Pills using us as White Rats

Pills for Whites: we’ve been duped, dumbed down and now drugged up. Here’s one of thousands of reports on how the Jews and their imps use as as nothing more than White Rats with pills that not only don’t work, but kill. http://blog.aarp.org/2012/11/26/drug-research-scandal-patients-lose-again/?cmp=NLC-RSS-DAILY-BULLETIN-TEST-112912-H2

Jews – 9/11 – President Bush duped by Jews and Blacks

9/11-Blacks President Bush. Here is photo showing where President Bush was “sent” for the Jewish Hollywood entertainment of bringing down 3 White paid for and built World Trade Center’s 9/11 tragedy. Mostly Whites killed. It is called Jewish and Muslim and Black entertainment. Who is in White house? Black Muslim. Who runs country, Jews? Where […]

Jews Sink 4 Ships and US White Navy Ships are in Israel ports today!

Jews bomb Ships! What the hell are White people and white Taxes doing over in Israel with our White Men and White ships in their waters, the most in history. Jews already sank 4 ships. I’ve put that on posts and blog. I show the Jew involvement in sinking the Titanic, and Lusitania. Then I […]

Romney at the White (Black) House for Advice: Tell Obama to shove it

White Romney at the White House. I’d tell Obomb-us to shove it before I gave him any advice for straightening out the economy as he expects to get from Romney. I’d let it collapse first. I told you already Obama is stupid. He knows nothing, did nothing, his only expertise is deadly Communism which killed […]

Pomegranates & Outlawing Caesarian Section Babies

Pomegranates. How can I work with nice thoughts like Life, Nature, my Pomegranate crop from my bush, when I live in a genocided White society by Jews and we can do nothing about it, anymore than Isaac in picture below, whose own father tied his hands. How many White fathers are sending their boys to […]

Bible Jews Kill our White Boys for their Wars

Bible: Jews Kill White Boys! Jew Warmongers! The USA Navy has the most personnel and ships near Israel the highest ever! Also, 1,000 of our (White) soldiers on their soil! Here’s a famous White most famous artist Rembrandt Bible painting of Abraham killing Isaac, his own son from Jewess Sarah. Sadly, Abraham tried to kill […]

Jews Wanted to Steralize our Smartest Whites: Germans, before, during & after World War II

Jews Wanted Sterilization to wipe out White German race after World War II (our smartest). Just a ps from the book “Other Losses” and wasn’t sure I mentioned that. It’s the insanity and cruelty of how Jews do business with Whites…. and for a thousand years, even before. Jesus knew that; he got the whip! […]

Dr. Duke Radio Show 11-27-12

Dr. David Duke archive radio show for today is very interesting. I got a pair of ear buds at Fry’s for $29.00 so I can clean the house and listen also at the same time, for those that “have no time.” Remember, if you “Have no time,” you can rant against the Jews who tripled […]

Society in Nazi Germany: Breastfeeding

Nazis and Breastfeeding “family.” I pioneered breastfeeding and had to live in solitary confinement for each son, 3 1/2 years, or 7 years in the USA my White Womanly Rights were so violated. People hated me that much for my stand which was considered “piggish” even by my sisters. But I stuck to my guns […]