Halloween: Just one More Witch

I have done several witches for Halloween, and coming up my after-Halloween treat, the Wicked Witch of the West, from the Wizard of Oz. Dedicated to the “Wizards” of the Klan for a special treat from a devoted and appreciate fan of men who roamed the South “protected women and children,” from the big Bad […]

Halloween: Ghosts, White Ladies

On this website are 10 ghost pictures. The very “odd” thing is that #2 is from Illinois, right near my home in Chicago. It was called the “Bachelor’s Grove” Cemetery, and was an old run down cemetery.  But we from South Chicago had a Nick-name for this cemetery called the….. what else…….. The White Ladies! […]

Obama Beat Me!

      You know, folks, it is “very depressing” to be a White woman, a good White woman.  It isn’t “hormones’” and it isn’t “heredity” it is trying to make sense of being with White people at times.   I went to a costume Halloween Party. Now, I know better, for even as I […]

China and the Yellow Race

Great video!  My Grandpa Kopaczewski was a Polish Russian General. He fled Russia about the time that the Jews took over Russia and forced them into Communism.   My Grandpa had a family Bible, (and 14 children, plus helped Mama raise her 12 which would be 26 children he helped raise.)  It is customary in […]

Race and the American Prospect

I had made a comment on the Stormfront Show, that the South was brainwashed after the Civil War as Germany was.   Now I said that “off the top of my head,” for my study is limited of the South, and only since my Gone With the Wind, am I studying more, although I did […]