Sarkozy son, Jew, Pelts Female Cop

I just wrote last week, and also long before, that in the Bible, I read where the Jewish children were undisciplined. That doesn’t seem to hold true for yellow Chinese children, at least those that are raised by yellows and not Jew-S-A, Jewish States of America. Whites and Christians have modeled and molded their children […]

Death of White Marilyn Monroe

I’m going out to do a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, Happy Birthday Mr. President. I bought the material a few years back when I had 3 incomes coming it and it is very sparkly, even hologram sparkle, sequined material. I had to design it to fit my body rather than a pattern, which made it […]

Bunker & My White Golden Hands

I’m putting together a tribute to the wonderfully talented Jean Stapleton of All in the Family. I bought posters, 2 smaller, and will just have a collage of episodes around it. But at this point in life, since White Christians as well as Whites are going extinct, we have to analyze what the Jews did, […]

Obama’s White Grandmother

Was Obama’s White Grandmother murdered to bring on a “Black President” and only black grandmother. When you bring up Obama’s grandmother only the black info comes on google. (jew owned).   Obama’s White Grandmother was murdered. Here is how she died “in her sleep.” Sure, less than 48 hours before election. November 03, 2008 Sen. […]

Jews: Synagogue of Satan

Oh, I know, we have all read those Revelation passages from the Bible, but if you really want to study the Jews as sons and daughters of the devil, masking as a religion, imposters, read these two from (See below on the Synagogue of Satan comments. It is a long, long email to read, […]

Swatstika and Oldest Writing

Being a blogger or writer, I thought one mind find this research and writing interesting. I like words. Whether mine, or yours, I like words. I “listened” almost my entire life to “your” words, generically speaking, and still listen today. It is only in my recent life that you hear what is going on in […]

Black Gang Rape and Attempted Murder Scottsboro Boys

Since my writing has been to save our White species, and as a bi-product realized that I have also got to help save Christianity in the human sense, for “your” offspring seem to be the target. When researching today, for Andrew Breitbart, the Gay Jew, who died today and sent my other email, I came […]