White Russians Bring Justice to Jews

Just 2 hours ago, the White Russians stiffed the Jew for stealing money, laundering it, thru “Russian Oil!”  It doesn’t get any braver than that. This is the “2nd” one found guilty. (Siberia Work Camps for Jews??????) The US gives “Life in prison” for these crimes but attacks their White Russian brothers/sisters for “justice” especially […]

Hitler Suicide

From Stormfront.org 45. Rather than submitting himself to “the spectacle of a jewish show trial”, Hitler commits suicide on April 30, 1945. In his final testament, he writes: “It is untrue that either I or anyone else in Germany wanted war with Britain or America. This war was wanted solely by International Jewry and its […]

Mata Hari: Execution by Firing Squad

There is a little sensual content so if that offends you, please delete. Quick email: Reading book “Power” from the author of The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. I usually read 3 to 5 books at a time and go from one to the other, as I started this earlier. There is much that […]

David Duke Video Documentary Chabad Lubavitch


White or Merry Christmas

I’ve been wishing and singing Merry Christmas many times for the past 6 weeks, even on stage, on the mic, writing, and personally.   I’ve been wishing and singing Merry Christmas many times for the past 6 weeks, even on stage, on the mic, writing, and personally.     But “Merry” got me to thinking. […]

Anti-Israeli Moving Bus Ads, Seattle

Go, Go, Seattle!  Hip, Hip, Hooray! Please contact the Transportation company and person that sent it to support them. Found on Stormfront.org. Very effective & perhaps historical. If Seattle is getting thousands of calls “Against” the ads, perhaps there should be 50 times that many to support the bus company’s position to accept the ad […]

Mexicans Sex on Stage With Donkeys, Jews

Just a quick note. I had mentioned to neighbor about how bad a shape Germany was in before Nazis and Hitler took over with the German men having sex on stage with donkeys.     He said, “That is nothing, in all the towns on the border of Mexico, the women have sex on stage […]

Bang Up, Notes, David Irving, Holocaust History Revisionist

Here is part 2 of my Cliff Notes of Irving’s book on his unfair, unjust, but Jewish instigated prison sentence.     His book has interesting pics, so I will include some.     Look how our own White men will carry out the Jews orders. And only for being good, truthful, honest, and creative […]

Lemon Merengue Pie with Organic Home Grown Lemons

I got a grand crop of organic lemons that are like super-delicious 1/2 orange and 1/2 lemon. Will be making lemon bars and lemon merengue pie for Christ-mas.     This recipe has 37 steps, but lemon merengue is hard to make.     I think men and women should both cook and bake.  It […]

Sexy Italian Dance Tarantell

Autobiographically, speaking, when I was younger I was forced to go help my sisters while they were pregnant and had babies.  There were several, so none of them every realized just how much time I gave for they never compared notes. It could account for my lack of socializing as I was pretty familiar with […]