Another White Martyr! His crime: Exposing Jews

Sadly, I was cheering for Fr. Rydzyk of Poland, who was exposing the Jews on his pulpit. The Jews were demanding black mail from from poverty stricken Poland since 1945 when in fact the Polish Whites lost the most people in World War II… not… the Jews. But I guess even the Hitler Pope punished […]

"Crowded with Genius" by James Buchan about White Scottish Genius

White Scottish Genius brought down by Jews? What I say has little meaning and might even anger some unless they have been following some of my 30,000 pages of email, not sentences, but pages. I put aside the biography about Scottish genius poet Robert Burns from Edinburgh for he had a journal later in life […]

Jesus' Enlightenment & Healing the White Greek Woman!

Jesus Heals White Woman. Also Syria and Jesus: With the entire world filling up all the airwaves of their constant 24/7 hoaxes of war, explosions, etc. I recall hearing name of “Syria” in the Bible with Jesus. The first is about healing all over Syria. As I wrote, Jesus stayed away from the devil Jews […]

Painting: White Mother Kisses Her White Son off to War!

White Sad Mother Kissing her White Son Off to War. Odd but all the wars in last 1000 years have been White wars that I know of, and that is how long Jews have been ruling us since Poland. The really strange thing is that I was a wife of Vietnam Veteran, I shared his […]

Poem "Justice of the Peace" and "Genius and Valor," by Rev. Langhorne

White poem referred in biography of Scottish Robert Burns: It’s so beautifully eloquent of the description of a sad mother’s tears mixing in with her breastmilk for she once nursed that child. Most women in America don’t have a clue about the “feeling” that goes with it. Today it seems like a “rushed” thing to […]

Russian News: Navy Shootings

Russian News on Black who shot the Navy people in Washington DC. Odd but the man from Veteran’s for Peace says so many Veterans are suffering from the war (as my suicided White husband) but they are on long waiting lists! Doubly odd is that the Brown women and their constant sex and babies get […]

Muslims to take over Europe as White Race dies or degenerates

Jews and Muslims don’t smoke, drink, drug, or engage in porn, nor do they let their women get raped by other races as the White Race has degenerated too. Whites will never be able to compete with these other two religions or even Hindus and Chinese who have never been damaged with those addictions as […]

New Costume Pix: Gloria Golf Girl

Anna Rose finally gets a picture after taking off my other one! It’s Gloria Golf Girl for costumed karaoke! Note I made the pom pom on hat myself as well as pom pom’s for my shoes! Sorry no Jewish hate crimes against me or Whites yet today.   How come the Jewess never gets “Hit!” […]