1-Massacre of the Alien (White) Race by Jews; Pope Pius XII-Hitler

I sometimes read 5 books at a time, as I sometimes design 5 costumes at a time, as I wish I could date 5 men at a time.  (I’d rather have White women date 5 men, then to have this 3rd World War of hatred and misunderstanding between the White Christian Male and Female. It is not from God above.)
As I read this book, I realize that the author, John Cornwell, “Hitler’s Pope:  The Secret History of Pius XII,” will try to bash the Pope as “evil.”  But, I will try to read what sentences he chose and build a “good” case “for” this Pope. (as I’m sure if there were many good sentences, the author ignored them, for he wanted to build a case against this Pope.
When I indent, it will be direct passages from the book.  I will have shorter emails, but wanted to get right on this.
In a chilling conclusion, he asserted that “wherever Jews had been granted citizenship” the outcome had been the “ruination” of Christians, or massacre of the “alien race.
This passage refers to Civilita Cattolica, a Jesuit journal, arguing the “guilt” of Alfred Dreyfus, the Jewish army officer accused of treason in France.
Father Raffaele Ballerini, charged that the Jews “had bought all the newspapers and consciences in Europe” inorder to acquit Dreyfus.
If the White Race, and even Christianity are facing extinction and demise, it is the Jews who have massacred.  They have led us to revoltions, wars, starvation, usury and dependent on their $$$ and credit, raped our White women, as I was raped by a Jewish doctor, and even Hitler’s White German women were raped constantly. I’m sure the same happened in Poland, but Poland is “silent,” and I can’t find out what happened with the Jews occupied Poland for 900 years, after Jews were kicked out of many other European countries, entirely massacred by Chinese, who wanted no jews on their soil whatever…. Until recently…. until Jewish Communism took over in China in 1949, and even Chinese “Gods” were destroyed, as our White God is being destroyed as I write.  We already know that the Jews own 97% of America’s media. They control legal fields, even our Supreme Court, with 3 Justices, including the Chief. They control medical, including pills and vaccines, and the illegal internatioanl drug smuggling Israeli Mafia.  The Jews control our schools and 50% of books and publishing are written, edited, published by Jews including textbooks, of what Christians “can” and “cannot” read. The Jews play “God,” and insult our Christian God daily.  And we poison our children’s minds with this.  I have already written about Kay Grigg’s interview as the wife of a High Profile US Marine, and how the Jews and their perversions, control our military.  Our President’s first choice and top advisor is Raum Emmanuel, father an Israeli terrorist and bomber. Emmanuel’s brother is head of the “Health” Department, (I believe) and is responsible for this forcing of vaccines on our people.
So we can assume that Fr. Ballerini, was “correct” in the Jews buying up the newspapers, and worse, the “consciences”of White Europe.  If Christianity is dying, I have no other choice but to point the finger at the Jews and their “conscience-less” being.  When one argues it is not “all” Jews, the Jews that are raking in the dough, $$$, for their Jewish connections, are included in this international Jewish mafia, aimed at destroying Christianity.  When I write, I will “not” refer to Catholics, Protestants, Christian Scientists, or Mormons, etc.  That is to “divide” Whites.  I believe we can have whatever house to worship in we choose. That “house” is made of bricks and mortar.  Our Christian White bonds, are spiritual and eternal, and are between us as individuals.
Since I was raised a very religious Catholic, wanted to become a cloistered nun, and the Polish Pastor thought I would become the next saint of the Catholic Church, (although I do not fit that category, nor do I consider myself a “sinner,” as I have had a life of “good works,” in every avenue and breath. This work, as I write, is a “good” work, a labor of love, no matter what suffering or joy it brings.  (little on the joy, lots on the suffering.)  Someone has to do. The rich Wal-Mart women are not doing it.  Michelle Obama isn’t saving the White race, or even Christianity. Her husband, covers up Christian symbols such as IHS, when he speaks. 
You can delete, if not wanted as I will always put the same heading above only with numbers.
But, we must clearly see what has taken over our White consciousness as well as what has enslaved Poland for nearly 900 years, and now has enslaved America and all of the White Race, (and perhaps the world, as the Jews seek to break the religious will of the Muslims. And that is “not” for conversion to Christianity, but to Jewism, greed, power, usury/credit/control.
I’m going to cc the Pope, as he was a HitlerYouth, and perhaps, he can see our situation.  The Vatican Treasury is an accumulation of 2,000 years of “White” $$$.  More than $$$, it is White sacrifice, White wars, White devotion and love, to turn us into more “loving” beings.  That “love” was misplaced in some respects, as we love “blacks, Jews, Mexicans,” more than our own White fellow beings.  Even when growing up, my own Polish people hated me and my family for being “poor,” as we were in a more middle-class area.  One cannot “love” the blacks of Africa or the Mexicans to put them on a numbers list, and leave off our fellow Whites, no matter where they are.  If they “turned” from God, the Jews did it.
When I was in my desire to be a saint stage, as a little girl, I was very devoted to this Pope Pius XII.  We are at a stage where we are trying to save “Christianity,” religion, the Christ, and above all “God.” Our petty differences that separate us, should melt, as Whites unite in “faith and reason.”
There are 3 White priests in my life and I hope they “all” become saints, as our White boys need at least 21 mentors just to survive. That might not even put them on equal par to the richest and smartest Jews that are the anti-Christ, the next smartest and also the richest Chinese, and then there are the Whites sinking more into Mexicans and even below blacks, as we free-fall into a destruction, decline and death, all prepared for us by the Jews.
It was said that we must “unite” with all other religions, such as Muslims, Jews, and Atheists. And it was said that we must “unite” with all other races.  And why? For fear of a Third World War.  Well, that was a hoax, for we have “united” and “melted” our own Christianty, “preferring” Jews, Muslims, Blacks, and it has produced a psychological, spiritual and even sexual warfare between Whites:  parents vs. children, husband vs wife, White neighbors, co-workers, White teacher vs pupil.  When I got out of school recently, the teachers, and the heads of the English department were “against me,” for not buying into their White racial meltdown. Telling me I had to “expand” my mind. I asked them “Why not expand your mind, and find room for just one more diverse thought:  the survival of the White male and race.” 
The book wants to cast doubts on his “sainthood.”  But, as I wrote above, I have 3 White men that I would want to see in sainthood, that are very close to my autobiography. Pope Pius XII, and then Fr. Nelson Baker, my poor Daddy of 12 children’s boss, in Lackawanna, New York, the “Padre of the Poor,” and Pope John XXIII, the only Polish Pope, of my very dearly beloved ancestry.  All are up to becomes White saints.  Our White boys right now have Jews as their mentors. Even Christians intensely study Jewish heroes such as Moses or Joseph.  The music today is of “blacks.”  The sports Heroes are “blacks.”  The Whites are terrrified of Black and Mexican gangs, and keep running and hiding, and think they are “safe.”  As long as the Whites work two jobs each, to pay for brown welfare and jobs.  Whites could be going to church and praying, studying for “Truth” as I am.  Instead they are overwhelmed, overworked, and when White Christians go to relax in front of any media today, the only words and thoughts are those the Jews allow. 
“As Cornwell, (author) brilliantly demonstrates, Pius XII brought the authoritarianism and the centralization of his predecessors to their extreme stage….Nowadays we may not know what a saint should be, but we do know what a saint should not be– a man of narrow spirt and heart…”  Saul Friedlander
Do we “know” what a “saint” should be?  I would appear to be a sinner, like St. Mary Magdalene, the name of the Polish school I went to. Why?  Because I want to “save” the White race. They made Obama now a “savior” and even his Jewish sidekick, “Emmanuel” and his health Czar brother, their name means “Savior.”  They would make Mother Teresa, a “saint’ because this White woman, instead of saving the White male, went to “save” brown people.  How much of Christianity has turned our White Racial beginnings into “Jewishness.”  Even the Pagan gods and goddesses which were healthy heterosexuals, now, have “Homosexual” leadings.  My research indicates that Saul Friedlander is “Jewish.” It is said that my autobiography or writings “will never be published” or allowed. Why?  The entire publishing system is run by Jews.  The Jews will not allow a word of Truth, for their Jewish Empire will collapse.  The Jews have allowed a few Whites to get rich and slave like Bill Gates of Microsoft Computers the richest man in the world. After Bill Gates did all the work, the Jews now convinced and advised him to step down and control his entire fortune. Both his business, and his charities, making sure Gates’ $$$ goes to blacks and is handled by Jews. We have already established from previous writings that if Jews collect $600,000.00 only $600.00 goes to the actual charity.
John Paul II reached out to the Jewish community, because the entire world had to bow to the new Jewish rule.  The Jews will not allow even once exception. Hence the new “hate laws,” that will keep Jewish rule forever if they have their way.
“A book that cannot, and should not be ignored.  Every point that Cornwell raises–….his concordat negotiations, his spirituality & approach to the world, his refusal to ever explicitly criticize Nazi Germany, & his reaction to the Holocaust–…..”Cornwell’s honesty and an angst that should not be overlooked.”  Rev. John. F. Morley, (a Christian)
Needless to say, this Christian priest, asks that this book “not be ignored.”
“The cause of the beatification and canonization of Pope Pius XII, who is rightly venerated by many millions of Catholics, will not be stopped or delayed by the unjustifiable & calumnious attcks against this great and saintly man.” Fr. Peter Gumpel, S.J., relator in the cause of Pius XII’s canonization.
If I am to help save the White male, then we need many White male role models.  It is said at least “21.”  Some religious, some family, some scholastic, etc. 
“His presence radiated a benignity, calm and sanctity that I have certainly never before sensed in any human being,” wrote James Lees-Milne.  “All the while he smiled in the sweetest, kindliest way so that I immediately fell head over heels in love with him.  I was so affected I could scarcely speak without tears & wa conscious that my legs were trembling.”
Now here is what Pope Pius XII, (Pacelli) did “before” he became Pope. While working at the bottom, he “drafted and changed” laws that would affect that office.  Surely, that is what the Jews did in America, and even Poland before they came here.  Our “hate” laws are drafted so that Whites and Christians have to suffer and be Martyrlike, while the other races and Jews can have one big, happy, $$$$, picnic, off of our suffering and misery.  We saw what the Jews did to Jesus.  The laws Pacelli drafted were to grant future popes unchallenged domination.  Although we have been so worried about “who” the “leader” of Christianity is, that we were distracted, and now the Jewish Rabbis have become our leader, collectively.
As pap nuncio in Munich and Berlin during the 1920’s, Pacelli sought to impose the new code, state by state, on Germany–one of the largest, best-educated, and richest Catholic populations in the world.  In 1933 Pacelli found a successful negotiating partner for his Reich Concordat in the person of Adolf Hitler, (raised Catholic, and painted many holy pictures of Jesus, Mary, Church. His wife, Eva Braun Hitler, also went to a nunnery for a while.)
German Catholics then “withdrew” from political action.  This ensured that Nazism could rise unopposed.  “As Hitler boasted in a cabinet meeting on July 14, 1933, Pacelli’s guarantee of nonintervention left the regime free to resolve the Jewish question. (Not of extermination, but of deporation.)  “….developing struggle against international Jewry.” 
The perception of papl endorsementof Nazism, in Germany and abroad, helped seal the fate of Europe.
Had not the Jews come down so hard on the Germans, and declared war on them, if Nazism had succeeded in Germany, it would have been allowed “full” practice of religion…. and Catholicism. 
The book talks of Pacelli’s parents coming from very large Italian families.  10 and 13.  Today, if it were not for the Germans, Polish, Italians, and Irish, and their “large Catholic” families, the White race would be dead.  Now the Mormons are picking up on these “large families.”  And raising children without drinking, smoking, drugs, and eating well.  They do take a lot of pills, but that will need to be handled, for even Hitler could not walk out of the house without his doctor and pills.  All from Jewish schools, that dominated the German medical universities.
On Nov. 15, 1849, Count Pelligrino Rossi, a lay government minister of the papal states….was stabbed fatally in the neck.  The next day, the Pope’s Quirinal summer palace above the city was sacked….. Pio Nono a key Catholic official fled the city disguised.  Pio Nuno hurled denunciations against the “outrageous treason of democracy.”  Only with a loan of the (Jew) Rothchild, did Pio Nono return to Rome.
Yet, it seems the Jews stirred the pot of Revolution, and flamed it, and then come to “rescue” the White Christians with “loans.”  That way these White religious are forever in the Jews’ debt.  But, again, the Jews started the Revolt.
There seems to be a shunning of what is termed “democracy.”  I wrote that before.  If the Jews got America and Poland to institute Constitutions were “everyone” is equal, they could rob the entire fortune of the Whites in both countries, keep them as slaves, in the name of “everyone as created equal.”  The “republicans” were opposed to this “democracy” takeover, which is a force taking over White Christians, as far as I’m concerned.
Pio Nono, ever grateful to the Jew, Rothchild, who loaned him $$$, promoted “tolerance” abolishing the ancient Jewish ghetto…   But although Pio Nono’s return had been paid for by a Jewish loan, the Roman Jews were now forced back into the ghetto and made to pay, literally, for having supported a revolution!!!!!  (Yes, the Jews had to pay $$$$$$$ for their devilish works. They did not get away with murder, scot-free, as the Meyer Lansky of Murder Inc., which was the Mafia, and not the Italians that were sent to jail, and Jewish movies keep saying it is the Italians that are “evil.”  Yes, the Jews say the Italians are evil, the Germans are monsters, Polish are kept silenced and kept down into slavery status…. etc.  Only the “Jews,” are Supreme.
Outside were the standards of the Antichrist, man-centered ideologies that had been sowing error ever since the French Revolution. (both sides loaned by “Jews” Rothchilds.) And the poisonous fruit, had ever affected the Church itself:  movements to reduce the power of the popes by urging national Churches independent of Rome.  (For the Jews to become the “Supremacists,” as Dr. David Duke rightfully calls them, they needed to wipe out any other “powers,” other than their own.
The Pope, Pacelli, was raised with a wide scope of “legal knowledge” and “efficacy.”  A the Pacellis saw it, their papacy and their Church threatened on all sides by the destructive forces of the modern world, would survive and in time overcome through shrewd and universal application of the law.”
This is how the Jews are using our present laws “against” Whites, Heterosexuals, Christians, and especially the White male and his power.  Jews want to remain Supreme, and all the while as they are the richest people in the world and history, they have gotten Whites and other races to “feel sorry” for them, and continue this Satanic brainwashing.  This one act, is mind-boggling, that the Jews have been so successful, with little, if no resistance, or even “debate.”
In Germany, religious instruction came under state control, religious orders were prohibited from teaching, Jesuits were banished; seminaries were subjected to state interference. Church property came under the control of lay committees; civil marraige was introduced. Many prisoned or exiled. Catholics were ousted from the teaching profession; in Switzerland, religious orders were banned; in Austria, a traditionally Catholic country, the state took over schools…. When Pio Nono died, a gang of anti-clerical Romans threatened to throw the coffin in the river.  Only the arrival of the militia save Pio Nono’s body from insult. 
The book talks about Pacelli’s grandfather living with him, as my Polish grandfather lived with us.  Now, the Jews have broken that grandfather/grandmother relationship forever. In its stead, the Jews monopolize “nursing” homes and the “elderly White Christians $$$$ and inheritances.”  And we all know the conditions of Jewish nursing homes!  My Mama of 12 children was said to have been “murdered” in a nursing home!
Pope Pius XII, (Pacelli’s) mentor was Signore Giuseppe Marchi, who made speeches on the “hard-heartedness of the Jews.”
(Eugenio) Pacelli had a high intelligence and great memory as a child. He could recall entire lessons word for word after leaving the discussion. He planed the violin/piano accompanied his sisters who sang. He liked to swim and ride horses.
He was “indepedent and solitary.” invariably appearing at meals with a book, (as I do many times when I eat). When in teens he would go to concerts and plays and take a notebook at the ready so as to write up critiques of the performances. (As I take a notebook when I attend lectures, or even notes as I am doing now opininating on this book’s ideas.)
He would dress up and act out the celebration of the Mass. (I did that also when younger. I had an alter, and a chalice and knew the Mass by heart. I used a cedar chest as an alter. Since my 3 brothers, my age, wanted to become priests, so did I.  I didn’t know women couldn’t. 
Fr. Giuseppe Lais, was his spiritual mentor. (Our White boys need 21 various mentors in order to resurrect our race, and I believe that the God that the Whites worshipped and supported $$$$ for 2,000 years, will not forsake the destiny of the White Race. Just because the Jews overdrugged us and we cannot reason or think, doesn’t mean that “God” has or will forsake us Whites.
In Eugenio Pacelli’s essays that he wrote, he talks of this person, “tearing at his hair,” and wishing that he “had never been born.”  These were the exact words I would “scream” out the windows of my Colfax home in Chicago, as a little girl, for our poverty was so unbearable.  Well, now at least I know a saintly Pope thought the same way as I did, even though he wrote in the 3rd person.
His favorite work The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis, 15th century monk. It counselled cheerfulness, humility, & chairty towards all. (Now if only Whites could use these same “spiritual” qualities that they exhibit toward Jews whom they love and worship, and blacks who they support, and Mexican slaves that they can’t live without, or Chinese whose products we devour, then maybe we could save our White selves.
“He preserved a child-like love for the Mother of God.”
I have espoused a love for “Motherhood,” and even Hitler wrote a poem for his Mother, a lovely, lovely one.  I only wish my White sons could respect me as Hitler did his mother.  I even question that Obama the Black, and his grand’mother’s death, the day before the election. I believe it was murder, and it was intentional, so that it could wipe out any of his connection with his White half, which really supported him, not his black drunken father.
You know, I attempted suicide once, when I thought a drunken man fathered my child. (false pregnancy.)  Yet, Obama Sr. the Drunk, fathered Obama, and his White mother never contemplated suicide having the child (Obama) of a drunken parent.  It is not to “blame” the father, for this drunkeness has been put on us for $$$.   Although I never drank my whole life, I too ran into a problem of drinking, right before I moved to Las Vegas. Hadn’t I been healed, I certainly would be dead, and not at this computer, since my grandmother died of cirrohsis of the liver.  But, even my Mama drank. For in Poland, when a person was so poor, that they had nothing in life, if they could afford a $1.00 they could go to the Jew, like Mama went to Irv the Jew at Saginaw Liquors on 83rd St in Chicago, for a bottle of Christian Brothers Brandy.  The Jews make sure if they are even pennies that poor people can afford, they will be there to take them to turn White Christian misery into Jewish Trillions.
The Pope during Pius’ early life, Leo, rejected socialism and was lukewarm on democracy.  (yes, democracy means “stealing the White fortune and keeping White Christians as slaves for Jews & other races’ benefits.  Also it means the destruction of Christianity and God, as our own America has proven.) 
“Class and inequality, Leo proclaimed, are unalterable features of the human conditon, as are the rights of property ownership and especially those rights that foster and protect family life.  Socialism he condemned as illusory and synonymous with class hatred and atheism.  The authority of society, he taught, comes not from man (Jews) but from God.”
Leo believed that this answer to socialism, this great evil of the modern world, was a Christian intellectual renaissance based on faith and reason.
When Eugeno Pacelli went to the seminary he got sick on the food. He had a “fastidious” stomach and would plague him the rest of his life. (as Hitler). He had a nervous, high-strung constitution. (I guess I might be like that also.)  He left the seminary dorm to sleep at home, and therefore didn’t socialize with his peers.  His “mother” remained at the center of his life. (I never hear from my White sons…. never.  That is what the Jews did to “motherhood.”  Hitler “invented” Mother’s Day, for love, respect and honor, none of which I have ever received, but had given to my mother generously.
At the age of 23, he was ordained “alone” rather than with the rest of the candidates.  Once again he had eschewed his contemporaries.
To be continued.
Lovingly, Barbara Ann Nowak

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