2013 – Jew Beating, Crippling, Denied Aid

I’ll make it short. See today’s other blogs. Beaten and crippled on my spine, 2013, Jew-owned MGM Mandalay Bay in front of an audience August 2013. You can click on link but the list of those who rejected me for any kind of help after the beating and crippling is below. Also how it affects you and your offspring when black Barach Hussein Obama stole nearly a $1 trillion dollars of our Social Security Benefits to “help” the “illegal” children!!!

  • Security didn’t stop
  • Police only took report
  • Detectives refused
  • Mandalay Bay House of Blues (for Blacks) refused video tape
  • Government Medicare to help pay for bills, denied. However, on the rejection letter it lists those who qualify such as blind. About the 7th qualifiers, were illegals, who had shut down 80 California hospitals as far back as 2005.
  • I contacted Social Security for Elders, Victims of Violence, senator, House of Reps, governor. No help as my deceased Veteran Michael said before his suicide or murder, “There’s no help for the White man.” He knew he was “White” since I hired him at the #1 company to save his homeless life where I was Human Resource Director for Human Development hiring “only Whites” since the government padlocked the company about to bankrupt.
  • When I again called Social Security I complained. “What’s this I hear that (black) Barach Hussein Obama took nearly a trillion dollars of elderly Social Security Benefits.” She replied, “Oh you must be glad and rejoice. It went to the foreign children coming into our country. (illegals Mexicans plus other races are sneaking in through Mexico my words) . . . the government White lady agent continued. My sons have top 1 1/2 % IQ in the nation but never helped but only helped black kids to come billionaires and presidents.) We probably would have checks twice the size if we didn’t have to split what we made for our whole lives with the Jews at the top and the other races.
  • Called Department of Aging, Nevada. No help
  • Called Washington DC Department of Aging. “There’s so many cases of elderly people being beaten in front of crowds, we can’t handle another case. (White since we’re an aging minority with 80% of the money distributed to the other 92% of the world)
  • Victims of Violence denied me help. However, here’s the letter I sent. When I went to travel to Branson, I was so sick I had to lay on the plane.