Carolyn Yeager Attacks Poland

If you received this and do not want any more emails, please reply black. If my list goes down to “0” I will know to quit writing and quit searching for ways to help the White people, since it really seems they don’t need or want help at all. And least not help from Eastern […]

TV: Untouchables; Nuremberg: Political Dynamite 2

Just to finish up last night’s email. The writing and research get so interesting I do not want to stop, as when I was comparing the TV show “Untouchables” to Jews and to a Banker in the Nuremberg trial who was the only one who was “allowed to live.” Do you see where our White […]

Nuremberg Trials: Political Dynamite!

Finally, my last notes on book Nuremberg: The Last Battle by David Irving. He is the master historian for World War II and “English” not German, who studied the actual tapes, records, diaries and letters and “not” as all the other historians who just wrote what Jews wrote in their history books, fiction novels that […]

$$$ Jewess Asst to Ben Bernancke

Federal Reserve Bank Dynamic Duo: Head: Ben the Jew Bernanke (who we are stuck with until 2020! Ass’t Head: Jewess: Janet Yellen!!!! Isn’t it amazing that a Jewish “couple” should extract all our White money at the Fed and then decide who gets what, what actions are to be taken? Here’s from on Janet […]

Scarey Actor: Dwight Frye

This is priceless and those that love Halloween appreciate such great talent. Hard to impersonate a crazy man>>> (or woman) as no one has tried to impersonate me yet…. yet. In clip they compare the Congressperson’s laugh to the (Christian Science actor) Dwight Frye. Do you think our Congresspeople are “crazy?” [youtube=]

Bible: Gentile Haman, Whites and Jews

Quickie: In the One Bible Commentary, in John: 5:1, it talks of a feast, Purim. (You see it on calendars all the time, but overlook it.) Jews commemorate that Haman was going to exterminate the Jews in the Persian Empire. From my reasoning, the Jews were first the citizens and guests of Babylonia. The Jews […]

White Library: Extinct?

Get a load of this my dear nearly White extinct people. Eric Holder under Obama wanted us to talk race, so here goes. I’m hoping this gets forwarded to a White Mormon, but more than likely it won’t. I need to get to the Mormons for they have had large families like my Polish White […]

White History with Jewish Troublemakers

I think just as Americans are trying to pull out from under the oppressive anti-White regime, the Poles, saw this, but only briefly in their 900 year destructive relationship with Jews. Think of this: Whites and Americans worry about our borders. Every other country in the world protected their borders either with massive walls like […]

White man Celente, Jews

I heard a White man, Gerald Celente, (video) say on radio that a “MF” that he had six figures of $$$ in, has crashed and they confiscated his “six figures” $$$ in which Gerald was dealing with “gold.” Even the radio hostesses that interviewed him were saying how sorry they were, for picture saving, […]

I Emailed Toronto Newspaper on White Rights and Jewish Genocide of our People

I sent a mighty email to that Toronto Newspaper so they can change their history from Jew and Muslim Rights to White Rights before we get entirely genocided. The DJ I used to email lives there and is afraid to even receive one paragraph from me now. It was ok when I wrote him about […]