Horror: Dwight Frye 1

I’m going to send a series of emails regarding the book Dwight Frye. Since I’ve done some horror on stage, I really can identify with him. Although I do “everything.” That is what Dwight Frye wanted, as Elvis wanted. Both were typecast, each longer for what the other 1/2 didn’t want. (Here’s two pix of […]

Halloween Horror: I’m Really Not Insane

Here is a little more on Dwight Frye, the very blonde White Christian Scientist that was typecast by that religion in Hollywood (we won’t mention their name) which really isn’t a religion at all but a Mafia, Monopoly, and the most con artist Business this planet has ever seen. Note the words to the song […]

Blacks Beat Elvis

I’ll never forget the time when a gang of black women aggressively approached me while I was sitting at my desk, when I was temping at Quaker Oaks. It was my turn to write the “Word of the Day” at work and I chose “Elvis.” Especially since I discovered that Elvis put Gatorade on the […]

I Called Occupy Wall Street!

I’ve called Occupy Wall Street and am sending him this email, but he says he “loves the browns and blacks” and refuses to believe anything bad about the Jews. So to me all this occupy Wall Street is to further the Jewish genocide of the White Race. Whites have no rights right now, face genocide, […]

White Glams and Jew Ghost Stories

Here’s a spooky video about 2 White glamorous women, their Jewish husband/lover and the tragedies that went with it. I wish no violence to Jews or anyone. I wish for our Race to get out from under their Mastership before we are all turned into White slaves as Jews did to my people of White […]

Charles Dickens; Anti-Semite

Just a clip from Wiki on Charles Dickens considered the greatest author of England. From Wiki: it mentions how he used the sledgehammer to crush the oppression of the poor of England. (where was he in South Chicago, when everyone was helping the browns, Jews, blacks, etc, etc. and left us to starve?) Note in […]

Jewess in My Home

While at Project Homeless for the White Viet Vet (and daughter) I was helping, I thought there might be benefits for me, especially since I was sick. After all I am a Viet Vet widow, but ever since I was young, poverty stricken to the point of suicidal attempts, there was “help” for all the […]

Attorney Witness Smiles

From my dear Polish friend. These are so funny, I was laughing so hard, I thought I would pee in my pants, and I’m still laughing. Im actually pounding my fist on the computer table with my sore right arm, but they are so funny. Thank you! Just a little “fun” for your Thanksgiving Holiday! […]