Worshipping Jews as “gods,” in Israel, Jews in America

Here’s typical website of how Whites “worship” Jews as mortals, rather than a spiritual God. Note how he says, “he won’t remain silent.” Yet Whites have been silenced totally regarding the Jews genociding us, and of our own disposition to worship “them.” I believe in what is called humanly as “miracles,” for I’ve experienced and […]

Redford, Jew, Hanging Women

I tried to read an AARP magazine, and since I don’t watch TV, movies, Jew books, etc. I need “something” in life to live for and do.  There is very little, but I try. There’s an article in this months issues regarding Robert Redford. As you know, he was a sort of recluse and insisted […]

Martha Washington: Jews, Gold, Diamonds and Drug Money

The blacks and Jews called them “slaves” yet Jews never thought for a moment of what they did to Polish White people as their “slaves.” Anyway, I’m reading about Mrs. Martha Washington because I’m going to do a character song to celebrate George Washington’s Birthday? What you are thinking? There is actually a White man […]

Unions Protest Rally in Wisconsin

About 3 or 4 months ago I was on Fox Radio, a rarity for me. But the topic was the “poor teachers,” and the unions. Working for Roadway for 10 years as a Teamster I had to put my 2 cents in.  I spoke kindly of the Teamsters in that I made the same $$$ […]

Black Lyrics: We Will Multiply

You may be very offended at these black lyrics with a ton of curse words.  What if these blacks were still in Africa, would they be cursing then? What if they had been slaves for Jews as my Polish parents, myself, and my ancestors were raped, robbed, bankstered to death, and then robbed our corpses […]

ALIPAC Frozen, Lawmakers threatened by brown illegal Mexicans, with Assassination

The “powers: that be have murdered the account of the prime organization against illegal criminals invading America.  When I believe that ‘God’ is the only power, how can these human agencies be so powerful?  I had contacted this man informing him of the White Genocide, but he was not pro-White, just against illegals, and pro-American.  […]

Australia Whites and Blacks

Came across this while searching something else, but it looks like Australian Whites are finally setting the course straight or straighter about the non-Whites in the lands they live in. Angela Merkel of Germany said that “multi-culturalism” or “race-breaking” doesn’t work. Somewhere along the line our White and Yellow ancestors agreed that dogs and cats […]

Revolution: Hitler Jews

Just a tadbit more from that last website which chapters show Jews involvement in Revolutions, and then Haiti one can figure out since it was the same time frame. For Jews to destroy France, culture, people, religion, Christianity, they had to take down Haiti also. And since these black Haitians babies must have come out […]

French Revolution and Haiti

As I wrote in other emails that it is no mere coincidence that USA gets Constitution 1787, then Poland (of all places where Jews called “home,” Paradise, and “Kingdom of heaven” for 900 years, gets 1st European Constitution 1791. Then in 1793, the King Louis, and Queen Marie Antoinette are sent to the guillotine and […]

More: Queen Marie Antoinette, Jews, Gold, French Revolution

I had written on my blog the names of the 2 Jews who were Masterminds of the conspiracy of the “necklace” that brought down Marie Antoinette, #15 of 16 Austrian children of Empress, and Emperor. I didn’t come across it yet. But in searching I came across this article. I’m reading the entire thing for […]