. Janet Yellen now is the US Treasury director! I tried to alarm people for 20 years that 7 jewish banking families ruled all 7 Polish tribes since 1025. War & alcohol were our only products. 1924, Republicans had a ban on Jew (and Chinese) hence the holocaust fantasy for illegal immigration out of Poland (92% Jews come from Poland.) Three years after WWII, the Jews fomented the Chinese Revolution. As of 2010, Chinese are #1 superpower, certainly with Jews since they always work with another country. Poland, USA, now China. I also saw the Blue Man Group when I lived in Las Vegas. In 1997, when I first became en-whitened and Jew-savvy, the first item I questioned in writing my autobiography was the Federal Reserve Bank. I worked at the Chicago branch after high school. Also, I was a background actress in the 1998 movie with Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Robert Downing Jr., US Marshals, where they had a scene in front of the Chicago Fed Reserve. However, they covered up the Fed Reserve Bank sign with a Hollywood fake sign. Also, I saw one of the Hollywood crew on a ladder spraying something on the street signs. I asked what he was doing. He said, “I’m spraying dirt on the signs to make them look dirtier like New York!.”
One of the scenes I was in was when two actors walking toward each other in a big Chicago crowd, exchanged briefcases by the Fed Reserve Bank. I think at 1:03 is the aerial view of the Fed Reserve but it seems the movie is both New York and fake Chicago. At 1:19 you’ll see a man with a briefcase. Note all the blacks with prominent positions. When I tried at another film agency for a grandmother role, I was refused and they said they were looking for “Black” women not “White.”
Stop at 1:54. The “Taft Bank” must be the covered-up Chicago Fed Reserve. The man who carried the briefcase, colored, yellow? I was walking by at 2:40 when they exchanged the briefcases but I don’t see myself. I had bushy blonde hair. Here’s the switch of two briefcases with the yellow and it seems a black.

Scene where Yellow and Black man switch briefcases in front of the Chicago Federal Reserve bank in the Tommy Lee Jones movie, “US Marshals.” I was a background actress in it.

At the end, the agent on the phone says, “He’s going into the Chinese Consulate.” And then the graveyard. 4-minute clip.

Nuremberg Innocent Goring: WWII = rotten jewish Comedy!

Comedy and joy are good but not to be used as a jewish devilish weapon against Whites, even soldiers. It’s why I mourn the unjust imprisonment of Alison Chabloz and Graham Hart, who did satirical songs about the holocaust lies. 
We don’t want to just mope around or cry as I often do. Although tears are a free tranquilizer and a show of love. Let the evil now cry and get their just due. Jesus approached the “daughters of Jerusalem” before the Jews had him nailed to the cross and hung as the Jews did the Germans at Nuremberg. Jews have hung us today by shutting us down, imprisoning, and denying us our books and videos or even meetings to get near one another. Someday, the Jews will suffer the same double or as Mama said to give it back to them with compounded interest. Those two banking terms Jews understand. (I don’t preach violence but debate.)

Jesus scolded the jewess women and told them they will someday pray that the very mountains will collapse on them and their offspring to get out of the pain they must suffer. 

I came across this clipping from my papers, which I’m trying to file and organize. I bought the book Nuremberg: The Last Battle when I attended a David Irving speech near not in Las Vegas. I drove to it. If you can’t read it since I scanned it, please let me know. 
Jews wanted to hang 12 White German Christians (Protestant and Catholics) at Nuremberg. It’s odd but Goering was a victim of suicide and Boerman sentenced “absentia.” That left “10” Christian German men the Jews hung. The Jews not only got off ScotFree for the crimes they did to Poland, Germany, Russia, but now are the richest and most powerful people on earth! The Jews and their Talmud falsify the Bible. They pretend they can commit crimes because they are the “Israelties.” That’s a lie. The Whites are. In the Bible, 10 were hung on “Purim,” which Jews “celebrate” in March.
Only Julius Streicher’s (Der Sturmer publisher) screamed out before they hung him, “Purim Fest 1946!” 
Goring knew as I discovered by analyzing jewish movies and college essays that their crimes and destruction of God, Jesus Christ, and  White Christianity are “All rotten comedy!” It’s not funny! We must know the difference or we’re masochists enjoying the suffering jews inflict. In the movie, Streetcar Named Desire, the jew and homo made sure the Polish American veteran was the most despicable character ever on the movie screen in 1946. That’s how jews said “Thank you” after my people became the worst slaves in history for them. In that movie, the jew mentioned a WWII European Battle on Italy’s shores. I deciphered the Italian words. “Operation Slapstick!” If Whites don’t know what is funny and what’s not, we have been driven insane. 
Goring’s last words. But always “stay alive.” It’s why I do other things to get my mind off of my writing, such as exercise, yoga, breathing, praying and metaphysics, cleaning, healthy and gourmet eating, with a few treats. Is the print readable below? 
Lovingly, Barbara Ann

Poles, Jews, 9/11, Back to Year 1025

From the book, Poland, by Quaker Christian, James Michener.
“A Pole is a man born with a sword in one hand and a brick in the other. When the battle is over he starts to rebuild.” 
No sooner than the Polish castle was built, gun powder was spread around the castle or church and demolished them. The Pole was then off to war again with any one of their seven neighbors. 
Under jewish rule and bankers, my ancestors suffered war 27/7, 365, 1000 years. Those jews are now here in the USA. 
The World Trade Centers were built in Lower East End New York the crime scene of the true book, The Rise and Fall of Jewish Gangsters in America. Jews arrived en masse in the USA 1875. By 1890, Republicans stood up to them but to no avail. By 1924, they put a ban on the kikes, to no avail. Since Jews defamed me with “dumb polak,” and Germans with “nazis” it’s only right I treat the jewess’ offspring the same way they treated us. While Jews did that to us, they enkindled all Whites to worship and “fear” them. Our people are terrorized. Whites loving each other will help heal that. The holocaust was the kikes’ illegal immigration card into the USA.  Jews apologize for what they did to Poland, Russia, Germany, America, and all Whites (Christians). History doesn’t repeat itself, it’s never been broken.
We realize that building 7 fell without being hit. Jew Silverstein received double for all seven World Trade Centers. I lived in a skyscraper at 777 N. Michigan, Magnificent Mile but was hesitant to buy my condo. 
In 1993, I asked the real estate agent, “There’s a nearby small airport and a larger one not too far away. Wouldn’t the skyscraper fall if a plane went off course and hit it?” 
He said, “No. Skyscrapers are not like regular stationary buildings. They slightly sway. That would absorb the impact and only that place would catch on fire, not the whole building.”

St. Therese, the White Little Flower, me, and the holocaust.

What I found this a.m.It’s odd. Perhaps prophetic in a different sense.  My youthful role model: St. Therese Lisieux France, the “Little White Flower of Jesus.” Her views on the “holocaust,” which I have debated endlessly and suffered agony.

She dedicated her life to a legacy of love. And I have done the same my entire life. 
This a.m. I opened my library book of her autobiography at random to a page that that referred to a “holocaust.” However, it was a “holocaust of love,” that she “welcomed!” I’m not Catholic anymore, but she was my role model when I was young. As the daughter of Polish American slaves to Jews, I desperately escaped to religion. Like Therese, I took a religious vow of silence. I was only 7 and it lasted until age 42. It’s why I can write today. My agonized life will be commonplace for whites “if” we’re allowed to live. It’s the jewish system. But it’s not God’s will that we suffer, but jewish sadists who get great pleasure and play pseudo gods and goddesses as they did when they hung eleven innocent Christian White German men at Nuremberg! I’m sure the Chinese enjoyed it since they worked with the Jews. 
From the book: Therese prayed about God’s Justice.  I read from Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, that it’s not good for evil to prosper and good to suffer. That was over 100 years ago. 
Her saintliness is based on a God of infinite Love. It’s that kind of love we must share among ourselves. She wrote to God that souls should be victims of a “holocaust” to His Love. She sees God as lighting souls on fire. In our own way, our souls are in a good holocaust, with a burning desire for truth and Justice. She prayed to Jesus to be a happy victim, “consume Your holocaust with the fire of Your Divine Love.”
“Lovingly” Barbara Ann (by the way, there was no “St. Barbara Ann.” The Church banned Mary Magdalene and so the devoted French people paid tribute to her by changing her name to Barbara. I’m not a saint, but refuse to suffer since Jewish devil gods appointed us as “evil and sinners,” for telling the truth or at least debating it.)

Free Book: “Hitler’s Pope”

Hi Friends,
I read this book, Hitler’s Pope – the Secret History of Pius XII by John Cornwell and thought you might be interested. Free link below. Firstly, in 1920, jewish-led Russian Commies tried to take over Europe, even Italy. However, Poland held them off. Secondly, Germany protected Christianity, our values, and the Vatican. Thirdly, World War II was a united Jewish effort and victory over Christianity, the whites, and Europe. In conclusion, the Jews, Chinese, and Communism now rule with their dynasty. Here’s the free book I promised.

My Interview on Eurofolk Radio with Pastor Eli: Jews Assassinated White Leaders

Hi Friends,
Here’s the dynamite Eurofolk Radio with Pastor Eli and me on the Jews’ assassinations of the Whites. From John the Baptist up to Hitler (by year.) There will be one more show starting with Hitler who had 30-54 assassination attempts because of his strong stand against the Jews as we take. Thanks for listening and thanks to Pastor Eli for the interview and recording. I’m sending out letters to agents, and the publishing industry wants to know about an author’s “platform” such as how many followers, Facebook, podcasts, and especially giving speeches and audio. They don’t even care about the quality or content of the book. So this interview is priceless in that I’m speaking about my subject to an audience. 

USA White Christians vs USA Yellow Asians & 92% non-Whites

Note the table I copied and pasted from Pews Research shows that percentagewise, Yellow Asians make almost as much as White Christians over $100,000. The Yellows are getting the big bucks as are the Jews. Yet Jews idea of “equality” is not only to bring down the White Species to be like Blacks and Browns, but lower. Growing up in South Chicago, we were forced to “worship Blacks, Browns, Jews, etc.” That made us “holy” in some sort of god’s eyes. That’s not the God I worship who loves us. That’s my prayer even though the entire reality doesn’t show that. Bible “Prayer is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Other than the law I laid down in DC Congress, all laws favor Jews, Muslism, and 92% of the non-Whites of the world. I imagine it was the same or worse in Poland under Jewish monopoly leadership as we have today. Biden is Catholic. The Supreme Court is Jewish / Catholic. 
I have talked with people from other nations such as the Asians and Hindu Customer Service Agents. When they give me a “Christian” name I ask them if they are converted to Christ. They volunteer, “Yes, and we get jobs and money.” That’s the new “Christ!” Not Jesus, not our highest values or God, but American jobs and $$. Now the USA Asian Christians make as much $$ over $100,000 the best of the jobs. Who else? The medical: doctors are Pakistani, Muslims, Jews, Chinese and other others, Hindu, even White women! Well, in a spiritual and optimistic tone, I’ve contributed since the womb, as much as I possibly could toward the White male and still pray. Jews warred against the White male and devoured him. Now it’s the White women who have to change to help them and I don’t see any. But even as far back as the 1960s we were taught through “music” to adore Blacks, browns to get down to their level. Lower. Our capacity was more of the mind and soul not the music and dances of the non-Whites.

The USA Republicans banned Jews in 1924 (hence the Hollywood holocaust Hoax for illegal citizenship). The USA Republicans also banned the Asians (Yellow) Chinese. Now Yellows and Jews Superpowers. Jews took over Chicago 1945 after they arrived en masse from Poland. Chinese are now buying up the homes, lands, businesses, warehouses, insurances, and skyscrapers in the entire downtown vicinity. Chicago = 28% White (it’s the 8th wonder of the world.) The 7% Polish, the highest, fleeing back to Poland. 
Note Jews won with “equality” bringing down Whites in our own homes and country that we built for 400 years: $30,000-$49,000 category: Whites are equal to Mexcians, and lower than Blacks! And in all these categories, Jews “the other religion” ranks highest I would assume since their women controlled the three highest banks: Not White women who chase other raced men or women and don’t stand up for their own. They are committing suicide and genocide. I hold on to Life and our immortal nature, not merely the human.

By race/ethnicity

% of Christians who have a household income of…

Income distribution among Christians

Racial and ethnic compositionLess than $30,000$30,000-$49,999$50,000-$99,999$100,000 or moreSample Size