Blacks Hating Whites music

Here is a thread from the John deNugent website on Black hating Whites music.  It is worse than “hatred” or “Hatred” crimes it is black on white murders, assaults, rapes etc. which the Jews in the media cover up. Towards the bottom is the black rap music and what the White mothers and fathers have […]

White European Stork Babies

Although I’m upset and in tears about my White son’s imprisonment and arrest, I got an email with the following from Chicago Radio.   They know I’m very “White” and would sing songs with White in them and even have dressed as the KKK on Halloween.  I also wrote Chicago about Whites not having babies. […]

Jew Polish Kazimierz

Just wanted to keep you posted about what I’m finding out about the Jews and Poland, especially the Christians. The town is Kazimeirz Poland.   Here is an article from Wiki on the Jews who were confined to a town and had walls built around the Jews to keep them “quarantined” with their lice and […]

BP or BtP, Bert the Polak

BP is the oil company trying like crazy to stop the oil leak. BtP are the initials on my brother, ‘B’ERT the ‘P’olak’s mausoleum.  Right below the name, “Nowak,” are the letters ‘B’ t ‘P’.  You can see my crying and praying on my knees at his grave, under the name “Nowak.”  I’m crying not […]

No Gas Chambers in Germany

I was reading a book on my church, Christian Science, and the German people that were arrested during Hitler’s day.  I called to talk to the church library and archives today, for in my estimation, Hitler targeted us and the Jehovah Witnesses because we don’t believe in (Jewish or Jewish trained) doctors.  The only person […]

Kay Griggs US Marines and Homosexuality

[youtube=]  It is interesting to note that there are several Jews named mentioned.  Have the Jews master-minded this plot to take our White men and boys and use and abuse them? Also note that the one victim is threatened with an insane asylum as I was by the Jewish doctor “if I ever told anyone.”  […]

German Entertainers; White Tigers

I’m debating about taking my cat on stage because all the women I talk to are so concerned.  (I wish all these White women would be concerned about the White man, but they are deeply, deeply concerned and so filled with emotion about my taking Daddy the Cat on stage.  As Hitler said, “They love […]