White Latvia 1940 War Horror: Jew Communism, Graphic

As I’m working on another blog, I came across how the Jew Communists. It’s what Jews did to Poland 1025-1945, and now in all White countries!

This was the hidden intent of the mostly Jewish manipulators.

“Do not believe in God. Do not believe in yourself. Do not believe in good or evil! Rise against everything and yourself, for then shall you leave the fortune of equality. For then shall you be easily dominated and enslaved… Therefore, will you become like animals for your spirit shall be broken.””

While the Europeans had to endure the communist cynicism forced upon them, while people were set against one another, while churchgoers were persecuted and gravestones desecrated in the name of communism’s proclaimed “religious freedom”, the Jews continued to practice undisturbed their religion and traditions, for this particular “freedom” did not apply to them.


I’m Fearlessly White-Final Chapter 27-5

Hello White Folks,

It’s time to rejoice, cheer, be grateful, and get to work on helping to save the Endangered White People. Even and especially Caucasian Christianity, which the Jews destroyed to declare themselves, our “messiah.”

I’m utterly grateful to Pastor Eli James, Assembly of Christian Israelite, who called and volunteered to interview me about my book. Over 60 episodes against all odds. I’m grateful to God that my 23-year research has been film published on the worldwide archive.org. Here’s the final link: Thanks from the bottom of my heart as we travel onward to the heights of White Love. We need all the help we can get!


Pictures below:

White Kingdom of Heaven here on earth! If the First Pilgrims (Saints and Professors) had it, we can too. However, we’ve come a long way and can improve it. What would be the Kingdom of Heaven to You! It starts with our daily, hourly, and sometimes moment-by-moment thoughts and actions. I discovered long ago that our “feelings” are not “facts!” Heaven: paradise, bliss, happiness, ecstasy, joy, blissfulness, blessedness. I’m “glad” now for a closure to the past except to learn from it. But looking forward to the next minute, hour, day, eternity!
Jesus is surrounded by good angels above as he resurrects from the dead. Figuratively speaking, Whites must now resurrect. Mama said, when I was a little girl, “They are spiritually dead!” Something happened to the White people before, during, and after World War II. I understand the lack of spirituality and religion since it was intentionally wiped out or distorted in our minds. It’s easy for jews to control the population. Especially with “fear” tactics. My ideas are for the opposite, “love!” Religion must now try to meet the needs of our White people. We must do our part. I’ve given plenty of ideas in the final two sub-chapters. In this picture, the soldiers guarding Jesus’ tomb are jewish! You can see their deathlike terror and unbelief in their eyes and bodies. They were knocked over by Jesus’ spirit as heavy stone guarding his so-called beaten corpse resurrected. With joy, I “try to see, feel, and think God, good, in my heart and mind. If we dwell only on the human scene, it can only be mortal. But if we raise our motives, thoughts our feelings will correspond. Nothing human is perfect and perfectionism is hard to deal with.
Barbara Ann Nowak & Michael Jokobowski Duncan. We’re Polish but his father was Scottish. My book, “I’m Fearlessly White – 1,000 Years with the Jews” was his biography. Since I put his life in chronological order to write his story, I had to do the same for mine. It’s the hardest act a person has to do. It started in 2001 when I won a spirituality contest, “If you were to write your autobiography what would be the title and why.” It was right after the American 9/11 tragedy and I was in a state of heightened emotion. I never wrote. Yet I managed 300 words and won the contest. An Italian leather journal. Yet, after I received it, I couldn’t write a word. I’d stare at the blank pages. Then, a good (God) thought came to me, “Go to CompUSA.” It was across the street from my Chicago downtown skyscraper. I wasn’t looking for anything but was led to an eMachine, Hewlett Packard, forerunner computer. (I’ve been on computers since 1st-year of high school.) I began writing my historical emails to the famous Chicago radio DJ. Now, my writing is completed, although hopefully will be edited.
You read my name right: Barbara “Patton” like the murdered most famous General George Patton. He said he wanted the US to enter Germany, but the “higher ups” said the Jew-led Communist Russians should take over Germany. Their people were the most religious, 60/40 Protestants/Catholics. Smartest. Polish 2nd. Jews destroyed Germany’s religious ideas as well as kept the White race purebred. Even dogs and cats enjoyed it, as did all the other races. On April 15, 1993 (tax day), Roadway Express, a #1 transportation company, awarded me my Certificate of Completion for “Quality Action Team Leader Training.” Then, I led a team at a satellite. Roadway gave me an unlimited checkbook to implement my ideas. I came up with 25 but only needed $$$ for one. The QAT teams were invited by American Dr. Deming but rejected and found their way to Japan, then China #1. What I learned in business I applied to my 2-part brainstorming ideas to help save the Endangered White People! The sky is not the limit!
I wrote a parody of the Beatles’ “Paperback Writer.” The words fit almost perfectly to what I experienced as a White untrained and prohibited author. It’s dated April 13, 2023 on archive.org. Pastor Eli James the moderator for my book, and I sang a duet! What fun! “Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?” When an author wants to submit a Query to see if the party is interested in helping with the book, the letter should start with that heading. Beatles: “It took me years to write.” Barb: “It took me 23 years to write!” Beatles: “Based on a a novel by a man named Lear,” Barb: “Based on my life about a gal named Barb and so I need a job so I want to be a Paperback writer!” University PhD said Whites can’t write anymore.” They stopped teaching grammar 30 years ago! King “Lear” was a “tragedy” about an English King. He divided his kingdom to his three daughters. It’s deep and depressing and later changed. Sounds like my autobiography.   Lear opts to become homeless and destitute, goes insane, and the French King married to Cordelia invades Britain to restore order and Lear’s rule. (There’s an 1892 New York Jew Yiddish version (not Bible Hebrew) on Wikipedia.org.) Beatles: “It’s a dirty story of a dirty man.” Barb: “It’s a dirty story of a large White clan.” Beatles: “And his clinging wife doesn’t understand.” Barb: “And at the whole world doesn’t understand.” Beatles, “And his son is working for the Daily Mail (News), Barb: “All I work on is daily emails.) Beatles: “Its a steady job but he wants to be a . . .. Paperback Writer!” Beatles: “It’s a 1,000 pages give or take a few.” The writer is revealing a secret. The jewish book monopoly doesn’t want books over 40 pages. Barb: Mine is 1284 to date up to 1983! Volume 1. Should I lower my IQ or teach our White Youngers (and all) how to read and write and respect! Beatles: “I’ll be writing more in a week or two. I could make it “longer” if you like the style.” Truth: if the Jews don’t want the 40 pages, 1,000 pages, he mocks when he says he’ll make it longer! Beatles: “I can change it ’round and I want to be a Paperback writer.” He’s willing to do anything to get published.
I’ve seen this sign in Chicago bathrooms. Did any one care or read? I made sure with both my baby boys I didn’t drink, smoke, drug, drink alcohol, ate healthy, and studied and prayed God’s metaphysics as Jesus did. Prevention before the disease starts is a bonus toward attaining our true perfect healthy loving nature we already include. Also, when I was pregnant with my first baby, the medical was giving White pregnant women a dangerous drug to stop common morning sickness. Although it is a difficult illness. I didn’t take the drug since I was already into healthy living. Many of the women who did take the prescription had deformed babies.

I’m Fearlessly White: Jewess Murdered Me!

To begin, I share my ideas to help save the White people, especially Caucasian Christianity.

Next, here’s my interview with Pastor Eli who kindly offered to interview my autobiographical research for the last 15 months.


On August 19, 2013, a jewess lunged, grabbed, beat, crippled and murdered me in front of the jew MGM Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Casino, House of Blues. I wore this White Gown and Crown for my invention, “Costumed Karaoke.” I’ll have a separate video on the entire episode coming up in a few weeks. However, this particular picture was right by Chicago Cubs Park. I bought the gown at the Salvation Army a few blocks from my Magnificent Mile skyscraper condo. It’s Anna Nicole Smith’s gown to the 89-year-old billionaire. Her constant companion: jewish Howard K. “Stern.” Jews rule us with the most powerful weapon on earth: the mind! He made a horrible video of her spaced out on drugs and made her look like the lowest creature in the solar system. I read her Will. Her jew live-in lawyer put in it no one could contest his Executor role! Anyway, on a supremely positive note, I’m in a White diamond-like crown and the biggest White dress God led me to. It’s even bigger. I have the largest hoop bendable underskirt made to make it flare out. Why the jewess hated and killed me I’ll never know. My prayer to God brought me back to Life. More in a few upcoming episodes.
The day the jewess lunged, grabbed, beat, crippled, and murdered me I was about to perform a loving costumed karaoke tribute to White Prince William, Princess Kate Middleton, and their new Baby “George.” I’ll have a special video on that horrific jewess crime against me. I thought of the man, “George” Jewell from England who worked in the palace, emigrated to Chicago, and developed the #1 catering company to the stars. He hired me to hire only Whites in 1997. The government had padlocked his food warehouse and offices for tax non-payment. He said the temporary agencies only sent him black and mexican tuxedo staff, and they ruined his company. He hired me as the Human Resource Director of Human Development and secretly hired only Whites at the local universities. Recently, I traveled back to his company and I must have helped save it. It’s still in business. The song I sang before I died the next morning, “Don’t You Want My ‘White’ Baby?” by Human League. I realized the rock band’s name, “Human League” is perhaps prophetic. There are baseball and hockey “leagues”. Now we can have worldwide White “Human Leagues!” See video with lyrics, “Don’t You Want Me Baby,” Or “Don’t You Want My White Baby!” I have a book chapter, “I Was the Unwanted White Baby!”
Autobiographically speaking, I mentioned that when I sang the song, “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin, I had out-of-body experiences on stage. Around 2012. Years ago, White German Ferdinand von Zeppelin invented the flying aircraft. I’d perform on the Vegas Mandalay Bay House of Blues Stage, RockStar, RockBand karaoke. It was one of the longest songs I’ve done, 8 1/2 minutes. Polish Christian Lil’ Wally Trilogy 11 1/2. When I sang “Kashmir,” as I got to the word “Mama,” I automatically threw my head back and left the planet without a rocket ship! The band members disappeared, their instruments, the people, stage, my body, and all that was left was my “feeling,” “singing,” the band’s musical invisible notes, and audiences heightened anticipation scent. Also, I sang the lyric, “Father” and I thought of his weeping as Mama beat him for killing her unborn baby by kicking her in her pregnant stomach. After World War II, the USA economy collapsed and we became White Polish slaves to South Chicago jews and jewesses who starved us and addicted us. As in Poland: 1025-1945, under jewish 100% control, war/alcohol & its side effects, and starvation deaths were our only products. The good “Kashmir” lyrics, I add “White,” “To sit with ELDERs of a gentle Race.” All other races/religions respect their elders! “But not a word could I relate.” It’s obvious I can’t relate to others since I’m not jewish media brainwashed but write from my life and reasoning. “Oh, ‘ White baby,’ I been blind Oh, yeah, White mama, there ain’t no denyin’ Oh, ooh yes, I been blind Mama, mama, ain’t no denyin’, no denyin’ All I see turns to brown (non-Whites 92% of the world! our White babies down from 33% to 3% since World War II. Also end of Christianity and Jesus Christ. “As the sun burns the ground And my eyes fill with sand (I changed to my eyes filled with tears) As I scan this (all White lands now overrun and interbred) wasted land Try to find, try to find the way I feel. I still have feelings.
Preview, I’ll be singing “Final Countdown” by “Europe!”

New jew HR 6090 Law against White (Christians)

To simply sum up my ideas:

  • 92% of Jews are from my ancestral Poland, the only lawless country in history! They hated my people so much they enslaved us in war/alcohol, 24/7, 365, 1,000 years. 2025: 1,000th anniversary of worst history. That’s hate & they are doing it here. All laws were “for” the jews and “against” White Catholics / Christians. Jews murdered Jesus a second time. On August 19, 2013, a jewess lunged at me, grabbed and held me, beat, crippled, and killed me in front of a Las Vegas Jew MGM Mandalay Bay audience! I died the next day, but my mind still worked so I prayed, “God is my Live!” and lived! Video later.
  • Whites expelled Jews 1,030 times. 
  • 1700s: Scotland rejected Jews. To counteract, jews used their alcohol weapon. Turned the judges, authors, etc. into alcoholics. Then passed the “Enlightenment period.” Must love all the world’s people but hate yourself if you’re White! (Not anymore we love, value, and appreciate ourselves and each other. It’s our greatest weapon.
  • Jews pass 1961 Affirmative Action hating White males. 1963 killed President Kennedy. 1964 his brother Edward passed Civil Rights Act “against Whites. Synagogue Rabbis drafted it! 1965 jews passed Immigration Act. Why? In 1924, White Christian Republicans passed an Immigration law banning them. 1966: under Jew-led President Johnson sent all our army-aged White men to be tortured horrifically in Vietnam.
  • Where are our counter-bills? Our White boys will need over 20 mentors after the damage or we will descend into a 4th world country. As in Poland. Slaves in barns. 50,000 of Daddy’s relatives died of starvation: Jews put on golden glittery robes and robbed the corpses.
  • Do the White people who study ancestry #2 past time after baseball know and care?  
  • Mike Lawler, New York, from the most jew USA hasidic population, sponsored it. Republican! 


I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 27-3

This video goes into “Long Live the Protected White People!” Yes, we’ll someday have laws and the world supporting not mocking or condemning us. I’ll also have a list of the White Republicans who stood up to the evil jew / jewess & company.

On February 27, 2019, I held a “Save Great White Race (Honk!) Save Great White Polar Bear. I’m donned in all White like a mother polar bear. On that date, she hibernates with her White cubs. The Polar Bear is at the top of the food chain. If they go, so does the White world. Why did I have this protest? A few weeks earlier the black lives matter protested on that corner. It had white women swarming on the corner with black men. Doesn’t she realize her womb is sacred and should either wear a chastity belt and forget sex as I have most of my life, or have white babies?
Republican, Gerald L. K. Smith, was the only one who resisted the jewish led Communist democrats. It’s the same today. jews pass their bills 535-0 against Whites (Christians,) even Jesus Christ. He had this Jesus statue built by the same sculpture who carved the USA president’s faces on Mount Rushmore. I found this 65′ statue when a friend drove me there to see the Great Passion Play. When I first stopped to see the White sculpture, I felt such an overwhelming power or energy, I dropped to my knees and wept. I didn’t know of the founder of the play and park. When I walked in the gate the ticket taker warned, “The (jew-led White) homosexuals have purchased the entire town. Even the banks and would shut the park down if they didn’t raise $800,000. The jew-led homos shut down the baby Jesus, Mother Mary, Joseph Nativity scene. (Odd but they get their own city, jews are united around the world, Chinese have their owns cities as do blacks and Mexicans, and Indian reservations. Whites have nothing after giving to these other people for over a century. lazy, filthy, child-like, don’t want to work blacks and red Indians for 370+ years! Smith created that event patterned after Oberammergau, Germany. They highly exposed the evil jews and that’s what he did in the 1960s. I’m going to put other Republican pictures on this blog “stood up to the jews.” Smith was friends with Father Coughlin, who had a radio show before World War II warning about the Satanic jews. Jesus knew — jews mocked, spied on, tried to kill, bullied, spit on, arrested, tortured him, had 6 trials in one night, and killed him in front of an audience! Jesus resurrected but nearly extinct in Europe. Jews had the most religious Whites killed in World War II: Germans and my Polish people! The only Christian country of 48 left in Europe: Poland!
It was White Roman St. Paul who Jesus appeared to in order to save Jesus’ Christianity! The jews badgered him and then beat, arrested, and would have executed except for the fact he was a Roman Citizen, not from Jerusalem. They had 40 jews ready to ambush and kill him on his way to Rome where he was to stand trial. “Acts 23:12–35
A Plot to Kill Paul
12 When it was day, uthe Jews made a plot and vbound themselves by an oath neither to eat nor drink till they had killed Paul. 13 There were more than forty who made this conspiracy. 14 They went to the chief priests and elders and said, “We have strictly bound ourselves by an oath to taste no food till we have killed Paul. 15 Now therefore you, along with the council, give notice to the tribune to bring him down to you, as though you were going to determine his case more exactly. And we are ready to kill him before he comes near.”
16 Now the son of Paul’s sister heard of their ambush, so he went and entered wthe barracks and told Paul. 17 Paul called one of the centurions and said, “Take this young man to the tribune, for he has something to tell him.” However, as Paul is sent to White Rome Italy, when he meets the Felix the governor, his common law wife, Drusilla, “the jewess” the Bible says, demanded Paul be imprisoned since he wouldn’t pay her bribe money. Paul was considered the greatest Bible writer and he wrote in “chains.!” Today, whites can’t write, while Jews monopolize all of publishing and the Yellow God-hating Chinese became the highest in American schools such as valedictorians!

Autobiography: De-cluttering Karaoke & Weeping

My karaoke for Whites = 30 years. Never talked about it, no friends, family, all my $$$ and leftover time.
Celine Dion is my favorite. She grew up in a family of 13, baby girl, me 12, baby girl, Dolly (first costumed karaoke) family of 12.
“Call the Man” to heal my broken heart. Is calling on Jesus the greatest healer, Son of God, Son of Man. See his YouTube 61 healings.
Anyway, I’m weeping through this one. I don’t perform anymore.

Youtube: “Celine Dion- Call The Man”

My Chapter 27-2: Helping Ideas for Whites

“I’m Fearlessly White – 1,000 Years with the Jews.” Chapter 27 part 2. Long Live the Protected White People. I was a protestor since Mama’s womb! Here’s the movie we made on Thursday. Pictures I attached below:


I mentioned on Pastor Eli’s last book interview I’m throwing away some of my karaoke discs. I want “Love songs,” at this point of my autobiography. He mentioned the song “Love is All Around Me!” is from the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral! What a combination. The words are about beautiful White Love. Jesus’ cross is in the background, blessing the wedded White couple in the movie clip. In my Chapter 27, my final autobiography chapter, I focus on helping save the White Endangered People, especially Caucasian Christianity. St. Mary of the Fields is on the wedding invitation. Well, I pioneered organic gardening in 1971. I used to pray to get rid of the bugs and to protect my plants! I’m laughing out loud as I watch the video below. The White lady shows up in four different White dresses!! Sounds like some of my 300 self-made/designed costumes and more. I enjoyed the White Scottish male dancer in his kilt costume. (I have 2 like that to honor my deceased Vietnam Veteran’s ancestry, Duncan! I sing the Scottish song, “Bloody Sunday.” In the movie, though, the Scottish man is killed and it’s his funeral. Also, when the White woman smacks the White male star, is despicable. Did I mentioned there’s a World War III going on between the White male and female and she must change! It’s not her fault. Jewess brainwashing so the jewess and her offspring are supported for “eternity.” They don’t believe in God or that there’s an afterlife. Note at 3:38 film, there’s a royal couple marrying under the risen swords!

Watch on YouTube. Copy and paste.

Love is all around (1994 Four weddings and a funeral) Wet Wet Wet

Note the picture background, my Las Vegas’House of Representative jewess Shelley Berkley ran for office. Her opponent was “Heller!” Yes, she was straight from hell according to the sign above her. I’ve named male jew names, and I also name their females. It’s the jewess females who teach their sons the dirty, evil deeds against unsuspecting White people. My Vegas House of Representatives was the most evil, wicked, corrupt politician in Washington DC Congress! How I discovered her. I hardly voted or thought about politics. I saw her opponent standing, Ken Wegner, on the sidelines in a Las Vegas all-Mexican illegal families’ protest. The average US Person in about 10 years will be the tough, strong, undamaged brown Mexican woman. Ken had on his protest sign that he would stop the illegal Mexican invasion. I contacted him to help. I went to homes to deliver fliers, but no one was home and left them. Also, I had to drive to each home since there was so much space between them. I suggested coming into my Seniors Mobile Home Park. 500+ trailers. The Republican Committee executive brought help as we knocked on doors. He called me and asked me on the Executive Committee. I wasn’t able to, but I did do a minute commercial for Wegner that aired 900 times. The jewess won over the White man. Below is the commercial. Although my temporary agency hadn’t called in six months, they called me to work at jewish legal firm. Berkley and Berkley. Odd but the owner must have dumped the jewess wife and married a White wife. I wrote that 42% of Las Vegas jews were race-breaking with White women, taking the best of our gene pool. Afterward, I saw a tremendous number of jew/White divorces, including my niece, and the jews marrying their own race. They marry so close, within 4-5 cousins. Play the White arrow on the left. I also wrote the jewess a note to stop the jewish men from raping Whites and destroying our white sacred womb. Berkley had more trips to Israel and was not available for me, her constituent. Also, the White female manager called me in her office after work. Word must have spread over Vegas that I went on 50,000 watts of Vegas power talk radio and talked racially. The 1st time: my deceased Veterans’ words, “There’s no help for the White man.” Anyway, the manager at the law firm was a White woman. She cried, “My son is White, and I have him in a 6th-grade private school. I was going to be a nun, and he, a priest. We met before our religious vows and married. Her White son was in 6th grade and the only White male out of 27. (All laws against him and for the 92% non-Whites.) The other races and religions (jews, muslim, hindu, yellows) were rich and obtained the highest paying jobs. Their mothers could stay home and help the students. Example. A Japanese mother stands by her child the whole time they do homework. “If” they need help she’s there. The non-Whites attend all the school meetings. On the other hand, the children of non-Whites, blacks, and browns obtained all the free federal and local $$$$$, even medical care, four meals a day. Again, those “poor” non-White mothers stayed home and helped their offspring, compete and often surpass her son who was smart. She and her religious White husband taught her son tennis and he excelled. Again, they couldn’t practice as the other race’s rich and poor mothers/fathers had time.

I snapped a picture of my first karaoke disc of love songs. The 1st half is without music, the 2nd has the voice to study with and sing along. All of the yellows are singing like birds. Jews taught Whites to be scared to death. We live in a heightened state of fear that has existed since Poland, where all Jews came from 1025 to 1945. I know you’re jumping for joy. I threw away on the air the karaoke discs with jewess and black singers!!! I’m White! Sigh! I have the 1st half without words playing in the background. All the music I love or learning to love.

I don’t know why but I am crying as this first song plays. Hard to cry and type but that’s my book for 23 years! I learned how to take my disks and convert them into songs I can play on my compute or phone! Nothing but love!

Autobiographically speaking, here’s a pix of Brother John along with Sister Josephine and the last Sister Mary. White Brother John pioneered Pro-Life after the 1st Congress bill passed the White abortion act to kill our babies but bring non-White babies over the border and pay them $1,000,000 each in food, education, and mentorship. Brother John suffered much. A black thug beat him while he worked at US Steel, about 1966, and kicked him in the groin. My brother worked nights to pay for his college eduction in the hot blast furnaces as our ancestors. He ran out of his job into the street and found the bus there loaded with blacks and browns. The healthy pampered for 350 years black man ran after him as my Brother boarded the South Chicago bus. The black then beat up my brother again in front of the non-Whites on the bus. My brother’s face was bloody, his pants filled with urine he involuntarily lost. Not only that day but for years afterward! The nigger disabled him for life. He nearly took his life by not eating. I had convinced him that Jesus loved to eat. He’s a big Jesus and religion fan. He wasn’t able to work but wants to write a book “The Spiritual Revolution.” I’ll add the word “White” to it. (Even then a dangerous White American neighborhood. It was about 1966, right after the jewish drafted-in-a-synagogue 1964 Civil Rights Act. White women are covered. 1961 jewish Affirmative Action law against White males. 1965, jewish Immigration Act for the 92% world’s non-Whites. All against the White male. What did the jewish tyrants from Poland do: 1966 sent all our White army-age males who may have resisted our country and home takeover to be tortured and executed in the jungles by God-hating Yellow Chinese. Jews did the same in Poland 1000 years: war/alcohol my ancestors’ only products. Now, the jews are shoving in $$ and jewish Zelensky Ukrainian immigrants into Poland to replace and interbreed my ancestors. Thus, the 1,000 year reign of Jewish evil will be forever silenced! Next year, 2025, is the 1,000th anniversary! How my heart breaks. Poland is the only Christian country left and it will also be the final European death of Jesus Christ! Jesus tried to warn us of their “hidden evil,” meaning their “thoughts!” Well, I can pray for our and your survival in my “thoughts!”
In October 2013, Pastor Eli James called and told me about the “Red Balloons Worldwide Protest.” It was to make the whole world aware of the blacks murdering the White South African farmers called the “Boers.” I went to the Vegas Party store and purchased several, then went outside in the parking lot. At 11:00 a.m., at a certain worldwide time, I joined others far away and we released the balloons in the air! When I went to karaoke later, a White South African woman came up to me while I patiently waited my turn. (45 min. +) I lamented about how her White people are suffering. She immediately corrected me as the karaoke songs played behind us. She said she’s White but married to a “jewish” man! She had to be a catch for him to race-break and remove her from the White gene pool. She knew about the murders from the South African TV news. When they announce the blacks are slaughtering the White South African farmers, she follows her jew husband and cheers for the Whites’ death. What happened to our White female? I don’t think any human or animal does that for their species! Driven insane? Perhaps our White. women are in such a state of fear as never before in the cosmos. When the White Southern African Boers migrated there from England, it was empty. They didn’t steal land or hurt the blacks who weren’t there. Boer (Dutch: “husbandman,” or “farmer”), a South African of Dutch, German, or Huguenot descent (Jesus’ assistant, St. Mary Magdalene, was of “Huguenot descent” according to a Vegas man who studied his ancestry.)
Barbie in my self-made/designed costume and especially the red “white” and blue feathered homemade hat. It’s embellished with American flag material but from the 1776 war of Independence. I’m marching with the Vietnam Veterans in Branson, Missouri. I supported them as I did my deceased Michael Miles Duncan who said he fought the God-hating Chinese Communists (Jew bankers) in the hot, human, dangerous Vietnam jungles right next to #1 superpower China! They won’t. #1 since 2012. He “tried!” Nonetheless, I married a disabled Vietnam Veteran according to a letter I have in my possession from a jewish government official dated 1957. Rosenbaum. My husband’s jewish friend, Art Karchmer, wasn’t tortured in there but had an easy Alabama Army job. He like the blacks sent to Vietnam war learned business skills away from the agonizing and deadly battles the White men fought! Art’s sons are multimillionaires today!

Me, Hitler, Elvis, Pink Floyd “Injections”

Hello Folks,

Strangely enough, this morning I came across my old July 28, 2022 email where I pleaded, “I hope they don’t inject me!” I copied and pasted the email and date below. Two months later, my main insurance for seniors said, “I did NOT have COVID” I had no symptoms. I probably had food poisoning. Also, I had a deep open head wound infected concussion. I had just returned from a 7-day stay in my hometown of Chicago. I attended the outdoor Polish and German festivals. Then I stopped to visit my Vietnam Veteran’s grave on my way home. I was taken to the hospital for misdiagnosed COVID. A black staff member put a feather up my nose and came back smiling, “You have COVID!” He should have cried and sang the “blues” for me instead.

Forced injection!

I was kept drugged and unconscious for six days.

I stopped taking medicine and vaccines for me, my veteran husband, and our sons since 1977. Before, I was on 23 pills a day, but since 1977, I’m not on medicine or vitamins, thanks to spiritual healing, diet, exercise, hard work, and love. I would still use the medical if I had to.

My mainline insurance for seniors asserted, “I did NOT have COVID” I had no symptoms. I probably had food poisoning. I also had a deep open head wound, infected concussion. I had just returned from a 7-day stay in my hometown of Chicago. I attended the outdoor Polish and German festivals. Then, I stopped to visit my Vietnam Veteran’s grave, drove home, and became sick with diarrhea (food poisoning perhaps) at about 3 a.m.

This morning I was cleaning one of my email boxes. I came across one of my strange 2022 email entitled, “PS. Doctor Injected Pink Floyd!” However, I also wrote they injected Elvis and Hitler on the first part.

Sadly, Hitler’s Doctor Morrell, a doctor to the German jewish entertainers, injected him with over 10 drugs, even cocaine to the eyes. I attended famous British World War II historian David Irving’s Las Vegas conferences and bought the DVD.

Hitler's Doctor Said the Dictator Almost Died from a Cocaine Overdose

In the old email, I mentioned, “I hope they don’t inject me for COVID” on July 28, 2022. I then added how the doctors injected Elvis many times including the needle through his white Aloha famous costume. Jew Warner Brothers made sure they took the “trash” I wrote out of the 16 books I read of “positive and loving” emails, and put it in their recent movie, “Elvis,” instead of my volumes of positive remarks. Also, my hospital record shows that on September 16, 2022, two months after my first email, a black man put a feather up my nose and diagnosed me with COVID 19. I also had an unexplained deep open head wound-infected concussion!

Ps. Doctor Injected Pink Floyd!

Elvis and Hitler weren’t the only ones injected. I looked up “Comfortably Numb.” It was before a 1977 Philadelphia Concert. I’m assuming it’s the link below.

I hope they don’t inject me. It’s too much for me right now. 

Also the comments on the link are also interesting.

Ps. Doctor Injected Pink Floyd!

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Thursday, July 28th, 2022 at 11:34 AM

“Elvis and Hitler weren’t the only ones injected. I looked up “Comfortably Numb.” It was before a 1977 Philadelphia Concert. I’m assuming it’s the link below.

I hope they don’t inject me. It’s too much for me right now. 

Also, the link’s comments are interesting.

Quote: “Pink’s emotional journey into the past is both interrupted and heightened when his management breaks into the hotel room and has a doctor inject him with a drug that will snap him out of his drug-induced malaise. (must be painful.) Ensuring he can still perform at a concert later that evening. 

“Roger Waters wrote the lyrics inspired by an experience where he was injected with tranquilizers before a 1977 Philadelphia performance.” (end of July 28, 2022 email.)



My current words: I’m not violent, we must address our White survival and heal our imposed differences. Yet the Pink Floyd lyrics, “Waiting for the Worms” are like a Hitlerian mention that we need to address the other races. The “Whites must love everyone” comes from the dangerous formerly banned jewish takeover of Scotland in the early 1700s. It was called the “Enlightenment Period.” All White countries are under the “Let’s love everyone in the world and hate ourselves and each other for being born White!”

Anyway, I’m well and feel good for today. I’m grateful!

I’m Fearlessy White Chapter 27 Part 1

Here’s my Chapter, “Long Live the Protected White People.”

Click on the link and also see larger views of the pictures I inserted in it. Pastor Eli and I spent 60 weeks discussing my 1,000-year ancestry as slaves to Jews in Poland and then in South Chicago.

In addition, I further researched passages Pastor Eli distributed at his Saturday Assembly of Christian Israelites’ meeting. “Jews Killed Jesus NOT the Romans.” My research and inspiration were so deep, that I wrote up nine additional 1-hour show material.

However, now is the time to roll up our White sleeves and get to work on Saving the Endangered White Species, especially Caucasian Christianity and Jesus Christ. He was a Jews’ victim 2,000 years ago, and again in European American countries since World War II. That’s when the Jews moved all their people out of Old Poland into the New Jew-S-A. The other half they moved into what Jews named “Israel” today. Pictures below. Click link for my weekly autobiographical interview with Pastor Eli James.


On this link you can search “Double Indemnity” as far back as 2012 on to see many blogs using that term and movie.


At the beginning of the show, Pastor Eli mentioned his favorite actress, Barbara Stanwyck. (She wants to kill her husband, and she tempts (like a she-devil) her insurance agent to stage an accident.) Pastor Eli said I reminded him of her since she was strong. Thank you for the compliment. I need all the support I can get. I give it to all Whites since Mama’s womb. I have rarely seen movies in my life. Thank God. Since the 1st film in 1927, after Jews stole Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine, they are all jewish. I don’t have their brainwashing so their males can support the jewess female and her offspring for eternity off White slavery. First in Poland, now here in the USA. Anyway, I remembered the “Stanwyck” name since I did a blog about it many years ago. The picture is from the movie Double Indemnity. I recalled it since it’s what I discovered about the USA “Tragedy” where three skyscrapers were bombed and disintegrated into dust. Yet, all the jew lying news said was that two airplanes hit three buildings and the structures collapsed. The White world believed jews as if they are already God Almighty. They aren’t they are Satan all over again. The movie was about a woman, Barbara Stanwyck, who wanted to kill her husband and get double the insurance if it was said to be an accident. In comparison, Jew Larry Silverstein, one year before the 9/11 Tragedy, bought the 3 New York World Trade Centers even though they were filled with asbestos and either had to be demolished or repaired. He received not only $4 billion dollars but another four billion ($8 billion) to build all seven World Trade Centers. Whites can’t even imagine all the Jewish crimes against us. Please see my blog list of movies with “Double Indemnity.”
In this week’s episode on eurofolkradio.com, I discussed Dr. Deming’s principles of Total Quality Management. The #1 transportation company at the time, Roadway Express, trained me in this process. My supervisor at a local trucking satellite, Michael Lamphere, former US Marine, asked me to lead a meeting and solve a problem. “Cleaning up the dispatch area and sorting the paperwork. Today, I have 200 books worth of information regarding the #1 problem to be solved in all time, “Saving the Whites (especially Caucasian Christianity) and exposing those who falsely call themselves, jews.” See Dr. Deming’s 14 Principles. Especially for the White West. https://deming.org/explore/fourteen-points/
Autobiographically speaking, as a little girl, I’d tag along after Mama and Daddy, Joe and Anna, and their “Coxey’s Army.” Only after I faced the keyboard and wrote my first book draft did I research, “Why did everyone call us “Joe and Anna and their Coxey’s Army.” I never realized until I went back on my dreaded life as a White baby to White Polish slaves to Jews, did I realize why Mama went to the government officials to stop the agony of what was happening to Chicago in the 1950s. Today, Chicago: 28% Whites. The 7% Polish are returning to Europe. Yellow God-hating Chinese are buying it up and Jews owned America since 1896: the media and banks. This Coxey’s Army protest was the first conducted on the Washington DC Congress steps. 1894. It’s odd, but on January 6, a few years ago, many White people merely assembled thereafter supporting White President Trump and are now in prison as White criminals for showing up!” I was one of eight Whites in a White People’s Party protest in 2007 against 85,000 illegals plaguing Las Vegas. According to my research, within 10 years or so, the average person in the USA will be the “Mexican female!” Yes, the other raced women are super strong, while all laws are against Whites. All the White women I know in daily life or family adore and worship black men.
See above. Daddy was an American Slave to Jews at the Fawcett Book Publishing company. It’s why no Whites can get published today, or at least I can’t. Mama had his 12 babies, he murdered one when he kicked her in the stomach while pregnant. Up until that time, they fought each other after World War II and the jewish plague descended on America under a faked “holohoax.” Mama kept telling Daddy to “Stand up to the jews you coward.” They overworked him, underpaid him, humiliated him, and treated him badly. Mama beat him to “Stand up to the Jews you coward!” Also, to stop him from drinking, smoking, womanizing, and gambling at work on horses. We were starving White slaves to Jews. We were desperate for every penny. I didn’t realize the Jews had done that to Poland for 1,000 years! Now control America and all Whites, especially the remnants of Caucasian Christianity.
Picture above, British George Jewell Caterer to the Stars (#1 from England’s palace. He worked for the Queen and built his business in Chicago.) Before Mama died, I took her her favorite meals. My mother wasn’t eating and would have died of malnutrition if I hadn’t intervened. However, her mind wasn’t on food, but on the Chicago Tribune news. (it was the only conservative news, but I think Jews & Co (China, etc) bought it up, but I’m not sure. Anyway, she called me to her as she read the newspaper and began talking to the pictures. Since I was still in my 35-year of religious vow of silence to God, I watched and listened. My mother called me over to sit next to her on the couch. Again, Mama talked to the pictures of the Chicago and USA government officials. Then Mama introduced me to them by my name but there was no one in the room. That was in 1996. She died shortly after and came to be in Spirit right before her death. Shortly after, George Jewell, hired me as “Human Resource Director for Human Development.” He whispered, “I want you to go into the Chicago colleges and hire only Whites. The temporary agencies send me only blacks and Mexicans and homosexuals for my galas and balls. The government padlocked my warehouse and office for non-payment of taxes.” I developed a costume, had the kitchen create hors doeurvers or cookies, and secretly hired over 100 Whites for his business in 1997. I went back to visit Chicago and the company is still in business. I helped save it and him!
About 1997, jewish Warner Brothers called and had me on as Barbie Doll Queen of Karaoke. But the show was to totally stop competition in ther entertainment monopoly. Since 1927, they monopolized all movies and entertainment with five other jews such as MGM. It was at the MGM Grand in Vegas at the House of Blues (My white Blues) where in August of 2013 a jewess beat, crippled and killed me in front of an audience. I was dressed in one of my 300 costumes for karaoke as British Princess Diana in a wedding gown as she wore. After the jewess beat me on my spine (I was 65!), crippled me, and murdered me! The next day I died. My breathing and heart stopped and all I saw were flashing electrical-type lights. I said in my mind, “I’m dead,” but then silently prayed, and came back to life with the prayer, “God is My Life!” I (and you) are immortal, not material. All is the Mind of God not mortals. However, it crippled my capacities somewhat. But I lived my whole life and loved, loved, loved. It’s what the jewess hates since they don’t have that word in their yiddish according to a jewess chat site. During the show, the jews set up White protestors in the audience with signs and verbal insults “Going Broke.” See the next picture. At the end, they put up protest signs “Going Hollywood” as I did a duet with the Mexican Sanchez from the Chicago karaoke television show.
For some reason, and I had to pray through it to ward off any evil interference, this picture wouldn’t download. It’s from the Jewish Warner Brothers’ “Jenny Jones Talk Show,” where they whipped up the audience in an evil devilish protest against me a “good White woman!” The Jews gave the young people signs with “Going Broke” on them and they shouted insults at me. It’s how Jews murder their competition. I’ll give you another example. Grammar school friend, Polish White Irene worked in Chicago nursing homes after she left Chicago Vocational. She traveled with the jew who bought all the supplies. Jews own or run all Chicagoland nursing homes (Whites) at that time. One lady I worked with said she had to visit her father every single day after work since the staff treated him so badly and neglected him. Irene said the jewish buyer took her to potential customers to buy products for “all” the Chicagoland nursing homes. Quite a gigantic account! He’d first go to visit a customer who was White and the Jew jewed him down. Bargained so low, the White man took a loss but was eager to have a lucrative government account. Then the jew went to his jewish buddy who sold the same products. The jewish buddy charged Medicare, American government insurance providers, three times the price. Since our government is filled with Jews such as today under Biden, his top 12 choices, including Janet Yellen who has the entire US treasury, our deceived government paid the horrific jewish prices! The Jew Warner Brothers knocked me down so all Whites would think I’m “crazy” and never sing or worse be “afraid” to sing or hold a microphone. The #1 cause of disease, sin, and death is “fear.” Jewish manufactured through many sources upon Whites for nearly 100 years. 1,000 years in Poland where they all come from. They controlled entertainment there also.
I was in Polish parades at the Polish Dancing Lady. I’m in Las Vegas entertaining in a self-made costume and real accordion. When I began my ancestral tributes to my Whitist of the White ancestors, Poland was the lowest economy as Jews kept it for 1,000 years. After I began focusing on my Polish ancestry, singing, dancing, Polish Constitution parades (after the year 2000-2003) their European economy went from the lowest to #1 as it is today. Ernst Zundel, grandfather of Holocaust Exactitude Revisionism called it the “Golden Handcuffs.” Jews also are inter-breeding the Polish people (the last and only Christian country left in Europe thanks to Jewish World Wars I and II.) After World War II, the Jews outsmarted Caucasian Christians, and took over America and all White countries!
Autobiographically speaking, I began writing famous Chicago radio DJ, Bob Dearborn. He started talk radio in the 1970s. It was on October 10, 2002, that I first began writing emails. I had a new e-Machine by Hewlett Packard, (Computer) and lived downtown Chicago in a ritzy Magnificent Mile skyscraper condo. I also had the Internet. I had recently won an internet contest, “If you were to write your autobiography, what would be the title and why?” I never wrote. My positions never required that skill. It was right after 9/11 and the website wanted to do something positive. I wrote the title of my book would be “This is My Song,” since I began my costumed karaoke invention. I said that my life was like a rock’n’roll song since my three brothers played the guitar, and/or accordion, and drums. It was like country songs (and blues at the time since Chicago was deep into black blues music, not Whites). Our family of 15 suffered much starvation and poverty, the worst in Chicago’s history. (I didn’t say White or Polish.) I added my life was also like a symphony, where God ran a silver thread throughout my life. I won an Italian leather journal, but couldn’t write until I called into the radio show. When I called Radio DJ Bob Dearborn, I requested the Oldies song “Summer Loving,” from the movie “Grease” by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. I asked Bob if I could sing on his show as four other shows called me to do not my calling them. He agreed. We were off the air. He gave me his email and added, “I get 500 emails a day so don’t think I’ll reply.” I worked 8 jobs at the time plus karaoke and had no social life. I did write my first short email about karaoke and music. I still have all the emails. He said, “I don’t want to hear about the Barbie Doll fluff. There’s got to be more to you than that!” I was horrified since I kept my agony growing up as White slaves to Jews in South Chicago for 50 years. And then as if a power beyond my own began typing at the speed of light on my keyboard, I sent him my first email. He said, “Yes, I want to know about your authentic self.” That started over 200 books worth of long emails. My longest over 100 pages. It eventually me to study the Whites after my Veteran husband’s tragic murder or suicide. Then I delved into “Jews Killed Jesus NOT the Romans!” I marked my Bible New Testament. I put an X over every word that mentioned Jew, or Pharisee, Saducee, lawyer, etc. etc., even the pronouns, ye, they, you, them, people, etc. I have now finished my book (23 years of research plus a beating, crippling, murder, and coming back to life to keep writing. I hope to help save the Whites, America, and Caucasian Christianity.
Continued: On October 10, 2002, I began to write the famous Chicago Radio DJ about my life and some karaoke songs I sang. However, I also typed emails to him about my life. It’s the first time in history, an autobiography has gone out to the media. Since 1970, all book publishing is repetitive or hypnotic, over and over the same, nothing new. The head of the Las Vegas English college departments said to publish my emails! Also, the first time I discovered so-called “conspiracy” theories, was when I wrote to him I worked at the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank, 231 S. La Salle. I later found out there are 12 government banks that Jews run. The President can’t tell them what to do. I discovered then the Jews started the Fed Reserve System, 2013, just in time to fund their World War I. (as they did in Poland for 1,000 years.) By World War II, they fooled the White Christian Americans into obtaining mass citizenship. Interesting? In 1924, the Republicans had a ban on the Jews (and the Chinese.) Today, jewess Janet Yellen runs the entire US Treasury under President Biden. When she ran the entire Federal Bank Reserve System, which took all the White American’s taxes in, she gave them to her jewess partner in crime, Nita Lowey, House of Representatives, who spent them. They come from Poland 1025-1945, 7 jew banking families ruled all 7 White Polish tribes and kept my ancestors in war/alcohol 24/7, 365, 1000 years. Those last numbers I know not the Trillions of dollars the jewesses take in and spend or keep for their personal favorites, especially other jews.
Here’s my book link. I analyzed, wrote, edited, and published it in 30 days. It’s best to watch the movie at the same time since a person understands and absorbs more. It’s about how the Republicans (Whites) arrested, tried, and convicted the Hollywood “Jew” 10 for God-hating Communism and destruction through jew movies. Trumbo was White but addicted to alcohol, pills, and tobacco. All from Jews. Repeated customers and non-stop money for their jewess and her offspring. Yet, it ruins our children and ourselves. When I realized the Republicans already acted as I did and do through my writing I researched and discovered there were over 20 other Republicans even committees who confronted them. Brave White men, although jews never lose. They practice arguing in their synagogues. They don’t have a word like “love.” If they do now, it’s because they have been receiving, reading, and acting upon my information both as the queen of karaoke and also an author for White Civil Rights, especially Caucasian Christianity. There are two “Trumbo” movies, rent or buy the one on the picture to see how I analyzed frame by frame (with my photos). https://archive.org/details/analysisofthemovietrumbo
Here’s me in front my self-grown Meyer lemon (1/2 lemon 1/2 orange) tree in the background. I helped pioneer the comeback of organic gardening in 1971. Can you imagine I’d perform for free and out of love for White Las Vegas customers at night, but by day I’m in dirty clothes, pitchfork to aerate the soil, and boots! I felt closest to God in a garden. When I’m there, everything makes sense even my battles with the worms and bugs and plights. 2004.
On August 29, 2005, I decided to stop writing radio Chicago and Las Vegas DJ’s. I looked up the most popular radio station in Vegas, KDWN. I discovered that the radio talk show host was Hart Kirch. Instead of writing up an email and writing a PowerPoint presentation with bulleted short comments. Brother John and Sister Mary also went on talk radio. John for serious political. Mary for her original happy poetry. I called his show perhaps 6:00 a.m. and he let me rant. I’d hang up and once I heard Hart say, “I didn’t know Hitler had a daughter who lives in Vegas!” Me! I then called in and complained about other races, homosexuals, and smoking. After about 9 months, I added to my comment that I was sick and tired of the Jewess, Gloria Steinem, forcing Women’s Liberation on our White women who are enslaved doing double the work since they aren’t rich. Within 3 weeks, the Jewish Beasley corporation bought the station, fired all the radio hosts, and put in rabbis and their slaves.
I added in my list of protests how I changed after my husband’s suicide or murder. Michael Duncan. He was driven over the brink in Communist God-hating Chinese bodies and Jewish bankers’ wars in Vietnam. I called in radio stations and sewed/designed military costumes for my invention of costumed karaoke. I made tributes to the US Marines, Army, Air Force, and Navy and added Astronauts recently. The government medal, with General President George Washington’s profile, is called the Purple Heart medal. He first gave the honor in the Revolutionary War – Badge of Military Merit. I believe in the military for protection. However, the jews and their imps, are buying up America, and have destroyed the White people who have no identity or home.
Autobiographically speaking, one of my first protests was the Las Vegas White People’s Party. I had attended a “Wake Up America” protesting illegal Mexicans meeting and the White People’s Party had a table outside. I didn’t know that it would lead me to study the World War II truths: Innocent White Nazis – Guilty Jews! Eight of us met on Las Vegas Boulevard. Oddly, the Jew TV camera van set up next to me. The leader Michael O’Sullivan, realizing the jewish wickedness, advised me not to go on camera. Jews alter it to “make Whites look crazy.” It’s that one word, like 6,000,000 that Jews use to straightjacket us in fear. Fear is the source of all sickness, sin, and death. Love, as Whites love God, each other, “and” themselves is the antidote. There were 7 counterprotestors across heckling and hating us. After the protest, the counterprotestor leader walked my way by the TV van. I stopped and asked him what his name was. He told me. I said, “Are you jewish?” He said, “Yes,” in a state of fear and shock that anyone would call them on their 2,000-year-old secret. Jesus was the first. But no one else has to suffer or die. He showed us the jewish hidden evil even crucifixion. Also, I noticed the White People were surrounded by police, National Guard, SWAT team . . . all non-White. It’s the same time. Whites are outnumbered in our own country. Jewish laws, as in Poland for 1,000 years, against Whites. Even Caucasian Christians.
Here’s another branch of the White People’s Party. “YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US!” However, Jew Ukrainian leader has already sent in first 3,000,000 then another 3,000,000 to replace and interbreed with the Polish people. The White Polish, my ancestors, then will never talk of the information I discovered.
It was scary. In 2007, I signed up to attend my first conference for my White Civil Rights “No More Wars for Israel” in California. The reply email said they wouldn’t tell me the location until 6:30 a.m. the next day. Secret?! Then, they notified me in the morning that it was set to be held at the Marriott Hotel. I couldn’t imagine the secrecy and fear set in. I stopped at the library and obtained a set of CDs about Confederate General Lee’s Leadership. Whites “MUST” forgive each other and bond together as all the other races. Even a black Los Angeles gang is more united than any two Whites. It’s Jewish “divide and conquer.” Jews did it to my Polish ancestors, family, Veteran husband, and me. While they are united 15,000,000 as one army unit of the “mind” as well as bodies. As I got on the expressway headed toward Califnornia from Vegas, my car engine blew up. I was able to pull over and a Palestinian tow truck helped me and guided me to a rent a car. I volunteered to work at the table as I did for a church. When I arrived, the Whites were protesting the Marriott for shutting us down. See above. A Greek church kindly allowed us to use their hall for our conference. There were speakers who talked about how the Jews nearly sunk the USS “Liberty.” Killing 34 and wounding 171 White men. A man from my town, Bruce Leighty, was the only US Marine aboard, Purple Heart medal. Only 1 of 100 vets sheds their blood for the USA! He was on deck and saw the jew Israeli submarine blast a torpedo into the ships side the size of a football field.
Republican House of Representative Dr. David Duke. In high school, his teacher put him on a debate team. He had the South’s Confederate side of the Civil War. The other student spoke about the North’s Union side. He dug up the information in courthouse basements and found a completely different side of the Civil War than the (Jew-run) schools and their media enforced on us. In 2008, he arranged a meeting for 300 Whites. The Whispering Sands hotel shut it down. It was a few days after Black Muslim Barack Hussein was elected and he wanted to coach the Whites “NOT” to be violent, which I agreed with. Two black preachers held their meetings there and “threatened” the hotel they would pull their services if they allowed the Whites to meet! Where’s White Civil Rights? Non-existant! Jews did the same to Poland 1,000 years until today. I read his books. As I read “The Secrets of Communism,” it was important to me since jew-led Communists conquered my Polish ancestors after World War II. “We Lost!” They put an Iron Curtain of silence as they did to my people for 1,000 years. I took a religious vow of silence for 35 years to help me offset my parents’ worst domestic violence reports in Chicago’s history. I posted several; blogs in August 2013 from notes I took as reading his book. (I have paper and pens everywhere.) It was during that week of study that I went to the Las Vegas Jew MGM Mandalay Bay for costumed karaoke tribute to Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, and her Baby George. An evil jewess she-devil beat and crippled me in front of an audience, and I died the next day but prayed and I came back to life. Check the August 2013 dates. Also, at the local university Creative Writing Class, they had us read and talk about feeling sorry for a black Haitian man. One student said her sisters married “beautiful” black men, but the White neighbors are evil. A male student said he “Hates David Duke and happy they made the (fiction) move “KKKlansman” against him. The teacher asked me my thoughts. I said, “I’m the widow of a US Marine Purple Heart ancestry back to the Mayflower, 1620. (Christian settlement) His last words before his suicide (murder) “There’s no help for the White man.'” The next day, the university shut down the class for my one comment and expelled me! Their PhDs can’t write or edit books. (They are White! Jews and Chinese control book publishing as they do many other avenues.) So did the other college. I can’t even walk on the property and I’m “quiet.” I just hand in two papers or read a book chapter to another student to help me edit. https://authorbarbie.com/?s=secrets+of+communism
My 2010 Chicago Tea Party blast protest at the famous downtown Chicago Daley Center. My book cover, “I’m Fearlessly White But a Slave! 1,000 Years with the Jews.” I believe it was on April 10, 2010, when I flew from Las Vegas to return home to Chicago with my Wonder Woman cape on! It was a big crowd, and I cheered and whooped it up as the band played. I also returned to say hello to the German-American 6th oldest legal firm in Chicago where I supervised the office. It was there I had extra time to compose 1st in history email letters to the famous Chicago DJ, Bob Dearborn. According to the Las Vegas English colleges head, I changed history. All we have is repetitive since 1970s. But an autobiography going out to the media never happened. “Publish the emails!” I then started my blog in 2009. I belted out in my original Wonder Woman costume on stage, “Holding out for a Hero!”
Chicago Tea Party where I protested in 2010 in my Wonder Woman costume. During the event two different men came up to me. The 1st was running for a government office and asked for a picture. He gave me his card. I looked at his last name, and since 92% of the Jews come from Poland, and in my life, South Chicago as their White slaves, I asked, “Are you jewish?” He was shocked and admitted, “Yes.” Then a second man came up from the band. I shook the hands of the 1st three band members but when the fourth man came up I questioned, “Are you jewish?” He was shocked and said, “Yes, how did you know?” I then whipped my Wonder Woman cape around me and left the Tea Party. The two jewish men were the 1st two speakers who “ran the Tea Party?” White people think we are doing the inventing or arranging or heading our activities. Yet, our every thought, word, deed, and feeling has been created by a jewish artificial mentality since before 1927. In Poland, since 1025. See other picture of the jew below:
See post above. Two Jews who came up to me (no White men since Jews affected our men’s minds to prefer other women. That leaves the Jews to search after me. This is the jewish guitar player who headed the Tea Party’s live entertainment. When I realized that two jews ran the event, I turned around and flew away in my Wonder Woman costume. I don’t belong with other raced men than Whites or live alone, which isn’t right for me but a penalty. I give, share, live, think, act Love.
My self-made/designed Bat Girl costume that lights up and has a cloth picture of Bat Girl on the back. I sang “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler. Odd, but afterward, Melania Trump wore a top and skirt similar to mine. If the First Lady copies my ideas, I find that interesting. Also, it took about a year to finish all the pieces. When I finally sewed the cowl and mask around my face, I posted a picture on Facebook. Before I went to sleep, I saw the horrific Internet news: White James Holmes had just killed 12 people at the grand opening of the Batman movie in Colorado. “Did an SSRI doctor’s drug for him cause this reaction?” It did so for other serial White killers. In August 2013, a jewess woman grabbed, beat, crippled, and killed me (I died the next day but prayed and came back) I had 13 seizures and they are dangerous. Blood pressure drops near death 54/40. It’s because the numbers are so close. I’ve been fine for a few years, but I watch my health of body and mind vigilantly. In Vegas, afterward, I saw a doctor. I told him I had earlier suicidal tendancies and also read about the SSRI’s causing homicide. Even though I politely warned him, when I took the prescription, I didn’t take it until I moved to Branson, Missouri. I then found a doctor from Poland and showed him the prescription. I already found out on the internet it could cause murderous or suicidal reactions. He added, “And it could happen with the first pill, not even an accumulation!”
See my picture and post above. First Lady, Melania Trump, wore a similar costume as I wore minus the extra’s I made such as the sequined wings that light up, the cowl, and the bat prop. It’s over my cat’s cage, “Daddy!” I took him on the Las Vegas stage to sing karaoke with me.

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 26 Part 9 Jews vs Jesus

In this 9 part filmed series about my Book Bonus, I continued, “Jews Killed White Jesus NOT the White Romans.” His crucifixion, burial, and resurrection from the dead from the head prove that we are immortal spirits. He showed us the full extent of the secret, sometimes attractive, devilish jews and jewesses.

Here are jewish wicked acts against Jesus & Followers:

  • hounding, spying on, threatening
  • mocking, embarrassing, gaslighting
  • arresting, imprisoning, having 6 trials, 
  • trying, torturing, and executing innocent White Jesus, the Son of God, Son of Man.
  • Killing 10 of his 12 disciples
  • Driving one to suicide
  • Murdering St. Paul, who successfully preached to the White Europeans.
Jesus screamed at the jewish women as he carried his heavy cross on the way to their further torture and execution. But Jesus turned and said to them, “(Jewess) Daughters of Jerusalem, don’t weep for me, but weep for yourselves and your jewish children. 29 For the days are coming when they will say, ‘Fortunate indeed are the jewish women who are childless, the jewish wombs that have not borne a child, and the jewish breasts that have never nursed.’ 30 The Jews will beg the mountains, ‘Fall on us,’ and plead with the hills, ‘Bury us.’  For if these things are done when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?” Also, when the jews arrested St. Paul, they sent him to Rome since he was Roman. (He started European-American White Christianity. The Roman Governor, Felix, found no fault in Him, but his tramp, Drusilla the jewess,’ bribed, arrested, enchained, and eventually executed. She was related to 4 of the evil Jew, King Herods, who sent Jewish soldiers to kill all the baby boys under two, hoping to murder baby Jesus. Another Jew, Herod, beheaded Jesus’ cousin, White John the Baptizer. Another arrested, tortured, and crucified Jesus. When jewess Drusilla was in Pompeii, Italy, the Vesuvius volcano from the mountain, devoured and melted her and her son!
Baby Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, took him to see Simeon, who prophesied Mary’s Seven Sorrows. See below. “A sword will pierce your heart!”
Mother Mary’s Sorrow 1: Simeon took Baby Jesus in his hands and blessed him. He also foretold what she’d have to suffer. Mary conceived Jesus immaculately.
Mother Mary’s Sorrow 2: An angel appeared to Joseph, Jesus’ father. He commanded him to immediately flee to Egypt with Mary and Baby Jesus taking few positions. Evil jewish King Herod ordered his jewish soldiers to kill all of Bethlehem’s babies under two years old. Why? The Three Kings. who saw astrological signs in the stars, knew a King or Messiah was born. They wanted to gift the infant with gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Their big mistake was that they trusted jewish King Herod when they asked for directions to see baby Jesus. “A King?” he thought. “Competition?” The Jew king sent bands of jewish soldiers to kill all the little baby White boys under two years old, hoping little White Jesus was one of them. The angel later announced the jew King was dead and to return home with baby Jesus. However, the angel appeared and said that the jew’s son, Archelaus, had taken over. Again, the angel appeared advising the holy family’s safety and lives, not to go back but to go to Galilee. Prophecy: “Jesus would be called a Nazarene, (Nazareth.)
Mother Mary’s Sorrow 3: When White Jesus was 12, his White parents went to Jerusalem with family and friends, went to the Jerusalem temple for the Passover. The parents left with their associates and after there days noticed Jesus was missing. They returned, and discovered Jesus talking and questioning with amazing authority, the teachers. Mother Mary was frantic when she found him. Jesus said, “Did you know I have to be about my Father’s Business.” I think I’ll treat my retired home life as sacred and be about “My Father’s business.”
Mother Mary’s Sorrow 4: As beaten and tortured, Jesus dragged his bloody body down the road to Calvary to be crucified, and he met Mother Mary. Note on the left, the jewish soldier is still beating him with flagellum, a club with nine leather straps with sharp spikes on the ends. I imagine Jesus crying, “Mama! Mama! Look what the Jews are doing to me! They want to kill me as they tried d three years ago when I left my private life and started my private life.
Mother Mary’s Sorrow #5: Stan at the foot of the cross. One of Jesus’ 7 last sayings on the crucifix: After Jesus arrived on Golgotha Hill, the Jews crucified him in front of an audience. Even parents sat in their seats and brought their children to teach them if they acted criminally, they would be executed! White Jesus never sinned; he cast out devils, healed the sick, fed the multitudes twice (tens of thousands each time,) comforted and loved others for three years in his public life. And how did the jews repay him for being a saintly citizen? Torture and Execution. They are jealous and won’t accept competition, even today, as they rule over America and all White nations. Jesus screamed in agony, “Dear woman, behold your son. Son, John, (Jesus’ beloved disciple) behold your Mother!” This painting is extraordinary, with all three of the sacred characters clothed in White!
Mother Mary’s Sorrow 6: Jesus’ mother stood at the foot of the cross. However, in this painting, when He died, she collapsed from wailing and grief! She wasn’t a weak or sick woman but driven beyond what any woman has endured on earth. Why? She was a “good White woman!” Also, Mary Magdalene, mentioned more times than any of Jesus’ disciples, compassionately uses her leg as Mary’s headrest. The Magdalene collapses against Jesus’ bloody feet. When I was seven years old, in Chicago’s St. Mary Magdalene’s church (like a new basilica), I also kissed the life-sized crucified, bloodied, and wounded Jesus foyer statue’s feet. I attended every service, even twice a day. In 4th grade, Polish White Pastor Peter Paul Witmanski told the large Sunday congregation I’d be the next saint of the Catholic Church; I was so holy.
Mother Mary’s Sorrow # 6. Those executioners gave Mary her Son’s body—the Son of God—the Son of Man! She then accompanied her sister, Mary Magdalene, and other women to anoint Jesus with spices and herbs.
Mother Mary’s Sorrow #7: White Jesus lying dead, murdered by Jews, in the coffin-type object.
After the jews crucified White Jesus, first there was darkness for three hours, frequently a sign of judgment. Next, the temple curtain torn in two from the top down. It was God’s act! The earthquake: The earth shook, rocks split apart. In Exodus 19: 15-18, He said to the people, “Prepare yourselves for the third day. Abstain from sexual relations.” On the morning of the third day there was thunder and lightning, with a thick cloud over the mountain, and a very loud trumpet blast. Everyone in the camp trembled. 17 Then Moses led the people out of the camp to meet with God, and they stood at the foot of the mountain. 18 Mount Sinai was covered with smoke, because the Lord descended on it in fire. The smoke billowed up from it like smoke from a furnace, and the whole mountain[a] trembled violently. After Jesus’ death on the cross, the dead came out of their graves and wandered the area.
In my book filmed interview, I also wrote not only about the suffering but Jesus’ resurrection. He had to show us how destructive the hidden jewish evil really is. An angel’s whose face glowed like lightening, appeared in the tomb. Jesus was gone about his Father’s business. The soldiers went into a dead faint! Jesus proved his immortality and we don’t have to suffer since he did it once already. We can learn from his example: his immortality and resurrection from the dead, shows that we, indeed, are not born and dying, but immortal souls, spirits, here on earth. Jews just created a pseudo-mortal reality we live in. It’s not real. It’s their 1928 “American Dream” turned “American Nightmare!” Especially for Caucasian Christianity.
Jesus meets with his friends and Mother Mary before ascending to heaven to reunite with God our Father and Creator. He tells them they will be able to heal and do the miracles He did. And He also, said not only you here but for all time to come. We are capable of healing. People have healed me at different times. I’ve healed myself and others. “And then Jesus told them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. 16 Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned. 17 These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe: They will cast out demons in my name, and they will speak in new languages.[e] 18 They will be able to handle snakes safely, and if they drink anything poisonous, it won’t hurt them. They will be able to place their hands on the sick, and they will be healed.‘”

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