Jewess Con Artist Anne Frank and her Autobiography

I’ve faced worse than Anne Frank as a Polish White Christian woman who was enslaved by Jews for 900 years:  Here is the latest jewish absurdity. c On CNN headlines today is the following story of Anne Frank the Jewish Princess or “Queen of Autobiographies.”  You may not want to read it to […]

Got rid of the Illegal Mexicans

  As I wrote before, there was a nuisance Mexican fellow and his mother that moved in across the street.   He called the police on me twice for playing my karaoke equipment very quietly and music that was very gentle. I’ll include the song later.   In my trailer park, (like Dr. William Pierce […]

Brown Mexicans Eat Better than Whites

Just got the mail and there was a food flyer from a Mexican store.  On sale:  Filet Mignon: $3.98 a pound!   Do you know it is 25 years since I ate filet mignon? Unless one batch of Omaha Steaks but even then it was at least $10.00 a pound.   Potatoes at this Mexican […]

Tribute to Poland Tragedy of Polish President

Pictures Katyn Tribute Please open to find pictures above:  Thank you for visiting. An illustration from an 1919 Austrian postcard showing a caricatured Jew stabbing the German Army in the back. Along with Socialists, Bolsheviks, the Weimar Republic and the general German populace, Jews were frequently blamed for the defeat of Germany in World War […]

#1 Funeral Song, My Heart Will Go On

I wrote very early in my White writings that we are on the sinking Titanic and the iceberg is ahead.  We have the power to steer the ship to safety and  not sink, we just haven’t been told that or shown the skills, as we have been taught White slave skills to other races, especially […]

Polish President near Katyn Massacre

I’m shocked with disbelief.  Paralyzed but commanding my fingers they must write.   I just found out on Liberty News Radio, that comes on right before thepolticalcesspool radio show the following:   The last time I went on stage I sang “In the Ghetto” by Elvis but sang “In the Polish Ghetto” of South Chicago […]