White – Brotherhood of the Revolution Pt. 1

1776 History=(White) “Brotherhood of the Revolution” by Joseph Ellis. Barnes & Noble going out of business sale led me to a great book and history CD course. I accentuate my writings with “White” as description for our White heritage has been stripped and deluded from us and given to the “World” but they maintain their […]

White Christmas, Jew Menorah candles, Black Kwanzaa candles

“Jesus was Psychotic?” It hurts me to write what the Blacks think of Jesus but White Christians should know this as they voted for the head black over there in the White House. What a dagger in the White Heart for 400 years of babying that black race. Black Kwanzaa: I noticed on a 2012-13 […]

How Jews Stole Christmas, Brother Nathaniel

Jews Stole Christmas, the day of baby Jesus, and everything we hold dear of our Christian values, ancestry, labor, even martyrdom and death!  Brother Nathaniel is converted Jew, and sometime when the Jews awake, they can really see their own former brothers sometimes more clearly than even Christians who just nod their heads to everything […]

David Duke Video 12/28/12

David Duke’s new video. One of the best I’ve seen. It encompassed Jews, Russian Revolution, terrible monstrous Jewish Zio Villains. While all the time Jews had us looking at innocent Hitler as a monster of all times, it was the Jews that were the monsters beyond what words can describe. What is so horrible for […]

Changed Facebook Privacy Settings

Changed Settings to Private. I realize posts have been difficult for others as they have been even more difficult and painful for me than anyone else for every single word I wrote, felt, and suffered like the pangs of childbirth I suffered without drugs in home delivery. I hope this is ok. There is sooo […]

White Henry Ford and Jews

Pt 1. Henry Ford and Jews: As I wrote he exposed them but even back then, Jews used their mighty monopoly force and forced an apology as they did from White George Wallace governor of Alabama who didn’t want Whites segregated. Now we must segregate White boys to help them achieve with smarter other races. […]

Jew New York

New Jew York, World Headquarters for Jews our “Kings” was named after Duke of York. According to Wiki the second son of King is given that name. The current one is Prince Andrew. He is divorced (I’m available as Queen of Karaoke, USA Royalty) but he has no sons. So this “Duke” title will not […]

White Henry Ford Interview: Music

Henry Ford (of Ford Motor) and his War on Jews: Begins with White Singing, Singing Singing. I happen to come across an old article of Henry Ford, who invented Ford and assembly line for quick production. He had a newspaper that focused on the evil of the Jews. Today, the Ford doesn’t resemble anything Henry […]

Jewish News and Book Publishers

White Singing! Singing Singing! I woke up singing this morning. Cranked up the old karaoke machine and belted out “Staying Alive!” by Bee Gees. I only picked it out because I’m going to go through all my music, 4000 songs, and find my favorites starting with disc one. My first disc is disco & this […]

Las Vegas Stores Shut Down for Christmas

Las Vegas Stores Shut down for Christ-mas, the birth of Jesus Christ. Talking to neighbor who went out to get diapers for grandchild on Christmas. There was absolutely nothing open and took an hour and a half to find them. Well, next year people will think ahead knowing that this is Jesus’ day and all […]