David Duke Radio Show Transcript 1-31-12

David Duke: This broadcast is for “all” men to preserve its freedom. Humanity is “not one,” but many. We all have the right to live and to be preserved. It isn’t just for Tibetans and Indians, but for Europeans. It is said that we have a special evil quality, because of conquest, as if Ghingas […]

German Nudism, Jewish Secret Code, Books

I couldn’t find anything on the secret code of “Esperanza” that both Hitler and Stalin knew was in force “uniting” the Jews. (against us? did they realize that?) Here is pix of book but do not know if this is the one. (see #192 below in summary of some interesting books on German nudism.”) Also, […]

Must Read: Hitler’s Last Speech Jan. 30, 1945

Here is something I uncovered in the email I’m writing. Since I uncovered it at the end of my long email, I didn’t want it buried, so I am going to paste it here. If you listen to Hitler’s words, it is as if he is talking about the USA today. He also mentions that […]

Secret Jewish Esperansa Code

I was in a fancy antique store today on the mall. Pete Rose was there for pictures, chat, autographs, and selling his memorabilia. My son, Mikey, was an excellent baseball player, and played even after he grew up and plays even recently; he is 39. While in the store I was looking at these artifacts […]

Catholic Sterilization?

Was driving around town on errands and also looking for elk or bison for hamburgers. It is quite expensive. I got to listen to talk radio and heard that Obama sent out a letter to each and every Catholic church, school, organization and university, telling them that they must conform with government standards for birth […]

David Duke Radio Transcript 1-30-12

David Duke: This broadcast goes all over the world. Every culture, every tradition, every people, has the right to live and preserve their particular expressions of their culture and how they look. We look at American Indians, Arabic peoples, among the European peoples, humanity is a whole rainbow of traits, character, values and races, if […]

Pastor Eli on Jew usury, foreclosure, deception

I got this from Pastor Eli of Christian Identity. It has within the 2 articles how Jews accomplish their business, knowing full well they are sinning, but forgiving themselves. It is already established that Jews couldn’t be Jews without White Christians as the enabler. Here are some of the sins Jews take for granted and […]

White War Song, Viet Nam, “19” and Jews

I accidentally turned to an ‘80’s radio station on my Grace 10,000 internet radio station receiver. (the youtube version is longer and is seems like it is from Germany if you read the header on it.) The song that was playing was “19”. It jarred me so that my soul wanted to get out of […]

Rich Jew CEO: Starbucks

It was common street knowledge that if one worked for a bank at the bottom they got paid little; but the higher ups not only got huge salaries but bennies to match. Same with marketing and advertising where my sister worked as Executive Secretary where she got small salary, worked long hours, but the higher […]

Dr. Morrell, Hitler’s Doctor and Only Constant Companion

Note pix 4 has Hitler’s Dr. Morrell at dinner table. Dr. Morrell was granted the special and only privilege of being the only human to be with Hitler constantly. Dr. Morrell was the doctor to Jewish entertainers before becoming Hitler’s… friend and physician. Boy that German lady looks quite happy being a Nazi! The White […]