The Best: Southern Charlie Daniels Band

Since the Jews can only be called “Supremists,” which they are, and Whites “cannot” be called Supremacists for fear we will try to raise ourselves up out of our problems, perhaps the ADL Jews, or SPLC Jews will “allow” us to be called the Best Whites we can be, like Charlie Daniels is the Best […]

Insane Jews & Mental Illness

In the ‘60’s, we now realize the Jews fought a revolution against Whites beginning with their assassination of our Irish President, John Kennedy. But then the Jews have used our poor Irish for bodybags for centuries. One of the many changes forced down white throats was that the Jews issued some sort of Mental Health […]

Marine Wounded Occupy

I’m in extreme pain as I type. My right hand and shoulder are burning and I cannot hold a mouse without enduring so much pain I would start screaming to the outer ends of the universe. In order to type this, I have to put my mouse in my left hand and barely hit the […]

Elvis’ Jewish Little Sister Died

As I have written extensively, there was only “1” woman around Elvis continuously to know his every thought, word and deed, and to “advise” him……. a Jewess. Patty Parry. She called herself Elvis’ “Lil Sister.” After I write something, it is so hard for me to find it again on the internet, but here it […]

Black Crooked Supreme Court Justice Clarene Thomas

I just got this today about Supreme Court Justice Black Clarence Thomas. (Remember there are no White Protestant Males on Court, and no White women, only 2 Jewish women, 1 Hispanic woman, (the Jews’ preferred slave of the day, which used to be black, before Polish White). I am going to sign the petition and […]

Halloween: Hitler Jewess

Several days ago I mentioned I wanted to do my Hitler costume for Halloween. After all, there was a stage production of the highest magnitude ($$$) called the Producers, which was all about German Nazis and how 2 Jew producers wanted to put on a play and musical about them to make $$$. So it […]

ps. Halloween Dead Babies

Just a ps to my long email on just some of the problems that the White race faces that we can do something about, and the solutions. I should have thought of this first, but $$ has never been my God like the Jewess’. Problem: White babies born already in debt $132,000.00 (I read, with […]

Halloween: Dead Babies (White)

Here is the song “Dead Babies” that I will be singing and below are a long list of “problems” and “solutions” that need to be tackled for Whites.I never saw this version before. It is horrific. But it is also “symbolic” of how Whites kill their own babies, thru abortion, and also the words that […]

White American Apologizes to White German Soldier for World War II Barbaric Treatment of Prisoners

I will gladly forward and place on blog. What a “Happy Halloween” Present! With being a pro-White patriot, it can be so depressing to just watch, study or read what is going on. And there is little to nothing that can be done in comparison to the magnitude of what needs to be done. But […]

Ghostbuster and Jews

Sorry this is a long email. If you can get someone at least to read up to the end of Part 1, you will see what the Jews have been passing as “entertainment” was really the Destruction of Western (White) Civilization, men, women and children. I will draw line up to part 1. How do […]