All White Singers: I Want to Know What Love is, Foreigner

I’ll be performing “Foreigner” Rock music for my next karaoke gig.  What is truly odd about this video is that there are no black background singers, especially you know how usually blacks appear as “holy” bible singers, as if Whites have never read the Bible.  Look at the emotion, sweat, and deep intense singer of […]

Audit the Fed

I signed the Petition and am glad that the few protests I went to regarding this, has come to world attention. Hope they have a “Jewish Exposure,” as the FBI and ATF had “Northern Exposure,” when they murdered in cold blood, an innocent White breastfeeding mother and wife. From: Ron Paul Sent: Thursday, January 27, […]

Jewish Psychiatrist Sex Statistics

Don’t ask me how of all the issues Jamie has put on line, I “automatically” scrolled to this one. I haven’t really listened much to Instauration Magazine, and out of the clear blue sky I not only decided to listen to the whole show, but look at my computer at the same time. And Voila! […]

Rabbis, Jews in Arizona, Instauration Magazine

I have heard this magazine mentioned on the Jamie Kelso Show which I listen to occasionally.  Browsing thru it, there is quite a monumental amount of information and much on the Jews. For example, in one year about 25 years ago, they showed the increase and decrease of priests, Protestant ministers and Jewish rabbis.  Now […]

Nakedness, Breeding, Petroleum

I just wanted to mention that I had the baby doll on stage after birth and of course it was naked. But never should one think of sex with a baby. That is worse than perverted it is stupid, and since Jews have done that throughout history they are not only “stupid” but moronic.  But […]

Horrid, Horrendous, Homosexuality in White House & Jewish TV Sit Com

This article confirms what I discovered when watching an innocent “I Dream of Jeannie” episode and the Jew producer used a name of a character with the same name of the homosexual that was arrested right near the White House. He was Lyndon Johnson’s top aide. And that was in 1967! Perhaps it was the […]

Vegetable Gardening, Michele Obama

You may not need this at all, but I came across this on how to sow seeds. Believe me, it isn’t easy sometimes, at least not in Vegas.  And when one is stressed out with working 94 hours a week, to keep the blacks and browns and Jews and yellows and reds happy, it might […]

President Nixon, Kissinger the Jew

Just a clip from the book on “Power.” It writes of Nixon and Kissinger. I thought about this from a very personal point of view since I studied Christian Science and the men under Nixon, (who by the way let Elvis visit) were Christian Scientists and sent to jail while Nixon stepped down. I don’t know […]

Violence, Sex, White Race

Good article. What confuses our White man is that he sees “war” on TV every single day.  Unnecessary wars where our government should be “helping” the White man and not “creating” psychopaths. Probably the reason the White Race is going extinct is because of this steady and nauseating diet of violence. Hate begets hate.  Love […]