Pills, Liquor, Romney, Obama Impeached

Thought I might do this song in karaoke, since I’ve been on a Christian Science theme. It is Liza Minnelli, and in it she talks of music, etc. But she talks of her roommate, Elsie, who found fun in “pills and liquor” and made the most beautiful Queen of a corpse that she has ever […]

Jesus: Healing at a Distance

I’ve always had a deep love for Jesus since childhood. I thought of something I read today about the “long distance” healings Jesus did where he healed but he didn’t go there to the sight of the victim. He healed “mentally.” There were 3 of them: From Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracles_of_Jesus 1. The Canaanite woman and her […]

New Holocaust II Movie?

Since Jew Holocaust I, was a Jew type Movie, this interview is warning that a New Holocaust II might be on the Horizon for Jewish crimes. Believe me, in all my study, all I see is severe worship of Jews by Christians, Communist Chinese, (Jewish bankers with White $$ who developed and run them). I […]

Breasts, Breasts and more Breasts

I will never forget when I first started to show cleavage how the other women hated me and mocked me. Once 4 of them nearly locked me in the bathroom and wouldn’t let me sing karaoke. Why? They all probably fed their babies, dastardly, destructive baby formula. I crusaded all by myself with writing, performing […]

Whites Face Off Against New Black Panther Party

I think it was the motorcyclists like Marlon Brando that made the Black Panthers turn back. Can you imagine Prin’s Panthers using the 1968 Black Panthers as role models? If the FBI can shut down the White People’s Party of 8 people protesting and threaten the innocent leader a White Irish American to cut off […]

David Duke and Kevin McDonald on the Jewish mistreatment of Christians, Jewish “Race,” etc.

DD’s Show 4/23/12 Part 1 & 2 Globalism: Portrayed as world peace & values. Globalists in power in Western Nations. Intra-continental government: Canada, US, Mexico, they are trying to create; also EU in Europe. The people that run globalism, care not about the people, but their own people, a tiny minority: Jews. It opens up […]

Black Obama Raids My Neighborhood

Two years ago, I volunteered for a Republican Candidate, who was a Mormon, and who was opposing the Jewish Princess, Shelley Berkley. (In Lil’ Israel, Vegas, she didn’t have a hard time & won. She is now running for Senator, and since Republicans don’t seem to have a chance here in Nevada/Vegas (Jews and their […]

ps Lusitania and Titanic

I was mad as hell about the Lusitania and Titanic, but after I posted my blog, wordpress gives me suggestions to add to my “tags,” to get more responses. They might give suggestions as to add “war history,” etc. Well, on today’s topic of the sunken tragedies, they added “vacation” and “travel.” Can you imagine […]

Titanic, Lusitania, Hero, Heroine, World War I

At the beginning of my writings to the Whites I compared the White Race to being on the Titanic Ship. And that we are headed for a White iceberg and we must desperately try to change course of the ship. We now “see” the iceberg and can change the course of our history… Yes it […]