How Jews Work to Destroy Whites Every Chance They Get

Jews & Black Michelle Obama. How Jewish Monopoly over Whites & USA put the Obama’s into office. Sadly, we Whites are living in a Twilight Zone (a TV show made by Jews) only it is our reality. We think as citizens we go to a voting poll, and the “right” wins and all if fair […]

Jews Jokes on White Christian Descendants

Jew doctors and Jew Lawyers: “Doctors are the same as lawyers; the only difference is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you too.” Anton Chekhov. (and to think we worship Jew doctors and lawyers. Think of the other fields they control us and maybe we can see the destruction to […]

Jewish Doctors: "Murderers in White Robes"

You can skip to the YouTube below if you prefer movies. Jew Doctors: “Murderers in White Robes!” From Russian history. Since there is one one Jew version of books and writing, I can only use my own experience, research and reasoning. You will see on youtube below where White Russian Joe Stalin, comes to the […]

Chicago Skies were Weeping and Drowning

Chicago’s Blues Skies were Weeping! I have had times in my life, just a few, when the skies seemed to cry along with me. There are songs like that. But this last year is when I unloaded my entire autobiography (at supersonic speed of thought and typing) here on fb and my website, and all […]

White Celine Dion

White Celine; her mother had 13 babies, my mama 12, so I’m sure, especially as a Christian, she loves me as I do her. When I first started karaoke, I bought her CDG with 15 songs and knew and sang all of them. I was not into “costumed” karaoke, and starting at age 51 or […]

Jews Hate When Whites are United and Get Along Well

Jews Hate When Whites are United and Get Along Well. If Whites really wanted to get back at our Jewish masters it would be to unite what Jews have divided and conquered. Here women are playfully interacting on balcony. See all of today’s posts on these German Dresden Figurines. And it wasn’t that Jews wanted […]

Jews Hate White Culture but love our White Slavery for Them and White $$, Women, boys for their perversion

Jews Hate White Culture: As you can see now, from these Germany Dresden Figures, (Jews and their Commie imps destroyed and Holocausted in Flames the German White men, women, children and melted them alive with 1000 bombs…… NO JEWS WERE HOLOCAUSTED IN FLAMES IN WORLD WAR II BUT SAFE IN WORK CAMPS TO MAKE IT […]

Jews Hate White Life

Jews hate White sparkle and beauty. Here’s a neat Dresden Germany White male figurine. He’s going to soak his feet in a bath, and what a clever idea. It looks like a porcelain swimming pool for toes! (See rest of posts today, especially first one.)

Jews Hate White Males: Dresden Germany

Jews Hate the White male. It breaks my heart to realize the Jews destroyed our White male. Here is a Dresden Germany figurine of a well-dressed, refined, intelligent, even spiritualized White man with his faithful doggie by his side. I couldn’t understand at first why Jews and their imp Commies destroyed Dresden Germany with 1000 […]

Jews Hate White Breasts and Cleavage

Jews Hated White Breasts and Cleavage: Why? They are homosexual perverts and the homosexual that plays the female role can’t breastfeed. Do you see how they ruined our minds and didn’t Winston Churchill say that the next war would be one of the “mind” and Whites haven’t even the idea that our collective mind is […]