Rare article: German White Woman writes of her rape after World War II

Although it is so late and almost never happened this White German lady wrote a book and talked about the Communists (led by Jews) raped her over and over again.  None of the women talked about it and took their stories to their grave.   If you look at the spoils of war, one of […]

Hitler's quotes


Born to be Wild Steppenwolf, German

If you like Classic or Old Rock, you might like this.  The words say, “I never wanna die!”   It is the German Steppenwolf.   [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm5DPlNCmtk]   When the words sing “Take the world in a love embrace,” we can change it to “Take the White world in a love embrace,” and isn’t that what […]

Nascar, White Race, #3 Dale Earnhardt

If the Jews were capable of feeling, I think they will miss the White race after they destroyed us, for they never will find in the yellows/browns/blacks what the capitalized on us Whites.   Since this week-end is Nascar in Las Vegas and the race will be Sunday. I have a complete Nascar costume, complete […]

Elvis, White Southern Gentleman, and his Deadly Doctors

Just a few more notes on the book, “Baby Let’s Play House,” by Alanna Nash on Elvis Presley’s love lives.  I consider Elvis a Southern Gentleman as many voiced in the book upon meeting him. Whatever happened to him at the end was surely a result of American doctors.  I almost fainted when Dr. Nick […]

White Raced, Joan of Arc vs. Jewish Anne Frank

I am going to write below about St. Joan of Arc, but I am not saying to “pray to her,” (these emails reach many denominations)  but to perhaps use her life’s biography as inspiration for survival when a country is ready to collapse.  Only it is our race on the verge of collapse. The Jews […]