Rap Shooter Kills During Jewish Wedding Song

It’s sad that there’s another shooting. The first massive school shooting was started by a Jewish high school student back in the 1970s.

Today’s White accused shooter is worth $100,000 on rap music.

It was near my ancestral Chicago hometown at a Highland Park, Illinois 4th of July parade.

The newspaper said that Highland Park is mostly rich White and Jewish population.

The shooting was while the Jewish Wedding Song was played by their band.

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My Book: Your Thoughts on Video

Do you think I should have Celine Dion’s video as my last video song link in my book? I wanted it for the optimism the lyrics projected for us. We must have that.

Your Ideas

What are your thoughts on this?

Moreover, I really liked that was Dion was dressed in White in the video as an optimistic ending for my book.

Video abruptly changes

However, at the end of the video, in a Jewish flash, her White outfit changed to black. The scenery also became dark as midnight. In quote in my book, that all Jews dressed in black at that time in history.

Jews have been doing the “black” thing since they stole Edison’s movie machine and also the two White men who invented the talkie part. Lee De Forrest and Theodore Case. (Warning Jews control our communication so they will contest what I say and deluge the world with their lies.)

First 1927 movie, “The Jazz Singer,” Jew Al Jolson, son of a bitch, I mean synagogue cantor, paints his face black and sings “Mammy” for the viewer to worship his Jewess mother in the front audience.

Anyway, please type in Jewess YouTube: Céline Dion – You And I (Official Video)

Someday our White communication will be light years ahead of Jews and they will become the pre-historic barbarians they turned my Polish ancestors into.

Jews Attack White Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene

Yes, folks, I’m finishing my 39th edit manuscript. I’m on the last chapter. It’s the section of 25 White Republicans who exposed the Jews including those who banned their immigration into the USA.

And just now I found Republican Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene. Scared to death, Jewish Wikipedia mentions Jews attacked her and named Jews 28 times! That’s my kind of government official!


Here are a slew of BitChutes on Greene.



White English Branson Visits Crying Jew Zelensky

Just as Jews fomented all the 1,000 years of wars for my Polish ancestors, the USA wars, and now the latest and greatest Hollywood production, Jewish Ukrainian Zelensky’s current war.

White Billionaire feels sorry for richest Jews

English Billionaire Richard Branson (VIRGIN) just had a meeting in Ukraine with the Jew.

It’s odd, but coincidentally, I traveled to Branson last week to watch the new Jew Warner Brothers movie that degraded wealthy Elvis and his manager White Col. Parker and Elvis.

I also sang karaoke. I hadn’t been to Branson in over a year. Richard Branson traces his ancestry to Branson, Missouri. Like magic, he traveled to Ukraine to add his name, presence, and cash, perhaps arms to the crooked Jew Zelensky, Inc.

Send Arms to Jew Zelensky

I also read that many countries are sending arms to the Jew Zelensky in Ukraine including the USA. Folks that’s how World War II started and think of our White suffering even the end of Christianity and all White countries and rights and rise of Jewry and non-White Communism.


Where’s aid for endangered White people?

Remember, Jews skim 80% off all donations to all causes.

I wish Richard Branson would now help the endangered White species and himself as a White person. No one helps us or me but hurts us.

Autobiography: Joseph Nowak Law Suit

Brother Nicky (Joseph) sued the Jews in West Palm Beach for gaslighting him. He won, but the Jews dragged him to the Supreme Court where he lost.

From my book on persecuted martyrs by Jews

  • Brother Joseph “Nicky” English Grammar teacher – He also taught tennis and took their school second in the state and was going to be ranked. 

First, my kin are heterosexual. To heal, we must say the words we want in our experience, not the repetition of what we don’t. When he lived with me, a homosexual at a downtown Chicago club, drugged and raped him. Second, I sent my heterosexual husband, a strong male, to rescue him. 

Third, in asserting my mother’s rights, we can’t have our White males victimized anymore and all laws against them. He was fortunate the rape didn’t destroy him; he’s been married to a German American woman for years. They sterilized themselves as teachers to devote their lives to their students who loved them. However, late in life, they yearned for a baby and adopted a Black infant from a drug-addicted mother who will inherit his home and estate.

Teacher Nicky was concerned with changes for the students’ and teacher’s welfare. While the other teachers lamented, he tried to elevate the school system in West Palm Beach (highest concentration of Jews), Florida (lowest rated in the USA). As he progressed, the school authorities gaslighted or did tricks to force him to quit. The same happened to me and many, many others when I worked for Jews in Chicago. 

See the 1944 movie Gaslight trailer. It starred French Charles Boyer and German Ingrid Bergman. Released at the end of World War IIThe French actor tried to drive his German wife insane. [i]

Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity gains more power, makes a victim question their reality, and works better than you may think – they tell you or others that you are crazy. The gaslighter knows if they question your sanity, people will not believe you when you tell them the gaslighter is abusive or out-of-control – a master technique. [ii]

Joseph’s health deteriorated, and his doctor said he must quit teaching. My brother wanted to get well and secure his pension, so he left his position and sued. 

He won the lawsuit, but the school district took him to the Supreme Court. He lost –all the time and money for doctors and lawyers. We know who runs the medical, psychological, boards, and legal. Do the Jews run our entire school system, books, tests, teachers, boards, curriculum, Parent Teacher’s Associations, and steer the Department of Education up to Washington, DC? They want to force by law the mandatory Jewish-only version of holocaust lies as truths for White children to memorize “evil White Christian Nazis” killed “6,000,000 only Jews in gas chambers.” It commands Whites to hate their people, themselves, and adore human Jews as gods. It means more hatred and bills like straitjackets on Whites.

[i] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ToLfQU2xmg&list=PL9AqNZGfNZB8fDarQz0KN1lea1dGA0E2A

[ii] https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/here-there-and-everywhere/201701/11-warning-signs-gaslighting

Jew Warner Brothers Bashed Me & Elvis Manager: Elevated Blacks

The entire Jew movie, “Elvis” bashed the White manager and was non-stop Black glorification. They made the Black actors and actresses as voodoo gods and goddesses. They whipped the White audience into a non-stop frenzy as bizarre worship

Since raised in the South Chicago ghetto, Jews forced my mind to adore blacks, even men. I’m cured but only through 100,000 pages of creative writing like this. However, I’m still scarred. Only through our future generations of Whites can we instill White Pride. It’s either that or genocide since all other races and religions have it.

About 1998, Jew Warner Brothers bashed me as the “Queen of Karaoke” in front of a world-wide TV Jenny Jones TV Show audience. Why? Destroy non-Jewish competition. I had just invented costumed karaoke and sang at Chicago’s best places. Now have 300 costumes.


Yesterday, I saw the Jew Warner Brother’s movie, Elvis, and Jews bashed the “White” man Elvis’ manager, Col. Parker. I read 16 books about Elvis and had written the info Jews put into movie. However, Jews and Jewesses have called for the deaths of prominent Whites since Jewess Emma Goldman, American Communist founder. The voodoo woman successfully hypnotized the Whites and masterminded the assassinations of White President McKinley and near assassination of #1 business leader Henry Clay Frick.

I Expose Jews

However, no one but me, exposes the Jews at every level. Jews enslaved my White Polish people, family of 15, Veteran husband, and me for 1,000 years!

Movies: Jew Slavemasters

In contrast, Jews have been elevating Blacks to the point Whites, especially women, worship Blacks as if they are Baal gods as in the Bible. After Jews stole the movie machine and sound machine inventions from Whites, the 1st talkie movies and almost all since are Jewish. 1st movie: Jewish Jazz Singer. Forced on White America, both Jews who starred, subject Jewish synagogue, Jew star painted his face black to break down any White resistance, not with bullets, but with movie screen images and words. Over and over even until today.

Movie Elevated Blacks

As Jews continually bash our poor White brains with non-stop hatred against Whites, they use Blacks as weapons. Chicago outlaws guns for Whites, but Blacks have and use them to shoot ’em up. Why?

Autobiographically speaking, Mama said in the 1950s, “Jew real estate block-busters will bring in the most violent Blacks and Mexicans and chase the Whites out (in our case Polish.) Chicago 28% White. Polish fleeing back to Poland, the Chinese Communist Dynasty buying up Chicago. I would think much of the USA banking is all Jewish and Chinese, not White.

Below is a comment from Quora.

RelatedWhat songs or style did Elvis steal from black artist?

“None. He developed his own style.

The accusations that he “stole” Hound Dog from Big Mama Thornton are racist garbage. The song was written by a couple of Jews who had done very well writing for black artists, and the song has been covered over 250 times. Did those two hundred forty something acts steal it too?

“Thornton released her version in 1952 and did very well on the R&B charts with it, selling half a million copies. Presley released a version in 1956 that sounded nothing like hers, and it went to the top of the pop, country, and R&B charts. That last bit is important. Black people liked Elvis’s version better than Willie Mae Thornton’s. Elvis sold ten million copies of it.

Presley stole nothing from anybody, but he made the Jews Lieber and Stoller very rich.”

My book

I added about 1,500 links to verify my unique conclusions of the Secret Jewish Empire of Polish slaves. In writing, it’s called “Fair Use.” All new ideas are built from ideas that already existed. Yet, no one had established that before from Poland and then Chicago, the Jewish New Jerusalem. Mama and Daddy were their White slaves. My Polish-American husband, Michael Duncan, went to war for Jewish and Black and 92% non-White rights.

Col. Parker Extreme Manager

The information Jew Warner Brothers used, came from my analyses of having read 16 Elvis biographies. Col. Parker was an illegal citizen. He continued to pump Elvis with uppers and downers pills.

However, the Jew movie showed, Elvis began popping pills but that started from his White slave mother, Gladys’ medicine cabinet. All addictions start with the mother’s Jewish medicine cabinet. Yes, Gladys picked cotton. Elvis then became a slave to RCA Victor music. And I had written that Dr. Nick would give Elvis injections right through his White jump suit. Elvis didn’t take illegal drugs.

Earlier, I wrote that Col. Parker took 50% of Elvis’ money, when it should have been 10-15%. There would be no Elvis if Col. Parker didn’t market and advertise Elvis to the point of hypnotism.

Jewish Marketing & Advertising

The Chicago top two advertising and marketing firms were Jewish. Sister Josephine worked for #2, Foote, Cone, and Belding.

But even as an upcoming author, I learned that writing the book is the hardest thing on earth. But it’s nothing. All is marketing and advertising. A #1 Jew New York Times best selling author said she made 1/2 million dollars. But kept nothing. All that money went back to probably Jew marketers and advertisers.

Michael & Elvis Fought Jewish Communism

My deceased suicided Vietnam Veteran husband told me we were never fighting the Vietnamese but all of Communist China. Jews did that in 1949, after they crushed Europe in World War I and II.

What the Jew movie didn’t show, is the most important event in Elvis life. He studied the evils of (Jewish) Communism for 10 years. He got on a plane for an impromptu visit with President Nixon to stop the drug flow.

His audience changed from the 1950s (right after Jews illegally immigrated to the USA from Poland where 92% come from.)

Then in the 1960-1970. Jewish war and takeover of America. Jews already had all forms of communication, not only movies. Then Jews plastered the country with non-stop laws against Whites, especially the males during that era, even until today. Jews barrage Whites even unsuspecting Christians who believe Jews are biblical.

Jews killed Elvis. Case closed. Jewish David Cole, a Holocaust Exactitude Revisionist, wrote and I quoted his words that his father, Dr. Philip Cole murdered Elvis.

To expand, in the Elvis movie, Elvis’ wife, Priscilla divorces Elvis but tells him to get help from the pill addiction in California. Thus Jewish Dr. Cole gave Elvis acupuncture injections.

However, the doctor added the drug “Demerol” to the pressure point making Elvis’ heart swell up and eventually burst.

Also, Elvis Jewish dentist was the last person to see Elvis alive. The dentist was at Elvis home at 10:30 at night. Elvis then collapsed and died hours later.

Elvis was due to perform again on my birthday, August 21, but never made it. It must have been Jewish torture worst than anything in slavery imaginable, what they did to him during his entertaining career.

Furthermore, Jews are Turk-Mongols from the Polish enslaved country 1025-today. Jew Ukrainian Zarensky President shoved in 5,000,000 of his people to replace my Polish ancestors. It’s the murder of an entire Whitist of the Whites’ species.

Worse, Jew news makes Whites “feel sorry” for the Ukrainians and not mourn and wail the death not just of one person, but an entire people.

White Movies Solution for Survival

Those movie images I saw yesterday at the Jew Elvis movie, will stay with me forever. I will counteract it with thoughts of “I’m Fearlessly White NOT a Slave.” Then I’ll look at my White hand, or face in a mirror and approve of who and what I am.

I’m not guilty and suffering from disease because of our conditioning. I’ll note Whites I see around me. But that’s usually at stores, where I’m focused on my shopping.

Although what a White man, woman, or child really needs to do is to “sit for nearly 3 hours and just see and hear pro-White movies.” Probably for the next 1,000 years, at least.

Even that will only counteract what Jews have done to us. Then we begin life anew, freed from Jewish slavery. It’s going to take a bit of work and we already have all we need.

Whites need only to begin one thought and one word at a time. This article is part of the “En-White-nment.” Lovingly, Barbara Ann

Jews Assassination of White Christian Russian Royalty

Jews have taken my entire manuscript apart and manufactured news to discredit my research and me.

They are scared to death because of the 2,000 years of information and evidence I have against them. They are especially terrified that I have their 1,000-year secret Jewish Empire of Polish Slaves and my family lives as slaves to Jews in South Chicago.

As in Poland, Jews control all of America. Sad since war and addictions were the only Polish products non-stop

Today, Jews who control all media, made White Putin who helped bring back Christianity to Russia, the “New Hitler” of today.

The Communist Jewess makes sure she has plenty of White boogeymen to frighten us and keep us superstitious and paralyzed to think and make decisions. At the same time, she controls all the top USA and world banks!

I wrote kindly about the White Russian people who the Jews were victimized by conquering them in the 1917 Russian Revolution. This video is from my autobiography’s blog. It’s about the 7 Jews who executed the Russian Royal family after Jews conquered, addicted, and enslaved the country and people in 1917.

Please check in Youtube: “The Dramatic And Shocking Scene Of The Execution Of The Romanov Family Starring Lynda Bellingham”