1st Anti-Semite: Greek Historian Telemachus Timayenis

The American Jew who destroyed Whites and Caucasian Christianity

Perhaps, I’ll be able to publish my censored truths about the jew and jewess’ evil enslaving my Polish White Christian people for 1,000 years. Alcohol, wars, mortgage and business bankruptcies, and death by starvation, were our only products. Poland is the only Christian country left. The rest are controlled by the jews race and evil religion. One single White Greek stood up to the Jews! Now, I stand alone so far in revealing my books. I hope I can work together with the White Poles.

Greek Historian Telemachus Thomas Timayenis, was an awarded author. As I did with my Polish ancestry, he stumbled on the evil jew and jewess. He was the 1st USA anti-Semite about 1850. He wrote that the (White) Americans couldn’t say a word about Jews for about 100 years prior. That would mean 1750-now! Yes, the American Revolution was controlled by Polish Jew bankers. Jew Hyam Salomon was to be hung for treason, pulling that wars purses strings in Poland, England, and the USA! Jews hounded Timanenis, even destroyed his Minerva printing press as we can’t publish today, had Whites arrest him, and threw him in prison. Only a genius lawyer got him out.

Here’s a White Timayenis book page I opened at random of how the Jews defamed and scorned White Christianity, which jews destroyed in Europe and now in America. Since then, we call “evil” good, and good evil, since jew “gods and goddesses” brainwashed our forefathers. No one knows where he’s buried. He probably lost his family, friends, and associates as Jews did to disgrace us.

Jewish Assault on Whites and White Christians

Here’re links to read for free #1 Anti-Semite Greek-Historian Telemachus Thomas Timayenis’ books.

The Original Mr. Jacob


The American Jew


Judas Iscariot – An Old Type in a New Form

Judas Iscariot was the treasurer for Jesus and his bodyguards (disciples) called the “Way.” The Jews hated Jesus so much, their evil used Judas to lead the Jewish soldiers to arrest, imprison, torture, assassinate, then use reverse psychology to blame the White Romans for eternity for the jew and jewess’ sinister behavior. Jews nearly succeeded in destroying Christianity for Whites’ survival. Worse than an atom bomb on the entire White Species, history, and everything we built and paid for 2,000 years.

I had found the other books Timayenis wrote, except for Judas Iscariot an Old Type in a New Form. I was led to search worldcat.org. It was listed 6 times. The Texas library special collections’ copy was so old they couldn’t handle it. The Minnesota library said they’d take several picture pages as I did above, but I’d have to travel there. (Nothing like Aryans helping each other as much as or as little as possible.) Two “Judas” books shattering the Jews were in Jewish places like a synagogue. The Library of Congress had the book. However, I called and asked for a link or copy. The black man said it was missing as well as the other Timayenis books I’m including. It was a “heist” on our intellect worse than how the Jewess heisted our White banks around the world starting 1913.

The last place that showed Judas Iscariot and Old Type in a New Form was the “Athenium.” It was a year later when I found the paper I had the WorldCat.org choices. But I had never called or checked off my list. When I finally reached them, I wept for my family, Veteran husband’s sake, mine, yours, and everything sacred and decent in our White lives. The Athenium agent was so nice, and within 20 minutes, a link was in my email box. I talked and blogged about it and a great White person put it on archive.org. Now a few others have also. I helped resurrect Greek Historian Telemachus Thomas Timayenis.