Jew-Israeli Son Speaks Out!

Jew from Israeli, General’s son, tells the Truth about Racist Jewish Israel against Palestinians. I’m not defending Palestinians since it is our White species that is endangered. It is not for me to take on 7 billion people when our White problems are increasing and our future doesn’t look too good. If you listen and […]

Jew$ and Fr. Rydzyk

Jew$ doctor tapes?Pro-White attorney, Scottish American (are there are a couple, but not even sure if there are any) Edgar J. Steele is in a prison where his wife can’t even find him, based as a framing by Jew Bill Mauer’s cousin and a former FBI informant. Steele as an attorney had two witnesses showing […]

Polish White Christian Men Shaving Heads of Jewi$h men whose heads are filled with dirty lice bugs which cause Typhus, the World War I killer.

Polish White Christian men shaving Jew’s heads which are filled with lice bugs. My Mama worked as White slave for rich Jew doctors and Vice-Presidents, and she said when rich women gave her “clothes” to bring home for they had so much they couldn’t fit in another thing in closet, these items were filled with […]

Jewe$$ objects to White Polish Catholic Fr. Rydzyk's sermons objecting to Jew$ constant Blackmail of Poland.

Jewe$$ had a White Polish priest who complained of his poverty stricken country paying Blackmail to Polish Jews who run Israel. She got him fired, Ms. Gold-foot (you know Jewi$h) bankers. In fact, it was I who wrote about him preaching on Polish pulpit in Catholic Churches wanting to be free of Jewish persecution. I […]

30 pieces of Silver by Hank Williams: How Jews beat, tortured, crowned with sharp thorns, our White Jesus

Jews’ Beating, Murder of White Jesus & Suicide of Jewish Treasurer for Jesus’ group…. Judas… Or did the Jews murder him and hung him to make White people “believe” he commit suicide. To all those Whites and other races that do the Jew’s Bankers & rest of Jews that control USA, churches, government, art, book […]

Christian Identity, Pastor Eli, White Alliance Radio,

Whites as Chosen of God, not Jews. This live show is about how Jews blame Catholic Church as “rulers” of World. When Jews have written back decades ago they control world, and definitely USA, Whites, our Tax $$$.  I have written about Christian Identity as far back as 9/09/09 on my blog and I think […]

More Synagogue of Satan (5 hr version) Jew International Murderers, Bankers, Criminals, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Jew Bankers’ Murders & Genocide of White Race for their New Jew World Order. Did the Jews cripple me with the severe beating and hospitalization I received Aug 19, 2013? Why weren’t Security Guards sent to stop it? Why was it hushed up by paramedics, hospital, doctors, lawyers, police as if it never happened? Was […]

Jew Criminals Brag about Blowing up "another" ship!

Jews (Bankers) Blow up More Ships: They think it is a big, big, big joke to confuse and disturb, destroy and genocide, British and Whites. I wrote several times, even a few days ago of 3 other examples of Jews blowing up ships intentionally. (that we know of.) For every crime a person in USA […]

Pt 7… con'd

Pt 7: Jew murderers in new movie: Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington 1992: Jew Bankers drive interest rates up 5% driving White Britain into recession. Market crashes, right on cue for Jew Rothschild’s banking empire. Housing market crashes, as in USA recently. Enslaving White people. 1993: Jews buy up England, pennies on the pound, […]

Pt 6 "Must Watch "Synagogue of Satan" full Andrew Carrington

Pt 6 Jewish murderers, killers, assassins, war-mongers, whore-mongers and oh yes, Banksters. “Synagogue of Satan” by Andrew Carrington. Jewish Communist which Jews forced on White Russians and killed 100,000,000 Whites in 1917, finally collapses after all Jews left (250,000) and Jews made sure White Russians were left damaged and pulverized. So bad, that a friend […]