Reign of Terror, White Kennewick Man

[youtube=]Well, I finished my goal of singing in all my Halloween costumes, 17, and 17 Halloween songs to match, and I’m glad that it went very well. I’m welcomed to visit other countries, as I chat a little with people around the world. It was quite enjoyable to perform as Mrs. Alice Cooper, for he […]

Polish White man beheaded; not Jew

[youtube=]It seems that the world still has it in for Polish people. I don’t check youtube and find that Jews are beheaded. No all the countries around the world just sit and pray all day for Jewish loans, money, and credit in order to advance, as such is the conference in Copenhagen, where they again […]

More Final Judgment Harry Truman and the Atom Bomb

I’ve often wondered about Harry Truman who dropped 2 nuclear bombs that destroyed so many people, land, etc. Then I came across this, and it all made sense. Harry Truman was hand-picked by the Jews, and given $$$$, to do their bidding and dirty work, especially in dropping nuclear bombs. You know, when “we” drop […]

Open Letter to George Norry Coast to Coast on Scarey Stories for Halloween

Hi, I was coming home from karaoke on the Las Vegas strip, where I sing and dance in selfmade costumes, when I heard your show asking for scarey true stories. Since I’m writing my autobiography about growing up in a family of 15 in South Chicago, I’m the baby girl, I have these stories fresh […]