German Lady Cracks Up

In my “fertile” imagination second only to my Mama’s “fertile” womb having 12 babies, and all the sex that went with it….. I picture that this German White Lady is Eva Braun, reincarnated. She finally got over her suicidal depression, (Germany was at its worse and lowest point in history…..) and found something to laugh […]

Government Mind Control

It’s called Government “Mind control,” but Government “derangement control,” might be another word. Divide and conquer, we have been in a war for over a hundred years and it has been on our own USA soil. (probably longer, for surely the Civil War was part of this plot to take over the White man’s wealth, […]

My Prayer: Elvis Imitator

One of the first songs I ever sang in Las Vegas after moving here was “My Prayer.” I heard on Graceland Internet Radio that it was his favorite song of all time. I always think of when I “prayed” for him during the entire concert on March 28, 1957 on my sister’s aurora borealis rosary […]

Lone Assassin, Jack Ruby Jew

There is only “1” man who we know for sure was an assassin when Pres Kennedy was murdered: Jack the Jew Rubenstein, or Jack Ruby as he was known. There never was a trial for Lee Harvey Oswald. It really backfired on the Jews, because for eternity the only murderer we have film of is […]

Mexican Consulate Strikes and Assaults Minutewoman! Where are felony charges; Deportation

    Sorry Pictures wont copy, but here are the words.  Talked to a Mexican brown woman in Vegas that was making so much money bringing in illegals she gave up her $50,000.00 a year cleaning job. If Whites continue to hire brown Mex’s and pay them top $$$, Whites will continue to decline, die, […]

Hurricane Irene… Irene the Goddess of Peace

There are some very wise old words in this play for “Irene the Goddess of Peace.” Some really interesting phrases were that the Greek man said “I will be my own slave.” As long as we don’t want to do our own work, we will let our slaves control us, and we will lose our […]

Earthquake: Washington DC, Denver CO & Hurricane Irene

I mean I couldn’t have prophesied this: An earthquake where my youngest son lives in Washington DC today. Now an earthquake the worst since 1967 near where my older son lives in Colorado. And Hurricane Irene, named after my grade school friend that carried Mein Kampf around with her… Irene. All at practically the same […]

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

I woke up from a very real-life dream. My dreams are sometimes so interesting, wild, creative and challenging that I like living in my dreams.  It sure blocks out this horrible, genocidal reality, that not only wants to kill the White Race but the God that created it, and the Christ that has been honored […]