Jews Induce White Nervous Breakdowns

Vietnam: White Nervous Breakdowns by Jews and Chinese Commies Here shows you how Jew Commies and now their counterpart Chinese Commies have driven our White men to bloody, painful, worse to be experienced, deaths and even suicides of war. As I have written on Facebook and, the Jews control “both” sides of the war. […]

Sick Sex – Whites / Jewess

Sick Sex: Whites/Jewess. You will see in article below how two Jewess’ one named “Fanny” manipulated the most powerful White men…. in “salons” in bed. Just as they did Stalin, World War II, with “3” Jewess’ mistresses. Jewess Princess on a Pedestal “JAPP” controls the world so she doesn’t have to work and her kids […]

Whites / Jew, Jewess Romania Europe

White Romanians / how Jews and Jewesses enslaved them, robbed their treasury, destroyed the manhood of the White men there, and left it in shambles, which the Jews will do soon to USA when they wring every last ounce of blood, money, labor and perverted sex from us. Yet, I once met a White Romanian […]

Michelle Obama (Mr. Hell) a Man.

Michelle Obama-A Man! Get a load of this. It is very convincing. Jews like nothing better than to “dupe” the White Race. For example, right after Obama was elected Jew Media (our entire thought process where we get 100% of our information practically) they said his plane went off course but in reality the Jews […]

More on White General Patton exposing the hatred of Jews (Communists).

White General Patton Slaps Shirking Jew. But Jews used this to start a “Hate” campaign against our Great General. How long will these Jews spread their “hate” against Whites and call it “Love.” No White can believe them anymore. “By this time the Morgenthauists and media monopolists had decided that Patton was incorrigible and must […]

White General George Patton on the Dirty Filthy Jews

White General George Patton / Jews Not what “I” say about Jews, but what our most famous General of all time said about them and World War II. Not only Germans lost but the entire White Race lost to Communism and Jews. “After a visit to ruined Berlin, he wrote his wife on July […]