White Slavery to Jews, Muslims, Blacks

From my manuscript: Our White Slavery isn’t new but in a different form. 

Jews ran the slave camps where (White) young Christian Celt (European) boys and girls were tortured, beaten, starved, and raped into submission and obedience by Negro Moslem slave masters and the Jews themselves. These (White) children broken into slaves were then used as workmen to build the Andalusian Culture and sex toys for the ruling elite, both Jew and Moslem. (Both named Semites against White Christians!)

         Kenneth G. Poduska[i]

IN 711, MUSLIMS INVADED IBERIA. They occupied a Christian country by the force of their swords. Jews were the “allies” of the Muslims – both preyed on and hated White Christians. Jews conned the Christians to allow the Jews to freely live among the Whites as in all White countries today. Jews were the primary source of information against the Whites to the invading Muslims.

         The Jews and Moor Muslims ran out of White Christian Celts to enslave in Spain. They then raided the seashore villages of White Europe: France, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Freesia, Sweden and Iceland. The Arabs carried out the raids by slave trader ships, which were financed and fitted by Jew slave masters. It made both extremely wealthy. The richest man to have ever lived was a Black African King who sold his people to them. Ancestrally speaking, most Europeans have someone who was subjected to this outrage. 

         The criminal Moor Muslims and Sephardic Jews of Spain slave-traded for 800 years and exceeded 50,000,000 White European victims. But thanks to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, in 1492, they put an edict of expulsion to rid Spain of the Moor Muslims/Jews. But in 2019, someone affected the Spanish government, which apologized, lifted that eight-century ban, and welcomed 250,000 Jews to live and rule their country. Ninety-two percent of the Jews are Polish Ashke-Nazi – eight percent are Spanish Sephardic. Spain was correct in its expulsion. Jews affected our laws all over the White world, as was the rule in Poland. 

         Even though Spain pushed the Jews out of their country, it didn’t stop the Moor Muslims and their slave trade. From 2007-2011, I performed my original version of costumed karaoke tributes on the Las Vegas Strip at Bill’s Gambling Hall. The prior name was the “Barbary Coast.” It wasn’t an innocent title in neon lights in the heart of Vegas. Instead, the marquis screamed out in code the tragic location of the millions of deaths of White European slaves tortured and murdered by Muslims, Blacks, and Jews. 

         Jews financed the Barbary Coast Corsairs, who outfitted and owned the pirate slave ships. They also ran the White slave pens at Sale, a Moroccan seaport. Jews employed the Negro Muslim slave traders. The Jews’ evil purpose was breaking down White Europeans into slavery for jewish financial supremacism and hatred of Caucasians. 

         Jew terrorist, Menachem Begin, the prime minister of Israel (1977-1983), stated that they are the Master Race and divine gods:

We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. Other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. The (White) masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.

         In 1946, immediately after World War II, Begin literally and symbolically bombed the King David Hotel, the location of White British government offices. It was to declare that Jews were from the Bible’s King David lineage as the Israelites, including Jesus, not the Whites. Jews forced the recognition of the jewish State of Israel in 1948 and falsely anointed themselves the Messiah the Bible prophesied.

In the movie, The Bombing That Started It All,[ii] the mastermind jewish Nathan Rothschild family bankers and their City of London, a separate ruling entity, crashed the White English Stock Market. They took over the Bank of England in 1812.[iii] The British sacrificed their White land, treasury, and people to the agony of World War I and II – part of 60,000,000 Whites dead.

Jew megalomaniacs usurped the lands, treasuries, and people of Palestine and the USA.[iv] The English won nothing but lost the wars and are slaves to Jew Semite bankers who flooded England with non-Whites. Muslim Semites now rule several British cities. America’s first ancestors came from Britain, which is turning into racially broken slums.[v]

         Germany pleaded with England not to have war. Winston Churchill replied, “You’ll have war whether you like it or not.” Although a Polish Jew indebted and blackmailed him into initiating a hate campaign against Germany and a full-fledged World War II. Thus White (Christians) killed other White (Christians) for illegal jewish emigration out of their old home of Poland into the new USA. Israeli tyrant Prime Minister Netanyahu stated:

Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.

[i] https://barb-nowak.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=32121&action=edit


[ii] http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/kd.html

[iii] http://www.wisdom-square.com/nathan-rothschild-the-mastermind.html

[iv] Incubus Megalomaniac. Excuse the curse words. Mama was worse. But I try to speak intelligently, although have used a few in disgust with what has happened to us, not just me.

[v] https://www.spectator.co.uk/2018/04/sadiq-khan-is-a-lousy-london-mayor-why-hasnt-anyone-noticed/

White David Irving & Lady Michele Renouf vs Jewess Jennifer Grey

About 10 years ago, I attended and enjoyed two David Irving Las Vegas meetings. He’s a holocaust exactitude revisionist. Irving is the only author who researched, wrote, spake, and published from actual documents, diaries, and interviews. I bought his VHS Hitler and his Doctors and the book. Nuremberg, The Last Battle. I asked Irving about an editor for my book. He said his editor was jewish. He may have been kidding since English are funny people. Jews won’t publish my book and they control all of book publishing and every other form of White communication. Silenced!

Jews against Whites

However, I found this English article. It defames David Irving and Lady Michele Renouf. Although it does mention Renouf studies religion as I have almost my whole life. Look closely at the bottom of the article. The big picture is not of either one of the White people mentioned but jewess “Jennifer Grey.” My Jew alarm siren went off. I thought she was the woman who played along White Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing. My memory was right. The English article said that Irving and Renauf “claim” the Jews control the media.

Jews Control all White Media & Suppress Whites

Consequently, Jews put a picture of their so-called famous “Jewess.” They also claim that ugly jewess Isrealite woman is probably the “most beautiful” 61-year-old woman. That was insulting the White Lady Renouf. I’ll have to write this website with an email or call with the “truth!”. It’s disheartening but it’s the Jewess against the White woman, especially someone like Renauf who studies religions as I do. What’s healing is that it’s not “hidden” anymore but the evil has arised from its hellish depths and has come to the open to disappear. There’s always hope!

David Irving

David Irving, Intelligent Author and Holocaust Exactitude Revisionist. Jews scorned him.

Lady Michele Renouf.​

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stuart Clarke/Shutterstock (855238h) Lady Michele Renouf Lady Michele Renouf in London, Britain – Nov 2008 Lady Michele Renouf has been helping Holocaust revisionist Dr Fredrick Toben following his arrest. Toben, a prominent Australian historical revisionist and holocaust denier, was detained by police at Heathrow airport on 3rd October 2008 in reference to a German arrest warrant. Germany alleges the Australian denies the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis in World War II.

Example: Become White & Jew Aware

Below is the she-devil jewess with the large article picture. What’s odd is that I quit karaoke in Las Vegas, being they treated me badly and it wasn’t worth the “free” “out of love for Whites” effort. And then I heard on the radio that Patrick Swayze died. I immediately put on a dancing costume, went to “Bill’s” in the heart of the Strip, and sang to a crowd more my age and music. “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.”

In conclusion, I discovered very White Swayze’s “co-star” was a jewess raced high priestess of a worldwide religion 24/7, 365, through eternity. Here is the White woman’s competition, but there is no competition, it’s only a jewish reality. Jewess Jennifer Grey. 
Note underneath the jewess picture below, the words, “Probably the most beautiful 61-year-old. NOT! Article below.

Jews run all media and began in 1896, USA. They claim “she’s is the most beautiful 61-year old!” Jews taught Whites to break each other down, but adore the world-wide 92% non-Whites, especially the jewish race and religion.


Jews, Ukrainian Women, Holocaust Lies

(You may have read this. Better twice than not at all.)
I also had thoughts about Ingrid Rimland Zundel and how successful she became with five homes in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, a wonderful vacation home in Mexico, and she leaves all to her son Rudy. Ernst Zundel’s two sons, Hans and Pierre, get nothing. Since the money donated to Rimland and Zundel was from 10,000 Holocaust Exactitude Revisionists on their mailing list, that money all should be for a fund for our research as well as payment for all the hard work we’ve been doing for “their cause.” 
I’ve tried to contact him many times but no reply. Although Ingrid did make a room in the basement of one of the five homes so we can have meetings. That would have been a phenomenal idea for us to gather as well as bringing newcomers in live. In helping to save the endangered White species, I’m not about to save computers or phones but people.
My issue, and I’ve written this before, is the Ukrainian conspiracy. From a woman’s perspective, it seems weird. If I sent this before, please read again.
It’s Ukrainian Ingrid and her male harem.
Ingrid = Ukrainian. She lured Ernst Zundel, one of the top White people in the save Whites, expose Jews scenario.However, she also snared others into her web. And I’m not criticizing the men, because no one ever researched this before. She got David Westerlund to generously donate frequently, and he put her in his Will. That’s love for a Ukrainian woman who had 10,000 holocaust exactitude revisionists on her list. She didn’t have to do anything but send her PowerLetter. By the way, in her last PowerLetter, she abandons holocaust revisionism and embraces the White survival movement. I cherish both and are equally important. 
She wrote a book about sex in California. Being Polish, I once came across a YouTube (it’s been taken down) by a black man. He was so privileged he got to attend the University and replace a Polish person, who slaved for Jews for 1,000 years with no restitution as Whites pay up the sleeve for blacks. But the black revealed some interesting information about his life as a Polish student, when I’m censored by 3 universities because I say White and or Jew without genuflecting to the latter. He said the Polish men are tough and protect their women. (So did the KKK and the National Socialists who the Jews destroyed in 1944-1945.) White women and children and all we worked for 400 years unprotected and stolen from us.) He added that if he goes into a dance and asks a Polish woman to dance, a bunch of Polish men will drag him out and beat the hell out of him. Then he said in contrast, he went with his African native jungle friend to Ukraine. He was astonished that the White women were having sex with the blacks in the streets. And I thought, “Like wild dogs ready for the dog catcher to take her away.”
Also, the top two Jews in Ukraine forced in 2,000,000 Ukrainians to interbreed and infiltrate all the top Polish writers and speakers. Poland has lowest birth rate 1.2 of 196 countries. It would have soon gone extinct, but the Jewish men sped up the process since they love to see Polish people suffer as they did to me. If a rhino, cat, or dog breed went extinct there would be an uproar. But a Polish White subspecies? The only Christian country today and still silenced?!
Did you know Ingrid wrote a book on sex and had young students in her home? I’ve read 29 books on sex, but only want marriage or celibacy. A person can’t think when the bottom part of the body is in hormones. I need every bit of energy and health I have left.
Ingrid: gave her library to Dr. David Duke. Again, I’m not criticizing since I have these people I mentioned in my book as persecuted martyrs. 
Ingrid: Joe Foster said he’d drive her back and forth to her and Ernst’s home in Mexico. She gave him the estate according to Joe
Ingrid: Bernie Davids was a worker for George Lincoln Rockwell. He visited her frequently and was madly in love with her. I never got that treatment in all the 20 years of research, phoning, meetings, visits, emails. He read a poem he wrote for her, which sounded like it came from a famous English poet. He professed his love for her. Where was Ernst? Rotting away in a German prison, where they had CNN on 24/7 to brainwash him. For some reason, Ernst returned his wedding ring to her at the end. With Jews controlling every move we make, it was easy to send him away on fake charges back to Germany. He didn’t have a clue.
Ingrid: Her attorney was Bruce Leichty who was kind enough to ask me to email you using my name instead of his. He ended up being arrested anyway, when two Jews conned him into having a meeting alongside the Mennonites conference on how saintly they were by saving so many jewish devils during WWII and bringing them to America as if we didn’t have enough! 
More Ukrainian women who confiscated our top White male authors and speakers. If you have more examples, please reply so I can keep my list to date.
Famous English author Michael Walsh with over 70 books, also fell prey to a Ukrainian woman. Does something seem fishy? Do our White men have a right to know what has happened and think about this? He’s living or is married to a Ukrainian woman. Again, if they are not Ukrainian or jewess, let me know or add others.
Jewess snared American Renaissance pro-White, Jared Taylor. They steer his movement, when our Whites desperately need to face the jewish question, as well as the holocaust lies for our survival. Everything the jews base their empire on is their media fictitious account of WWII, which is nothing more than one of their cheap horror films. But it was our suffering reality: 120,000,000 White (Christians) dead from before 1917-today. We fought since 9/11 for jewish wars in Palestine. I refuse to use the word “Israel” and the jewish devils in the same breath. Israel has sacred meaning and Christian Identity believe as do the Mormons with their billions of documents that the Whites are the Children of Israel or Israelites.
I heard Mark Weber was married to a jewess, but I’m not certain about that other than he challenges Holocaust Exactitude Revisionists. People will challenge my book and 20 years of info. I know a missionary in my town who went to both Palestine (Israel) and Russia and said they were the most wicked people on earth. The rabbis even forge documents and identities. Many Israeli jews drunk and in straight jackets. Yes those people lead the USA, Whites, and the few Christians left that managed to hang on for at least a little while.
Ukrainian wife and family for Council of Conservative Citizens, Jim Scheider. Does he know about all the other top leaders above? He was kind to me and was going to be my real estate agent if I decided to move to DC. 
Joe Cortina, famous author of  three volumes of John 8: 44, which exposed the Jews in Palestine. He wrote from first hand knowledge since he was with IBM and worked there. He doesn’t have any connection whatsoever with all of the other men above. How did a Ukrainian woman snatch him? If I didn’t find him in my research, I’d never have known he also was a victim. Just as the 2 Jew Ukrainian top leaders forced 2,000,000 Ukrainians to control Poland. My people don’t have a chance.
My heart goes out to the White males above and wish I could do something to bring about a healthy resolution to this bizarre and dangerous Ukrainian takeover. No other race is endangered and if we go so do all the rest of the races here. The top and smartest Indian would go on White survival radio stations. He confided he wanted the Whites to survive. If not, it’s the end of the Indians. Do you think China cares? They will destroy the Blacks in about 40 years. They only hire them in the new worldwide breadbasket (as Ukraine was before) so that Christians will be appeased. In fact, the Chinese will massacre the Jews as they did in 1095 and kept them out until after WWII. It was always about a Chinese-Jewish dynasty. End of Whites and Christianity since 40% of the rabbis are atheists.
Lovingly, Barbara Ann

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Subject:Re: Rizolis attacking Zundel?
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No, they are not attacking Ernst Zundel. That is not what I got out of their video. It is Ingrid whom they are suspicious of. I cannot judge, because I really don’t know. They are suspicious of what happened to all the donations to the cause, and then why she left the entire estate including the priceless library to Rudy her son, who is not at all supportive of our cause (i.e. the truth). But who knows what kind of influence Rudy had over Ingrid…Monika

From: History Reviewed <historyreviewed21@gmail.com>
Sent: November 21, 2021 4:57 PM
To: John Kaminski <pseudoskylax@gmail.com>; Keith Alexander <keithalexander123@gmail.com>
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Subject: Rizolis attacking Zundel? Hi John,Are those Rizolis now attacking the Zundels? 
Ernst Zundel started the entire fight back and expose of the holocaust on a massive scale. 
Are these people insane? Have they lost their minds? 

Waukesha Tragedy: 44.5% German population. 9% Polish

It breaks my heart to hear of the Waukesha Christmas Day Parade tragedy. I’ve been in many White ethnic Chicago parades and festivals and I feel this personally. I make or design my costumes. I honored the Irish, Polish, Germans, Italians. My prayers go out to the victims, friends, and families, and the city’s people.

In addition, I checked the nationalities of the citizens of Waukesha. It’s in the Milwaukee area where my Grandpa was from. He was a Polish-Russian General; fathered 14.

The town is 53 miles from Kenosha where Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted. 

Waukesha ethnicity Population
44.5% Germans. 9% Polish.

I chose this YouTube news below since the others had blacks, browns, mixed-raced newscasters, or images. The newscaster is White Polish: Jeff Wierzelewski.

In conclusion, Kyle Rittenhouse’s name is German. He was acquitted of defending himself against blacks. Some question whether the trial was authentic. However, it’s comforting to know that the system freed a German American. Hopefully, we can free Germans and all Whites from the Communist grip of the past World Wars and war of the mind inflicted on us today.

Rittenhouse Family History

Rittenhouse Name Meaning

Americanized spelling of German Rittinghaus, a habitational name from a farm near Altena, Westphalia.


My Friend Adolf Koziol. Also Parents Imprisoned, Named Baby Adolf

Below is the information about my grammar school friend named Adolf (Adolph) Koziol. We had a secret crush on each other but were too young. I remember him until today. He was a Green Beret as I commemorate this Nov. 11 Veterans Memorial Day.

Adolph Roman Koziol

Adolph Roman Koziol

February 13, 1947 – December 26, 2016. Share this obituary
Adolph Roman Koziol, age 69, of Lynwood, Illinois passed away December 26, 2016. He is survived by his loving wife Francine (nee Blaszczyk) Koziol of 45 years, cherished father of: Jason Koziol and Kimberly (Hal) Bowles. loving son of Louise Koziol, fond brother of Bogdan (Sylvia) Koziol, loving uncle to many nieces and nephews, and brother-in-law to Jerry (Donna) Blaszczyk. and brother-in-law Robert Jachim. Adolph was preceded in death by his father Adolph Koziol, nephew Adam Koziol and sister-in-law Maryann Jachim. Funeral services will be held Monday, January 2, 2017 at 11:00AM, at the Schroeder-Lauer Funeral Home, 3227 Ridge Road, Lansing, Illinois with Deacon Jim Renwick officiating, interment private. Friends may visit with the family on Sunday, January 1, 2017 from 2:00 pm until 8:00 pm at the funeral home.

Adolph was employed at US Steel South Works and Viking Engineering. He was a proud member of American Legion Post 697 and he was employed and a member of Millwright Union Local 1076. He served in the United States Army in the 82nd Airborne Division and as a Green Beret.


Yet England imprisoned White parents, Adam Thomas (22) and Claudia Patatas (38), who were frustrated at the jewish and muslim takeover of their country. All laws against Whites. Why did the government punish them? They chose the “middle name” for their baby as Adolf. I’d put the link here but jews and their ilk attach problems to it and don’t want to cause you any more pain but to comfort and heal. My book shows World War II was fought for Whites to have healthy babies. If it’s not so, let’s debate, and exercise the last remnants of freedom of speech. The English government stripped her of her baby and punished her with prison. Also, destroyed the father’s life. Two more White persecuted martyrs. The swastika is a sign of fertility and good fortune. I write about wars from a wife’s point of view of a veteran who suicided. Last words in 2004: No help for the White man. I changed history for their rights now I demand rights to freely find an editor, publish, and distribute our book.

National Action trial: Members of neo-Nazi group jailed - BBC News

Rabbi: White genocide, children burned alive, women raped, mutilated, murdered, men slaughtered

I had this quote in my book and wanted to double check the spelling. I found it on a foreign Facebook, surely taken off in our countries.  Any idea which Facebook country this came from?  Note the Rabbi’s name is “Ishmael” who is one of the Bible’s Abram’s two sons. Isaac was his first and wife Sarah’s son and started the White religious race. Abram was 86 and assume his wife was that age also. Miracle birth. His second was by his maid, Hagar, “Ishmael,” who’s the father of the Muslims. 

Since Rabbis claim they are also from Abram and Isaac, why would he have the “Muslim” name of Ishmael? Why? The Jews and Muslims work together against Whites, Christians, America. 9/11 and the following wars were a Jewish sitcom as were the Civil War, WWI, II, Vietnam and even 1,000 years of Polish wars, Jew banker headquarters.  I put in my book as Kenneth Poduska wrote that for 800 years Jews, Muslims, Blacks kidnapped, raped, castrated, put in concubines, enslaved, and made body bags for their wars: 50,000,000 young White Europeans. 

Jewish word “Rabbi” and Muslim word “Ishmael” for the same man when they made us believe they were opposites?

Rabbi’s quote

Петиция за затваряне на българската граница за нелегални мигранти

August 12, 2016  · “It is in the Jewish interest, it is in humanity’s interest that whites experience a genocide. Until white children are burned alive, white women raped, mutilated, murdered and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorized; only then will mankind be on a more equal footing, ready to discuss white privilege and the apparent chip on the shoulder that minorities have.” – Rabbi Ishmael LevittsIs this why Israel has been urging Jews to “return” to Israel? They certainly are planning ahead.


Incest of Jew King Herod Agrippa II & Berenice

Just as the Jewess used sex as a weapon to infiltrate the USA government, courts, police, churches since 1875-now, they did the same in Jesus and Paul’s day. If Jews had Whites arrested, tried in jewish courts, with jewish laws, how is it a fair trial? Jews are a defective close intermarriage race.

Jews made famous the fraudulent Albert Einstein, which equates in our White minds, genius. Wrong! He stole his wife’s invention, convinced her no one would listen to a woman. Jews made him famous, he divorced his wife, and married his 1st cousin. Jews’ race = marriages to relatives. IN Israel one must be of the jewish race to be married. Even in Paul’s day, the Whites forbade incest since the offspring were defective in mind, heart, and body. And today, unsuspecting Whites worship them.

Jew King Herod Agrippa broke the highest laws, mating with his jewess sister Berenice. She tramped around for power and even was the sexual partner of the White Roman Emperor Titus. The White Greeks harassed them and he had them beaten and beheaded. Agrippa & Berenice were at Paul’s trial since he believed in the resurrection and they thought he was innocent. Paul was sent to White Rome to be tried, but the Roman governor was White Felix married to the dastardly jewess Drusilla. She wanted bribery money and kept him in prison, which later led to his execution Paul’s execution.

St.Paul, White Italian Roman Emperor Felix & Drusilla the Jewess.

From earlychurchhistory.org



Agrippa Junior and his sister Berenice were two of the five children born to Agrippa I and his wife Cypros. Their father, though inheritor of Herod’s throne, was a wastrel who dragged his family all over the Middle East from pillar to post trying to escape his debtors. The men in the Herod dynasty were all descendants from Herod the Great, the Idumean Arab who was the first Roman-appointed King of the Jews in Jerusalem and is famous for trying to kill Jesus in the Slaughter of the Innocents c. 4-6 BC. (Matthew 2:13-18) Agrippa and Berenice’s childhood was filled with instability and they inherited the “bad blood” seen in all of Herod the Great’s (73—4 BC) descendants.

                                                                            Copper Coin of Agrippa II

Agrippa II and Berenice spent years of their childhood and most of their adult life in Rome where all Roman client-kings like their father Agrippa I sent their royal children to be educated. Thus, the two siblings, Herod the Great’s great-grandchildren, were Romanized and began an incestuous relationship, even though Berenice was politically married off occasionally to several small kingdom’s kings. She had three husbands, the first when she was 13. The three marriages all ended and by age 22 she was single again.

Berenice (left) and Agrippa lived together in Rome and soon it was rumored they were incestuous. Not much shocked the Romans, but this was prohibited in all the laws of the ancient world. One could marry a close relative like an uncle, aunt or first cousin but never a brother or a sister. That was anathema (Latin “anathema” “a cursed thing”). Agrippa’s contemporary, the Roman Juvenal (c. 55-130 AD) in his Satire 6, made open fun of Agrippa and Berenice and of Jewish customs: “…a diamond of great renown, made precious by the finger of Berenice. It was given as a present…by the barbarian Agrippa to his incestuous sister in that country (Judea) where kings celebrate festal sabbaths with bare feet and where a long-established clemency suffers pigs to attain old age.”

In order to escape this rumor/truth, Berenice contracted her third marriage in c. 50 AD with Poleme, King of Cilicia (in modern Turkey).

                                                                                 Kingdom of Cilicia

Poleme did not want the marriage but was persuaded by a great deal of money: “…when the report went that she had criminal conversation (sex) with her brother Agrippa, (Berenice) persuaded Poleme, who was king of Cilicia, to be circumcised and to marry her, as supposing that by this means she should prove those calumnies upon her to be false; and Poleme was prevailed upon and that chiefly on account of her riches. Yet did not this matrimony endure long; but Berenice left Poleme, and, as was said, with licentious intentions.” Josephus, Antiquities 20.7.3. She went back to her brother Agrippa.
As Berenice and Agrippa were living their Roman-like lives in the early 50’s AD, the Christian movement was sprouting right under their noses.While Berenice was in Cilicia, Paul’s home area, with Poleme, King of Cilicia, they never met. That would be later, about ten years later. Emperor Claudius who had “brought up (raised)” Agrippa when he was sent as a young boy to Rome to be educated, gave his “friend whom I brought up,and have now with me,” the kingdom of Jerusalem in c. 54 according to Josephus Antiquities 20.1,2.

Agrippa and 22-year-old Berenice traveled between their palace in Tarsus and their palace in Jerusalem. Agrippa made sure the work on his great-grandfather Herod’s Second Temple was completed. Herod’s 35-acre Temple Compound (below) had been started in c. 19 BC but the work on and ornamentation of the huge complex was not completed under Herod Agrippa II until 63 AD, 67 years after Herod’s death and only seven years before its destruction by the Romans in 70 AD.

                                                           The Holy of Holies in the Temple compound

Ten years had passed since Paul and Berenice, Agrippa’s sister, were in Cilicia during her brief marriage to Poleme, King of Cilicia. It is sure they never met at that time. But they would meet several days after Paul had been calumniated before Festus by the Jerusalem priests. Berenice was now 32 and her brother/ lover Agrippa was 33. The two arrived in Caesarea to kindle the relationship between Agrippa who oversaw the Temple in Jerusalem for Rome and the new Roman Procurator (“manager, overseer”) Festus. Paul is to undergo another trial before Festus, Agrippa and Berenice where he would plead his case for Christ which the Jews in Jerusalem opposed. In the audience room that day were “high-ranking military officers, prominent men of the city” along with Paul, Festus, Berenice and Agrippa who had told Festus he would like to hear this Paul himself:

The Apostle Paul with Agrippa II, Berenice and the proconsul Festus—Vasily Surikov (1848-1916)

“At the command of Festus, Paul was brought in. Festus said: ‘King Agrippa, and all who are present with us, you see this man! The whole Jewish community has petitioned me about him in Jerusalem and here in Caesarea, shouting that he ought not to live any longer. I found he had done nothing deserving of death, but because he made his appeal to the Emperor (Nero) I decided to send him to Rome. But I have nothing definite to write to His Majesty about him. Therefore I have brought him before all of you, and especially before you, King Agrippa, so that as a result of this investigation I may have something to write. For I think it is unreasonable to send a prisoner on to Rome without specifying the charges against him’….Then Agrippa said to Paul, ‘You have permission to speak for yourself.’ So Paul motioned with his hand and began his defense: ‘King Agrippa, I consider myself fortunate to stand before you today as I make my defense against all the accusations of the Jews, and especially so because you are well acquainted with all the Jewish customs and controversies. Therefore, I beg you to listen to me patiently…. And now it is because of my hope in what God has promised our ancestors that I am on trial today…. I too was convinced that I ought to do all that was possible to oppose the name of Jesus of Nazareth….I was so obsessed with persecuting them that I even hunted them down in foreign cities. On one of these journeys I was going to Damascus with the authority and commission of the chief priests. About noon, King Agrippa, as I was on the road, I saw a light from heaven, brighter than the sun, blazing around me and my companions. We all fell to the ground, and I heard a voice saying to me in Aramaic, ‘Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? It is hard for you to kick against the goads’ (a spiked stick used for driving cattle). Then I asked, ‘Who are you, Lord?’ ‘I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting,’ the Lord replied. ‘Now get up and stand on your feet. I have appeared to you to appoint you as a servant and as a witness of what you have seen and will see of me’…. That is why some Jews seized me in the temple courts and tried to kill me….The king rose, and with him the governor and Bernice and those sitting with them. After they left the room, they began saying to one another, “This man is not doing anything that deserves death or imprisonment.’ Agrippa said to Festus, ‘This man could have been set free if he had not appealed to Caesar.’” Acts 25:13-27: 26:1-32

And to Rome Paul went. Some believe he was imprisoned for several years at that first trial and then was released and went to Spain to evangelize the people there.

The Jews were very hard to govern. They considered themselves “free people’ and constantly rebelled against Roman rule. Agrippa and Berenice tried to ameliorate the problem but could not. The Romans had had enough. In 67 General Vespasian and his 31-year-old son Titus arrived in Judea and began take the Jews’ territory city by city. Berenice, now 43, became the young Titus’ mistress and was with him in the years leading up to Jerusalem’s destruction.

                                The Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem—David Roberts (1796-1864)

After his victory in Jerusalem, the victorious Titus took Berenice back to Rome with him. Agrippa followed:

“Berenice was at the very height of her power and consequently came to Rome along with her brother Agrippa. The latter was given the rank of Praetor (municipal administrator), while Berenice dwelt in the palace, cohabiting with Titus. She expected to marry him and was already behaving in every respect as if she were his wife; but when Titus perceived that the Romans were displeased with the situation, he sent her away. For, in addition to all the other talk that there was, certain sophists of the Cynic school managed somehow to slip into the city at this time too; and first Diogenes, entering the theater (the Theater of Marcellus in modern Rome) when it was full, denounced the pair in a long, abusive speech, for which he was flogged; and after Diogenes there was Heras, expecting no harsher punishment, gave vent to many senseless yelpings in true Cynic fashion, and for this ranting he was beheaded.” Cassius Dio (c. 150-235), Roman History: Epitome of Book 65

Berenice was forced to go back again to her brother Agrippa. Agrippa’s and Berenice’s relationship was considered scandalous enough to be fodder for Roman and other pagan writers, like Cassius Dio, for over a hundred years after they were both dead. Their incest violated all pagan laws. Even though Agrippa had no wives or lovers, Berenice acted the royal woman of her time and had husbands and lovers, the most famous of which was the Roman Emperor Titus. It seems that Titus loved Berenice, but he could not endure the constant gossiping and the drubbing Berenice received by Greek Cynics like Diogenes and Heras in public forums. Though he punished the offenders with a flogging and a beheading, Titus knew the rumors would never cease. He gave Berenice back to Agrippa and that is all we know of the rest of her life or of her death. But from the 1600’s until contemporary times, there has been a revival of interest in Berenice. She has inspired innumerable dramas, operas, novels and films, mostly about her relationship with the young future Emperor Titus. Agrippa II lives on through the Book of Acts in the Bible, in the works of Josephus, in some ancient citations and in occasional historical references to his incestuous relationship with his sister Berenice.

The Mosaic law in Deuteronomy 27:22: “Cursed is anyone who sleeps with his sister, the daughter of his father or the daughter of his mother. Then all the people shall say, ‘Amen!’”—Article by Sandra Sweeny Silver

Jew Docs: Injects White Redheaded Baby

I bought a copy of the front of an old Saturday Evening Post a long time ago. I scanned, edited, and in 2011 blogged. 
Delighted Jew doctor & his jab are the stars of this photo as are the terrified White parents and “delighted?!” White baby boy.

Jews controlled medicine since Poland, Germany, now the USA & all White countries. Harvard was a theological White Christianity University – Now 67% Phd’s jewish. 
How many Chinese, 92% non-Whites, women? All getting government and religious privileges. How about “alternative medicines?” Equal or superior rights as Jews kept whites down to elevate themselves & non-Whites.
Note the dear victim is a redheaded baby, who should be like a wonderful unique White flower for us to cherish. The baby is laughing as all jew sitcoms have been anti-White yet we laughed our way into genocide. 
The White baby is a boy. Butt naked. Homosexuality. It’s in everything that I’ve seen in rock Youtube since the 1960s where I began. 
The White mother covers her face, well, partially. She’s peeking through two fingers not caring in the least if her baby boy has babies. A university degree is behind her head. 
As a White Polish American slave to Jews I was expelled or nearly expelled the last three times I tried to take English classes. Yet Blacks have 100 all-Black universities – an all black intentional female school. 
What about Whites? All we have are potent “images” that plague our minds, the real victim of the COVID. The more it’s kept in thought collectively, the more it will spread. We live in an individual and collective thought world.

The hatred against White Redheads is something I addressed almost immediately in my writings since Oct. 10, 2002. My CVS high school friend was a beautiful and sweet redheaded Marilyn Neff. Here’s the 2007 YouTube “RedHeads Protest Wendy’s” below:

Jew doctor ready to inject White Eager red-headed baby


Jew Feinberg Headed the 9/11 Compensation Fund

Jewish Wikipedia says (our god and guru and only since Whites aren’t allowed our own communications) Jewish Feinberg headed the compensation for the 9/11 fund and distributed the money. Bad enough the World Trade Centers’ owner, Jew Larry Silverstein got twice the amount of insurance money ($8 billion: $4 to rebuild and $4 for his pocket and the jewish world-wide syndicate.) What money avenues don’t they control? If only I came from Poland a jewess? Think of it. She’s never suffered a day in her life and all I’ve had is suffering as her slave. But now it’s all Whites in one form or another. The United States of Poland has become the United States of America. I guess it’s easier for Whites to focus and adore them or blacks, Mexicans, etc. than to tackle the hard problem of saving the endangered White species. 
Another jewish news article said he “cried.” Of course, they read my emails, blogs, and even radio call-ins since 2002. I was told Jews make up their news as we all do that.