Mike Duke of Walmart related to Dr. David Duke?

Tags: Business Operations BENTONVILLE, Ark. — New Wal-Mart President and CEO Mike Duke, who succeeds Lee Scott as head of the world’s largest retailer, says he expects the company to accelerate and broaden efforts to achieve its sweeping environmental goals. Speaking at Wal-Mart’s “2009 Sustainability Milestone Meeting,” the last major transitional event for Duke and […]


[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYBN2k2-_KE] Well, my computer had a nervous breakdown. Wasn’t much I could do. It was just overworked I suppose. That is the “bad” news. The good news is that I went to Fry’s Electronics and searched their ads for new computers. I checked Kim Komando’s website, (she is also on talk radio) for ideas on […]

Shelley Berkeley, the Jewess, Her Political Opponent, Gun downed

I could hardly believe my ears. I heard early this a.m. on Republicbroadcasting.org, that an attorney from the Libertarian Party, that opposed Shelley Berkeley, the Jewish princess that is my House of Rep, and whose employee is living with my son, Paul, in DC, this attorney was “shot 3 times” by Las Vegas police! http://www.lvrj.com/news/shooting-accounts-conflict-68834087.html […]

White Anna Nicole Smith, Daniel her son, and Jewish Boyfriend/lawyer

The deaths of a White woman, Anna Nicole Smith, and that of her only son, shocked me. Yet, it symbolizes the decline of the White race. Especially, the Nordic tribes, which Hitler thought were our “best,” and the rest of us should emulate and imitate. He tried to save the Nordics from themselves. Thanks to […]