White Elvis Love Letters

White Elvis with love letters. Like Elvis, I studied Communism since my deceased US Marine Purple Heart Hall of Honor fought Commies in Viet Nam. But what Elvis didn’t know is the heads of Communism, throughout history, in Germany, Poland, Russia, USA are and were Jewish, disguised as a religion of murderers. Karl Marx who […]

Jewish Doctor's Plot in Russia

Jewish Killer Doctors in Russia! (my Grandpa was a Polish Russian General and sure would have been one of the first murdered by the Jewish Assassins who were responsible for 1917 Russian Revolution.) As Prince Harry wore his Nazi costume at a party in England (see prior video posted today) I decided I too would […]

Sexy, Racist, Nazi, Naked Prince Harry

I just heard that in Vegas Prince Harry and female were photo’d naked. I think he is cute and being a redhead should lead a world wide crusade of “Saving the first Whites to go extinct, the redhead!” Redheads, I think, but don’t quote me, are sometimes more hot headed like their flaming hair. I […]

White Organization; Office Organization

White “Organization!” and “Office Organization.” I like to give my thoughts for the day by the first word. If one needs improvement, ideas or support, they might find help. My end result of 25,000 pages of writing, is Whites have to organize and not just in USA. Europe, Australia, Canada, USA, etc. Jews have been […]

Jews Secret Empire and Polish History as their White Slaves

I posted this on facebook as part of my autobiography chapter. WAR! Jews & Polish Christian wars as Jews lived in Poland for 900 years. No other European Country has suffered so much under Jewish rule. Here is just a partial list of how Jews kept Poland in war, as they keep America in war. […]

White Men, US Marines, Killed by "friendly" brown Afghans!

My deceased husband was US Marine, & I found out this a.m. that US Marines are working with Afghans to “help” liberate them. The men that are training them, learn how to use guns, grenades, and then kill our very own white US Marine “highest” officials, with the same weapons! What are we doing in […]

Race-Breaking White Send Me Pix

If you thought my sons wanting to put me in an insane asylum is bad, here’s what one of my nephews that I gave up my life to baby sit for free. He couldn’t find work in USA for 20 years, straight A’s, and finally found work in Poland. He accidentally found my White and […]

White Census: Read it and Weep!

“One Race! The new term for America, for race-breaking… but only to break White Race down. The others can stay pedigreed. Only Whites will become mutts. It’s the new jew religion to be worshipped. See Excel Census chart. I bet Obama or Michelle can’t even read one of these let alone create one with 16,000 […]

Who's White

I was eager to post on Facebook for I’m getting barely 3 hits a day, and nothing worthwhile. The little time I have left on planet needs to be more productive. There was a Polish man, Adam Urbanski, the “millionaire mentor” whose webinar I attended to make more $$ with my book by giving free […]