Whites, Jews, Alex Jones, Bilderberg

I happened to turn on Alex Jones radio. Much of what he is espousing could be taken from my notes, such as Eugenics, which is getting even mainstream. My original final essay for English 101 in 2006 calling “Saving the White Race,” mentioned Eugenics. I’ve also written about over-population and said “if the USA can […]

Jews: The White Womans’ Face

Autobiographically speaking, there was only 1 episode of the Twilight Zone I saw as a child. It was about getting plastic surgery which I sometimes think of now that I’m old. But it wasn’t just being “old” that I wanted surgery. When I was growing up I truly thought I was ugly. I didn’t want […]

Jewish Women Ate Their Babies

The website I sent you before this tells clearly one cannot understand the Bible unless one understands all of history. That is why history revisionist and Truth telling is so important. In that last long, long, long website of the Bible showing the crimes of the Jews that I just sent, it said when the […]

Jewess Kicked me, a Veteran’s widow, out of Veteran’s Office!

I won’t even go into details. I feel like I’ve been put thru a meat grinder. To make a long story short, I went for help for my son’s 4th suicide attempt to the “Veteran’s” and the Jewish head not only kicked me out, but had 4 Mexican brown police loaded with weapons and mental […]

Wanted Dead or Alive: Jews as Secretary of Treasury, War on Whites

I’m wearing a Cowgirl Costume for karaoke tonite! I kept trying to think of a song, but nothing came to me. Finally, Bon Jovi’s song, “Wanted Dead or Alive!” popped into my head, but it was more tragic than even I could imagine. I start with all positive and spiritual and hard-working, loving intentions, and […]

White Arthur Topham Arrested for Speaking Truth about Jews & World War II

More arrests of White men! How can it be that one writes the truth, that it is a crime. It would be like people murdering, raping, embezzling, and if a person writes about it and names the people, the “writer” gets arrested and the criminals continue to go free and “demand” the arrests. Jews are […]

White Russian Victims & Jew Bolsheviks, Cannibalism

It is frightening to see the history that has been covered up. It is more scary to know that our schools are filled with memorizing lies to keep their Communist Jewish gods. It was the Jew gang that killed the Czar and family of Russia. As the Jews planned the guillotine of the last Queen […]

21,000,000 Germans Died for “Jew’s Rights & $$$”

On Alex Jones radio: after Jews declared war on Germany, 21,000,000 of Germans finest men, raised on veggies, no smoking, drinking, drugging, character, outdoors, were killed or commit suicide. Plus Germans were our “smartest,” something the Yellow Chinese and Jews surely appreciate having our gene pools finest die. How about the “injured” ones, which suffer […]

ps to my Bible and Homosexuality Email

Just a ps to my email on Bible, God and homosexuality and rich Jews. Here’s a Beatle’s song which I enjoy singing in karaoke. I like the Beatles, and I especially like them for their words “The entertainment industry is really being part of the Jewish ‘religion.’) Whatever happened to them, they were also White […]