First email into my questioning Holocaust for Jews not Polish

White Polish Christian, Jews, Holocaust. Going thru my first historical emails that led to my autobiography, I found this simple one of my shock that Polish Christians suffered way more losses than Jews but it was covered up. For 2 years I never talked of Jews, except for Jew doctor rape and that was just […]

More Torture of White men under Communism

More Torture of White Males: Not only these posts there’s so much more but it is “silenced” and all we hear is “Jewish Holocaust” like hypnotized robots. We can never save our White species under hypnotic control. How about Jew Commie Katyn Massacre: 20,000 bullet to the brain of the most intelligent, spiritual White men. […]

Torturing White Men

Torturing White men: Here is excerpt how the (Jewish led) Communists of Russia tortured White Polish men who wanted to resist their enslavement in 1944 – 1963. Even Napoleon said torture was “worthless.” And Black Obama who is heralded simply because of his black skin and Jewish $$$, maintains torture chambers against Muslims. Yet black […]

Google Jews and Black Baseball Batter

Black Batter: Jew Google has a picture on their website of Black Baseball player whose swinging a bat towards the viewer as Jews did in their movie “Inglorious Basteurds,” where the Jews who were bastards of Jew fathers and white victim German Mothers, these Jews took baseball bats and bashed off the heads of the […]

John the Baptizer Exploding on Jewish Snakes

Bible: Jews & snakes: Just reading Message Bible and the part in Matthew where Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptizer, is converting and saving people’s lives at the River Jordan. I get a kick out of John’s emotions regarding Jews who came up from Jerusalem to check out what was going on.  (Just for reference, during […]

Pt. 6 on Helped to Change History and Breastfeeding comeback.

(Barbara Ann) Mother’s Milk saves lives. This 2006 article was published by corp watch (those who watch shoddy corporations around the world and it was on my birthday, August 21. :

Pt 4 English Pram Baby Buggy

Pt. 4. Below is me taking son, baby, for a casual and relaxing walk thru Sauk Village, Illinois. It is so different today. Thanks to Jew Gloria Steinem and her female Jewish warrior gang, our White women all have to work to get the same or less than what we had in my day. Think […]

Pt 3 Me and Baby in White Leather English Pram out of Fresh Air & Sunshine

Pt 3. Picture of me and son out for a stroll, fresh air, sunshine in a “White Pram” or White baby buggy. The buggy was divine. It had larger wheels, curved up handles, and was all White leather. My Grandpa Kopaczewski did that for me and Mama’s many babies when she worked, breastfed (12 babies; […]

Pt 2 August 2003, Email to Sophie the Orangutan, Breastfeeding

pt2 Sex, drunk, breastfeeding, cond. Email that I believe helped change history on bringing back breastfeeding. August 2003. I said I might have been drunk, but perhaps I quit by then. I sometimes drank 3 glasses of wine as I wrote. Yet in town of Greece, where they live to be 100, they drink that […]