National Socialist Leader Library

Almost no one has visited the Library of Congress where there are 1,200 of Hitler’s library books. He had ten times that amount, but the jew-led Commies burned them. Jews even had burned the book plates in the USA saying they needed the metal for war. And Whites adoring Jews, “believe” whatever they say. We are part of the human jewish religion. Some of us have protested it, but some will remain. As in Germany, our hope is in our children, and all laws are against White children and for the jewish, chinese, yellow, brown, reds, and 1/2 breeds. All of us should be professors and mentored to do so to help our youth. 
 Were Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill “avid readers.”  
If our children could read and write, (not jewish trash or hypnotism) but true and vast educational books, we certainly could raise our IQ and chance for survival. The Las Vegas English 101 teacher put me in a group of three to review each other’s essays. Mine was on saving the Whites. The 1/2 Mexican male was on “Intelligent Quotient.” He said loved his hispanic half and hated his white half. (and we pay $$$ trillions for these bastards.) He said we have no chance to survive. It’s not survival of the “fittest” in today’s world, but the smartest. And “smart’ needs to be defined. If passing today’s college tests is a measure, it’s suicidal for Whites who have to digest material that’s evil for them.
Supposedly Jews have 113 IQ, Yellow Chinese 106, Whites 99, Mexicans 85, Blacks hard to say. A NY Times article says that the Chinese and Jews are smartest but that West Indian Blacks, like Colin Powell, are right up there. I believe if we had all laws for us and we worked together we’d raise our IQ and also redefine it from the human to add the spiritual level.
It’s not that Whites have a lower IQ, but that it’s been intentionally lowered and stifled to be “equal” and even lower than blacks. All the other races have all White laws “For” them and “against us.” That is stupid, but a hypnotism Jews induced on us and we follow as if in a trance like the covid masks. As Jews reduced my Polish people to pre-historic illiterate barbarians, they do the same to White people today both with academia and drugs and media. It’s the only human mind our people have. I have to believe in a higher or divine Mind with a capital M.

China’s 3 Baby Policy. Hitler’s White Babies

China upped its birth rate to two babies instead of one. Now three babies! My oh my! As I write in my book, World War II was fought against the Germans since they wanted more White babies. At that time, Whites were 33% of the world. Now White babies are 3%. I read that in Israel, they’re having as many as 12 babies as Mama had in the USA but was trashed here for doing so. If Mama were in Poland as our ancestry, and moved to Germany and worked for them, within a year my mother would have become a citizen. The highest medal of the National Socialists was the German Mother’s cross given in memory of Hitler’s mother, Klara. Six children.

I was conceived after World War II, which is when all hell broke loose in Chicago, where the Jews illegally immigrated to since their Polish slave population was already there. Mama said it’s when our people became spiritually dead. We need a resurrection.

German Flash Mob & Not Guilty at Nuremberg

I talked with Carlos Porter in Europe today. I shared my concern about the Zundel estate. He was the only one who examined all the documents submitted for the Nuremberg trials. They were not the originals! I then found this German Flash Mob scene. Here’s his book Not Guilty at Nuremberg: the German Defense Case. Free book:

St. Louis Mayor Exposed the Jews

​My book is on 1,000 years and the Jew Bolsheviks. I write of several ways I’ve already changed history. My autobiography is the first to go out to the media. Radio DJ, October 10, 2002. I still have the original long first emails.
Russian Nobel Peace Prize Winner Solzhenitsyn, who Putin not only awarded but also uses his ideas to change Russia, wrote of 200 years and the Jews. 
My book explains how the Russians “won” the criminal Jews in the 1772 Great Partitioning of Poland. It’s similar to when Poland won the Danzig Corridor from the Germans after WWI. Poland was wiped off the map several times under jewish rule. It’s probably the fate of the United States too. But at least Poland had one race, religion, ethnicity, history, food, art, identity. 
I created the Meme:

Nine Ukrainian Women got Our Top White/Jew Exposer Authors

I write this for debate on my findings that I added to just now. I’ve written this before but would like your input if I’m correct, in error, or if you know of more examples. It has to do with Ukrainian women but also if there’s anyway we can help save the Ernst Zundel Holocaust Exactitude Revisionist estate, let me know. The key is talking to Zundel’s wife’s son, Rudy, who is heir. I’ve worked on it on and off 4 years. 
I’m editing one of my final chapters that is longer than the autobiographical part. It’s all of us who were and are  “persecuted martyrs.” I’ve spent over 18 years, thousands and thousands of hours watching YouTubes, reading books, emails, flyers, listening to radio shows and podcasts, attending meetings, talking for hours on the phone, having dinners, and supporting others as much as possible. Very little has been about me. It’s unselfish a good quality.
Here’s a list of the top writers, speakers, participants, who have been swayed or married to Ukrainian women. It doesn’t affect me personally, but we must be aware of this. Ancestrally, the top two jewish leaders forced 2,000,000 Ukrainians (I don’t know if they were male or female) into Poland, which already has the lowest birth rate, 1.2, of 196 countries. It’s a quick and intentional genocide to cover up the jewish 1,000-year history.  Here’re the names and there are children involved so I mean no harm. I want to help heal the White Male and White Female World War III. 
Our Top Whites / Jew Exposers

  1. Ernst Zundel – the Godfather of Holocaust Exactitude Revisionism.  His Canadian Trials for nine years focused on the holocaust lies. It’s the only time in history, which is why his works are so important. He met and married late in life a Ukrainian woman, Ingrid Rimland, also an author. Both passed away within a few months a few years ago during the Inquisition where all of us were shut down, beaten, crippled, demonized, imprisoned, died. According to this link, Ingrid says they moved to Pigeon Forge, Tennesse because she wanted them to get away and not spend all their time fighting the Jews, as I risked my life. From the article below:
  2. “By the time he married Ms. Rimland in 2001, Mr. Zundel was in need of domestic bliss. He and Ms. Rimland, both in their 60s, bought a home in small-town Tennessee. (Pigeon Forge)Mr. Zundel took long walks and puttered in his garden to get a break from the cause.”We came here to regroup,” Ms. Rimland says. “We didn’t want to spend all of our time fighting with the Jews.”On Feb. 19, Mr. Zundel was caught up in his cause once again, when U.S. immigration agents arrested him at home and deported him to Canada, where he awaits his fate at the hands of the Immigration and Refugee Board. This week, Ms. Rimland said the world had never seen the “decent and articulate” Ernst Zundel she knew.”He’s a real man, and there aren’t many of those around,” she said. “He’s not the bumbling goof that the press always makes him out to be. He’s a man with a spine, a man who can dig in his heels. What woman wouldn’t be attracted to that?”
  4. David Duke – She said he could have Ernst Zundel and Ukrainian Ingrid Rimland’s estate. Ernst and Ingrid married. The estate is still rotting away in Dolly Parton’s Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The nearby university said it “must” be saved. No one has talked with Ingrid’s son, Rudy, the heir.
  5. David Westerlund – A paid contributor to Ingrid who I met through trying to save the Zundel Holocaust Exactitude Revisionist Estate. At first, he put her in his Will.
  6. Bernie Davids – worked for George Lincoln Rockwell. Visited her often and seemed to be in love with her. 
  7. Joe Foster – Same above. Drove her back and forth from Tennessee to Mexico a home bought with Zundel’s contributors so they could be together.
  8. Mike Walsh – British author, 72 books, for over 50 years as a top pro-White and holocaust revisionist. He also writes children’s books and many other genres. He’s married to Nadiya Burlikova, which is a Ukrainian name. 
  9. Jim Schnieder married a Ukrainian woman and has a family. He was at the Council of Conservative Citizens and was generous after my PowerPoint DC presentation.
  10. Joe Cortina – Three Volumes, John 8: 44, where Jesus whips the Jews out of the temple, which became empty and allowed for all the sick, blind, possessed with devils, diseased to entire. Jesus healed them all.
  11. Mark Weber – Institute for Historical Review. From what I thought his wife is Ukrainian but may be Jewish.