White Slavs; Black Slaves

I heard on Rev. Matt Johnson’s radio show, (he is from Orthodox Ukraine religion) that 50% of the Ukranians are un-employed. Yet because they are “Slavs” which means “White Slaves,” Whites don’t even hear this, but go on bowing to Black former “Slaves” like Obama. (his father in Kenya was never a slave, and blacks […]

White Anniversaries

I just came across this video of Tom Jones singing “The Anniversary Song.” I couldn’t help but think of the anniversaries of my husband and myself, as well as my sister’s and brother-in-law’s 60th anniversary. Most of the siblings that are married stay married their entire lives, as Mama and Daddy did. That I recall […]

Painkillers Dangerous

There’s tons of info on pills being dangerous, as well as the Jewish doctors and their non-white imps that help them run their medical mafia. Here is just another. The worse danger is to innocent children either not born yet through their parent’s ingestion, or while in mother’s womb if she takes pills, drinks or […]

Good Carbonite Service; Jews Impregnating Black Women for 400 years!

Good news! A major computer software backup company, Carbonite, is changing their entire company from “India Techies” to Maine, USA techies. I have to cancel the service for my Internet now provides this back up service for free and I pay for that every month. But to think the CEO would get on the line […]

Mothers Robbing Children’s Pills: Ritalin, AHHD

I heard where young White boys and girls were robbing their mother’s medicine cabinets (as Elvis did) to get high, but mother’s robbing the children’s medicine? I’ve written before how many, many White women are addicted to pain killers or anti-depressants. Even the Mormons who don’t drink, smoke, take drugs, and not even caffeine, like […]

Bible: Untie the White Man

I saw a passage in the Message Bible that I use for further study, and to me, it signifies how the Jews accomplished the takeover of “our” White race. (I heard on White radio that we should say “our race,” or “my race,” but not “the race. It is from Matthew 12. Jesus had just […]

Spooky Bible: Judas Iscariot, Jewish Invaders

I have a huge book, the biggest one my hands have ever held called “Gulags.” It is a picture book of the prisons the Jews put the White Russians in before they starved them, worked them to death, confiscated all their $$$, screwed the hell out of their White women, and murdered them, and robbed […]

Chinese, Jew Brains; White bodybags

I heard on pro-White radio how the white man was talking to 2 Chinese women who were “brains” from MIT, Yale talked to one. They asked him politely: Where are all the Whites? (by Whites meaning Americans for as Obama the black when to Harvard, our Jewish laws pushed them in, and pulled the White […]

Poland and Jew Commies

I’ve already written extensively (from the little I could find) about the Jews and Poland. There is a cross for that country to pick up the pieces and being devout Christians they would treasure “honesty” above all else, not like the Jews, Jesus’ enemies. Whites lying to one another had to be the greatest sin […]

Hilary the Hurricane

I’ve been doing tributes in karaoke to Hurricane Irene for my childhood friend, Polish White Irene, the young 12 year old girl that walked the halls of Polish St. Mary Magdalene’s with a book of Hitler’s “My Struggle,” or Mein Kampf, under her arm. She taught me about make-up, teasing hair, sewing in clothes, and […]