Good Video on America’s Disguised Communism under Jews just as they did in Russia 1900

Our friend, Wendy, was the audio director in the video and you can see your name on the credits at the end. Good Job, Wendy and thanx. I read much of this and watched the 27 minute video.  Yes, I think we have Communism in our country.  After all we “lost” to the yellow Chinese […]

White Peacock: Mating Dance

I was thinking of wearing my chicken dance costume this Sunday and teaching the audience the chicken dance. Also I might stop at the German (Austrian like me) Hofenbraus House Restaurant to show them my costume. Often the band will play the chicken dance and I can get up and dance. While I was looking […]

Blacks torture, murder, Chris Newsom and Channon Christian

It’s only going to get worse for White male and females and the misery inflicted onto Whites continues…. unreported.  And all these thugs got was 18 years of prison. (Free food, free clothes, the prison does their laundry, fixes their food, takes care of their hair, gives the blacks dentists, doctors, Jewish psychiatrists, Jewish medicine, […]

Induced Japan Earthquake

Just wanted to forward this to you. The item and video are in the body of this email which talks of “HAARP” inducing Japanese earthquake. I will give you my comments, but if you don’t have time, just scroll past my comments, and right to the article.  Thanx I got this from Pastor Eli’s email […]

Dr. David Duke’s Video Trilogy 3-24-11

    Here are me and my two White sons and my pedigreed dog, Queenie.  She had 52 puppies but it wasn’t until the last 13-litter that I realized the importance of breeding selectively.  So in 1970’s, my Viet Vet husband and I took her to be professionally mated, rather than with the Shepherd that […]

Jewish Crimes Against Whites in Hollywood

Elizabeth Taylor, Jewess, Simon Wiesenthal Center

I found this Jewish website praising Elizabeth Taylor for her work as a mighty Jewess warrior. The video at the end is astounding if one looks at it from the prospective that I just wrote that Simon Wiesenthal, Jew, Nazi Hunter, and murderer as he hung many White Germans for things they didn’t do, Wiesenthal, […]

Jews Keeping Whites in Lost Wars

I came across this when searching for something else from It only goes back 100 years and Jewish wars, it should go back thousands of years for Whites only we need to stretch our thinking from the present moment, to the past and future. Note “Communist” is another name for “Jew.”  War is a […]

English or Hebrew?

As we all know, Jews not only control TV, radio, book publishing, banks worldwide, Hollywood, Miami, New York, (now Chicago with Raum Emmanuel as new Mayor or Destroyer of the White man) Vegas, (although most of Vegas money now has to bow to Chinese owners, and China loves karaoke, so I think they would stick […]