Elvis Meets Nixon Bud Krogh

Just some pix of the poster I made when I did a tribute to Christian Scientist Bud Krogh who was President Nixon’s Secretary & his non-fiction or real book about the episode of when Elvis got on plane, was alone for first time in life, and got to meet President Nixon, like the movie “Elvis […]

Dwight Frye Actor Joins Church

Dwight Frye, a devout Christian Scientist, actor, was used by Jews in Hollywood for movies that degraded him, made a monster or murderer out of him, and even in one film his son writes in biography that his father was chosen for his (White) Aryan looks to play a “despised and hated” German. Jews had […]

Ginger Rogers and Jew

I’ve already written from Wiki where a Jew gave Rogers a hard time. Rogers, like Dwight Frye, were Christian Scientists in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Being an entertainer, or actress/actor isn’t bad. It would have been good, for using one’s talents, and “all” talents in many directions is “Renaissance.” Acting, TV, Radio, Movies could […]

Jews Killing our White President

This is very important. I know it is long, but perhaps print it out and read it over a course of a month. But there is important info in here, and at the bottom the actual Nixon tapes published in England (UK) United Kingdom, which really means United Nations Kingdom or Satellite of Jews…. but […]

Cloistered Nuns, St. Therese the Little Flower of Jesus

I got this from a Christian Science Lady. She didn’t realize I had actually taken a “vow of silence” and didn’t talk for 34 years, from age 7 to age 41. I didn’t miss very much, although it gave a new meaning to “painfully shy.” Even when my son Paul went to Christian Science Cedars […]

White Royal Family Attends St. Mary Magdalene Church

My autobiography is full of the church and school I attended as a young girl: St. Mary Magdalene, the only woman in Jesus’ group. The Da Vinci Code book states she was his wife and they had children, but that is speculation. I read the Gospel of St. Mary Magdalene, and she taught as I […]

Pro-White Video

Powerful video from Paul Fromm, Canada. The same could be said for the entire race. Little by Little, all our formerly White Countries will suffer the “Big Takeover.” I stopped by a neighbor at the RV park where I live. Where I go swimming is a neighbor and they have the name of “Hollapa’s” on […]

Bible: Iraq vs Israel

As I had written just a few days ago, all the characters of the Old Testament are not from the area called “Israel,” today. I received this in today’s mail, affirming what I had figured out in my mind. We had gone to war with the descendants of those in the Bible, killed them, maimed […]

Does Apple Hate White Little Boys?

Does Apple Hate Little White Boys? I have loved Apple Computers for decades. I have built my career and work on these machines. But in the end it is just another PC company with the usual multiculty agenda. — James Sanchez ========== (http://www.apple.com/contact/feedback.html) I had a very disturbing problem at the UVillage store in Seattle […]