Memoirs: Secret Holocaust Diaries and WWII POW

Her father — Polish, but mother — Russian. Jewish is not mentioned other than one of the few non-Jewish holocaust narratives. What do you think? We know the prisons were work camps. Jews named the event “holocaust” to sell to Christians to takeover our countries, banks, and people as they did in Poland for 1,000 years.
Holocaust Memoir Nonna Barrister.jpeg

Polish Father

In addition, I met the memoir author of My Name is Jozef Bednarz, Memoir of a WWII POW. He moved here after WWII and married a White farm woman.

They had 12 babies as Mama and Daddy, but they all lived. They had farm food. We were slaves to Jews in South Chicago. We starved.

Also, Brother Nicky wrote his autobiography and inserted that. However, he adopted a black baby, so he disowned me. Even when I wanted him to edit something simple.

Later, Katherine Ritchie told me “Disclaimer, she said, Father said the Germans were innocent, Jews guilty.” I bought the book. She doesn’t say that. She took it out!

She had one sentence that stood out, “The Polish people in the camp ‘said’ Hitler was evil.” Like the 6,000,000 word, it takes Jews only 1 word to brainwash and reinforce it 6,000,000,000,000 times around the world.
Her father said the German supervisor took him to his company and treated him better than a son! Good German Nazis?! Wow!

Her publisher got her 18 speaking engagements. I can’t publish. Note how the book cover shows a “poor” Black man to reinforce white guilt and self-hatred which is of the causes of suicide. Blacks have no self-esteem problems, unless it’s lately.

Nonetheless, he’s looking over all the white tombstones of White men.

120,000,000 White men died since the Jewish Revolution against White Christian Russia! White Crosses of Jesus on cover into the infinite.

Civil, World War I, and II, for non-who rights — racial and religious wars. Jews and Muslims, won (other two religions) and the Chinese God-hating Communists with the 92% non-Whites, even 4% White women used as weapons against White males. World War III. 

God wouldn’t forgive me if I have knowledge to unlock the secrets of our wars and help save our Caucasian people and countries. Our White agony needs to be healed and our future restored as God’s ideas or our highest.

Jozef Bednarz book WWII POW.jpeg

God Bless America & Jews

I looked up a YouTube for costumed karaoke. “God Bless America.” Jews wrote it just in time for World War I and then II. 

However, Jews always give away their secrets as an inside joke to each other and whoever their war or business partner country they deal with. Jews did the same keeping Poland in war, 24/7, 365, 1000 years to 1945.
From Wiki: The Berlins were one of hundreds of thousands of Jewish families who emigrated to the United States in the late 1800s and early 1900s, (2,000,000 Jews immigrated to the USA, the worst gangster empire in history.) escaping discrimination, (It was discrimination of Whites taking over the USA and all our countries,) poverty (poverty? Did they suffer like my large White Polish family?) and brutal pogroms. (Jews incited World War I and II and putting Whites against each other is “brutal?”  Other such families included those of George and Ira GershwinAl Jolson, (Jolson starred in the 1st movie after Jews stole Edisons’ movie machine. It was about a synagogue cantor. He painted his face black to force Whites to idolize them and blacks, and fight each other and hate ourselves. His movie song “Mammy” as his black face painted sung out was to his Jewish mother who rules the Whites) Sophie TuckerL. Wolfe GilbertJack Yellen, (Janet Yellen ran the entire Federal Reserve Banking system with all our $$ and now Biden’s US Secretary of Treasury for all our money again.  Louis B. Mayer (of MGM), (Jew owned MGM Mandalay Bay, Vegas, where I was beaten and crippled. It’s where the vertical really started since I was 65 and beaten on my spine.)  and the Warner brothers (Where Jews knocked me down on international TV as the Queen of Karaoke. The Jewess is more than God it seems. She refuses competition no matter how much she lies about “democracy.”[17]: 14
Note this picture and song “God – Bless – America,” How Jews hypnotized us that it’s God who wanted Whites to kill each other. Wrong! It’s human mortal Jew and Jewess.I took a screenshot of my computer monitor. Since we didn’t realize the background affects the mind, we may have overlooked it or thought it was the deli’s name War-of-SKY. 

​.It shows the words “War …. “Sky.” We know War is Jewish. The “Sky” is any name that ends is “Sky” is a Jew who married into royalty, Polish, or nobility. Think Chelsea Clinton, Carolyn Kennedy, Ivanka Trump. (maybe more.) 
. “Ski” is Polish nobility. 

Jew – of – SKY.

Here’s God Bless America. The words are beautiful but not to be used as a weapon to destroy Whites, even Caucasian Christianity. 40% of the Jew rabbis are atheists. Jews always have to make sure they dupe the White Caucasian Christians otherwise they don’t get their devilish pleasure if they don’t.

2015: Poland Installed Showers Outside Gas Chambers

Hello Folks,
Most of us know that the Auschwitz, Poland, gas chambers were a fake. In reality, they were shower heads to force Jews to shower to help rid their body lice, which caused typhus. 
In 2015, as I wrote to Poland, someone had the brilliant idea to put “showers” outside of the Auschwitz, Poland, so-called gas chamber buildings. It was to “cool off” the visitors. Poland was making a statement. But the Jews were furious that we didn’t take their lies sacredly like the rest of our dear White people. Poking fun at their “gas chamber” idea, and not the showers, which is what they really were in the first place

Mother’s Day: Elizabeth Dilling

From My Book: I’m not able to send Chapter 10 yet since my fairly new computer’s memory is full already.

But here’s a short Mother’s Day present from Elizabeth Dilling.

  • Elizabeth Dilling, USA – Publisher and leader of the “Mother’s Crusade” exposed the connection between Communism and the Jews. She traveled to the Soviet Union between 1917 and 1922 and said American revolutionary mercenaries seized their country. She saw the anti-Christian attitude. The Jew-led Communists left the White Russians lying in the streets, starved to death, and cannibalistic dead mothers and babies with half-eaten bodies. Organized “The Paul Reveres.” She listed 1,300 individuals and organizations known to be working out a Communist Revolution in America. 

In 1936, Dilling published The Roosevelt Red Record. She wrote about her mistake-free research, “The book is more accurate down to the pettiest detail than Ivory Soap is pure.” She published The Octopus under the pen name Rev. Frank Woodruff Johnson. Dilling exposed that Jew Talmudists forced the Iron Curtain over Poland and other countries, silencing and enslaving them after White World War II. [I] The Plot Against Christianity.


I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 9

Hello Eurofolks!
In this chapter, you’ll watch and discover how I saved a White Baby from the flaming holocaust in the apartment upstairs. 
What’s odd is the baby’s name was Pamela “Wojcicki,” the same name as the jewess owner and tyrannical dictator who murdered all our works on YouTube, Sue “Wojcicki.”
You’ll see the newspaper clip in the movie as I added many pictures to each chapter. If you can’t read it, I’ll send it to you personally.
Enjoy, but think, feel, and love each other as you do yourself. I also believe in a higher power, but don’t let differences come between us. That’s jewess, not a good White woman, or I at least try to be.

My Book Song: “In the Year 2525!

Chapter 8, I’m Fearlessly White – 1,000 Years with the Jews. I mentioned in my broadcast a few days ago that in a year and a half will be the 1,000th anniversary of White Polish Christian Slavery to Jews.

Then I discussed Republican Pat Buchanan’s book, Suicide of a Superpower. Will America Be Here in 2025? Or two years from now.

The American soil will be here but not the White people or Caucasian Christianity. Or worse, we’ll be alive and slaves to Jews as they did in my ancestral country.

Below is the title of a YouTube song “In the Year 2525.”

Note that at the end of 10,000 years a White woman is in the electric chair. The camera focuses in on a Jewish Star of David. They will be here as the “Eternal Jew” and we enabled them as they say in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Nazi Head Leader: Joseph Goebbel’s Suicide Photo

Hello folks,
When I was performing in Nashville recently, I came across this used German book. I don’t know the value, but it’s entitled Joseph Goebbels. Tagebücher 1945. Die leîzten Aufzeichnungen.

From what I read, Hitler’s only constant companion, Dr. Morrell, left the German hideaway bunker three weeks before the end. Another doctor then entered the bunker with the poison for Mr. and Mrs. Hitler and Eva to consume. I know there are other stories. This is FYI. Is this German book important for our research?
Also, Hitler’s secretary Traudl Junge was going to stay but he insisted she leave. Joseph Goebbel’s his top assistant or his wife, Magda, administered the poison to their six children. She said, “Our children were raised in such a fine way, they’d never make it in the new proposed (Jewish Communist) society.”
Hitler administered the poison to his favorite dog, Blonde, and her puppies. He bred pedigreed German Shepherds as I did.
From the German-worded book: How sad! How utterly heartbreaking. It would have been Eva’s 3rd suicide attempt, as I had 3 but lived. (until 21.) I keep thoughts of Life in my mind such as “I’m happy, I love Life, I love to live.” I work hard at my health, healthy diet, exercise, and more. 

German World War II leader, Joseph Goebbel’s suicide. Along with him, his wife Magda, and their six children. She lamented that her children would be miserable in a (Jew-run) Communist society.