Jews, Israel and the Space Challenger Explosion

January 28, 1986, the Space Challenger exploded carrying the entire crew.  What separates this NASA, National Aeronautics Space Agency, space adventure was that it carried a school teacher:   “While the presence of New Hampshire schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe on the Challenger crew had provoked some media interest, there was little live broadcast coverage of the […]

White woman cries to Sukiyaki

I heard on Voice of Reason Radio that Bill Johnson, who is the Chairman of the American Third Position, (neither Democrat Party nor Republican Party) had lived or worked with Japan. Perhaps he would enjoy my next Karaoke song and costume: “Sukiyaki” the only song on our charts in total Japanese which I will try […]

Muslims in Poland

As if the Jews in Poland and America weren’t enough, now we have “Muslims” pouring into a poor, poor country like Poland, and taking their jobs when their White Polish unemployment is off the charts. How can my loving country of Poland still suffering from Jews and their wars, take in 30,000 Muslims when the […]

Jews say: "Never Forgive; Never Forget, White Germans and Kill their White Children!

In the movie below, the Jews say about Auschwitz Poland, “Never Forgive; Never Forget.” Hence, since I must follow the Jews who seem to be our Masters, I will “Never Forgive; nor Never Forget” what they did to  my Mama and Polish White Daddy who worked for them; what they did to my nieces, my […]

SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center

Just a thought. The Jews hate the Southern White Gentlemen so much and are jealous of them that they put an entire 200 million dollar organization in the South just to keep the White men and women terrorized and to make sure the KKK never rises again.   They put the Southern Poverty Law Center […]