1937: Jews Must Leave Poland


1937 Polish government: “Jews Must Leave Poland.” Jews enslaved my ancestors for 1,000 years. 92% of the Jews come from my Poland. Worst slavery in history. The entire country other than 1,000,000 Jews who ruled and abused us. Alcohol and War the only products. Even responsible for the cancerous deadly tobacco addictions as Jews with willing black Africans did to our White Caucasian Christians since 1650

Here’s my synopsis of a 1937 Jewish Wisconsin newspaper article.

Bible quote lie: Jews claim: “The voice of our brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.” In contrast, Abel was White and Jew Edomite Cain killed him, as Pastor Eli Assembly of Christian Israel teaches. I listened to 165 2-hour Talkshoe internet radio shows. During the recent Jewish Great Inquisition against Whites, Talkshoe shut down all his shoes. He analyzed every single bible version from the original Greek and Hebrew showing that Caucasian Christians are Adam’s descendants. The first human.

What’s odd is that it starts with the bible quote saying evil Cain killed his innocent brother Abel. However, it’s the opposite. Cain started the Edomites, who are known as the so-called Jews today.

I have it on large print. If you need to search again, the title is “Our Brothers the Poles.” It’s filled with lies, corruption, and deceit since the American Jews who had control of America were supporting them. The ghetto and all the sympathy was created for mass emigration out of Poland. The Republicans had a 1924 ban on them.

  • Jews were Christians but atheists or God-hating.
  • The “3,000,000” number is a trick math figure. The next was “6,000,000,” which is so powerful the one word has the entire world, 700,000,000 Whites hypnotized into genocide
  • Jews, (hidden) in America 500 years!
  • Jews “developed” the tobacco industry, but the Polish government won’t let them do it anymore. Jews did it 367 years ago and our poor Whites are still addicted, suffering, and dying.
  • 1937 also, Jews admit controlling Russia’s business (murder of 10,000,000 at least Whites. 50,000 churches destroyed! Jews replaced the White Russian Christian government and killed the Tsar, Tsarina, 5 children, now “saints.”
  • Brags “Jews less addicted to alcohol. (they turned our people into alcoholics and drug addicts) Less venereal disease. Go figure! Less contagious diseases. They spread and control the products and people as in COVID, top 15 including Pfizer, Jewish.
  • Jews only speak Yiddish. Jew radio host, (10,000,000 Christian women used to follow him) said that USA government: Jews speak Yiddish, so no one understands. (same with Mexicans, etc.) Michael Savage said that if the US Congress Caucasian Christians knew what the Jews were saying they’d be horrified. Their Jew “Yiddish” is so evil, Christians don’t have the words in our vocabulary.
  • Some Jews “embraced” Christianity. They do it for control. I’m a Christian and I fight for my White and religious rights.
  • Since American Jews supported the Polish Jews, they used “feel sorry” stories for more $$.
  • The Polish government destroyed the Jewish “Messiah Complex.” But it rules America and Whites today.
  • Polish had a boycott against Jews.
  • At about the same time, in 1937, Germans expelled about 590,000 Jew rapists and their families. The Polish wanted to expel 3,000,000. Instead Jews plan moved the entire 15,000,000 Jews out of Europe into Palestine and America as the “Messiah” complex.
  • Picture Jews homes burned. Again, could be sensational manufactured news. I was in a Vegas protest against illegal Mexican immigrants. A single Jew led the counter protestors. He came up to me and I asked his name. I know Jew last names and I asserted, “You’re Jewish.” He was shocked that someone confronted him with the truth.
  • 60,000″ Jew children week for health, sun, nourishment.” (Jews fixation on numbers.
  • Racial separation. Yet destroyed worldwide White racial separation in all White countries. In Poland, no more White babies. Jew Zelensky Ukraine even started a war with Russia to force Poland to accept 5,000,000 Ukrainians to interbreed, replace. Same in Germany, and Japan. The three World War II players, people are near extinction. Jews murdered 3 nations!
  • Polish replaced Jews in commerce industry.
  • Autobiographically speaking, Daddy’s Galacia, Poland, German-occupied, dismissed all Jews in “civil servants” jobs.
  • Jews no longer Polish tobacco kingpins, forced as traders and peddlars. I have drawings how Jews brought their peddled goods into Germany, 1700’s, the cities people beat them out. In South Chicago, every Polish home, had a Jewish peddler pushing goods.
  • Again, 3,000,000 Jews worshipped in synagogues
  • Poles employed no Jews exclusively Gentile labor.
  • Great estates not owned by crooked Jews (1,000 years.)
  • Finally, Jews didn’t control President Silsudski’s government.
  • “By their monstrous declaration that the economic extermination of the Jew is welcomed by the Polish government.”
  • “The Polish government leaders handed the Jews over to the mob!”