100% of Anti-Semetic Jew attacks hoax; blamed innocent White Conservatives

Heard on Internet radio, 100% of recent anti-Semetic Jew attacks hoax. Part of them were a Jewish Semetic Israeli boy with a brain tumor who isn’t all quite there. The other a black. And I recently showed more such as cemetery desecration done by a Jew and a George Washington University swastika painted on by a Jewess woman. The hall cameras gave her away even though she wailed and ranted! And worse, as if the Jews and their imps didn’t pulverize the White males and females, the Jew controlled media, blames the Whites to punish us. Who punishes the Jews? Even the Holocaust fairyt ale was made up or exaggerated. The Holocaust DC museum told me the “victors” write the war and Holocaust story. He was a rare honest Christian who perhaps doesn’t want the death, genocide, or worse 1,000 years of worse enslavement in mankind as Jews did to my Poland.

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