Davie Bowie: "Quicksand" on White Nazi Germany

White Race & song “Quicksand” by David Bowie: Regarding 4 other posts today regarding the Jewish murder of White Species. What Judge is going to handle then when even our US Supreme Court is 4 out of 9 Jews, and the others in the Jew’s pocket. (Black, brown.) In this song, I quickly looked up […]

Esterka, Polish Jewess Whore

Jewess Whore of Poland, “Esterka”. What the Jewess has really done that affects me is they are the Sorceress of the World War III between the White male and female which has left me hurt and vulnerable, as a “good” White woman. I heard of “divide and conquer” but the male and female of an […]

Jewish Kings the enemies of the White Christian Race

History Jew News: As I wrote before the New York World was owned by Jews as well as the New York Times back in the late 1800’s. So Whites’ minds have been molded by the opposite of Christians, the Jews. But oddly, there was another set of papers, “Hearst” Corporation, and he was a White […]

Black Voo Doo in the White House

Black Voo Doo in White House: Something caught my eye when I was surfing regarding witchcraft. Since a few of my characters are witches, like Wizard of Oz and Snow White witch, I stopped to skim this article. It turns out the first witch arrested and prosecuted for Witchcraft and Devilry is a black worker […]

King Obama, Queen Oprah say "Shut Up!" And Whites Shut up!

King Obama says “Shut Up!” Queen Oprah Winfrey had the same rules in her Harpo Studios in Chicago. She told the people that worked for her or she had them sign an agreement that everything that went on at her productions was “secret!” It’s how Blacks rule the country, entertainment, sports. And we wonder why […]

Hating White Royalty?

Hating White Royalty. Well I guess no one would really want to be a “Queen” of karaoke when royalty is hated from the foundation of our government. (But we know Jews instigated the American Revolution and their $$$ was all over it and have indebted us since 1776 only we see it now over the […]

Black thugs kill White Baby with Blue eyes

Black youth shoots White baby in face! In Georgia no less, a state that was part of 650,000 White men who gave their lives for Black rights. And this is the ‘thank you,’ the White women get for birthing, breastfeeding and caring for all those White men and boys who sacrificed the highest one can […]

Jew Abuses White Christian woman

Jew Abuses White Woman: Well, you have a billionaire Jew was conveniently put as mayor of New York after 9/11, to keep the tragedy “hushed” up so Whites can’t think, and he changed the laws so he could run 3 terms for himself. Must be nice to a a billionaire Jew who got his $$$ […]

6,000,000 Jews never died

?! 6,000,000 Jews? How could the Jews have invented the number 6,000,000 Jews killed in World War II “Holocaust,” when these viable (Jewish owned) newspapers, were throwing around the number 6,000,000 like today’s papers throw around the figures of “trillions of dollars.” Jews know we are stupid, for they made us like this and we […]

Jewish mother commits suicide and attempted murder for her baby

Jewish mother’s suicide and attempted murder of her baby. She left a 13 page note. Odd but the Jewish woman worked in a good paying legal job for $122,000.00. I wonder who the father was: Jew or Gentile? http://www.csmonitor.com/The-Culture/Family/2013/0316/13-page-suicide-note-left-by-mother-who-jumped-with-baby