Black Obama and Jewess for Federal Reserve Chairman and Vice-Chairman over White candidates.

Black Obama & Jewess’. Just heard on internet radio Obama is putting in two women Jewish women as replacements for Federal Reserve Chairman, Jew Ben Shaloam Bernancke. Note he has a whole slew of White Europeans to pick from but he is a Black racist that hates Whites and bows to his Jewish gods. His […]

Food for Whites

White food. I notice most women have diets of “salads,” or at least in the past. Then we wonder why we have sickly babies. There is “no” nutrition in iceberg lettuce the kind in restaurants, McD’s, Burg King, Wendy’s and home refrigerator. The only reason we eat it is because they forced it down our […]

Whites Ban Black Workers (Slaves) 1808; Blacks Kill all White Owners, Wives, Children

1808 White Congress bans Blacks Slaves from Africa! Why didn’t I learn this in history? Why do Jews create fiction and pass it off as White history and make us read it and memorize lies and distortions to get a good grade. White Southern Men fed Black workers (farm help) on the Plantations the most […]

White Bill Gates of Microsoft Kicks Jew Out of his Window's company. About time.

White Bill Gates Kicks Jew out of his company. I’ve already written that the Jews conned Bill Gates into stepping down and giving his fortune away to the Blacks and browns thru Jewish bankers. I posted the picture of Jew greasy greedy New York Mayor Bloomberg, (3 terms to make sure the 9/11 Jewish hoax […]

Jews Use White Men as Beasts of Burden

Jews and Anal Sex.  Since Obama and Jew Emmanuel seem to be homo sicko’s, we might as well start talking about it and putting “them” on the defensive. True they have 99% of the world backing them for the entire world craves Jewish $$ that is empty, worthless, Monopoly $$ in the true sense. Note […]

Jewish Banking Monopoly over Whites since 1700's to present thru Jewish Rothchild family of Europe

Jewish Banking Monopoly from Europe 1700’s to the USA today. Here’s a 467 page PowerPoint presentation. When I attended 3 month computer school all day, they taught that “PowerPoint” is most valuable tool on the computer as far as business for it has “pictures” and “images” which are the most effective. Jews knew that and […]

British White Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England, on the deadly Jews.

British Winston Churchill on Jew Communism in Russia. Just some quotes from Churchill from “The Secret Behind Communism,” Dr. David Duke. Copied quote from the most famous historian of World War II from England, David Irving. Even though he is British, he studied the actual documents, diaries, charts, maps of the Germans and concluded: No […]

42,000 Manufacturing Job Losses since 2001, same time as "World Trade" Centers were demolished

42,000 Manufacturing jobs lost in USA since 2001. With the tragedy of the intentional explosions of 9/11 of the “World Trade” Centers,” I think it was also “symbolic” that the USA would no longer be the American Leader of Trade it once was. Hence the 3 skyscrapers came down so has the World Trade of […]

Dr. David Duke's book, "The Secrets of Communism."

Jew Communism: Here’s Dr. David Duke’s new video introducing his book, “The Secrets of Communism.” It strikes home to me for it speaks of White Russia and I was told my Grandpa was a Polish Russian General and married a war bride. Since the boundaries of Poland and Russia were often changed because of Jew’s […]

Pt. 2 "Ode to a Dying People" Non-Whites murder Whites in Britain, White IQ, Jew IQ

Continued. There are so many to post from song “Ode to a Dying People” the Fallen, it is taking me two days. Con’d from yesterday’s batch of British murders against Whites. White Blue Eyed Blonde British girl, Kally Gilligan, Broughton, England murdered by (?) raced boyfriend. There is much to say here. First of all, […]