Ancestry Gravediggers and Sugarland "It Happens"

Ancestry speaking my Daddy, Lil’ Joe Nowak and his daddy, Grandpa Valentine were gravediggers during and after Great Depression. So as I look for a long lost sister of Daddy Joe, I checked “” You can find many famous people ‘lying’ there too along with their tombstones. This tombstone on that site was rated interesting […]

Polish Shaving Jewish Men for Lice Bugs in Work Camps of Auschwitz or other camps

White Polish shaving Jew men who were loaded with lice bugs which causes Typhus. It was the deadly disease of Typhus which wiped out most of the White men and women (only not even Jews) in World War I. It’s what makes me think Jews did inject the virus into the people in the work […]

Jew Rabbi Arrested… (again) for pornography.

Jew Rabbi arrested for child pornography. Note in this USA Today news clip the announcer mentions all sorts of occupations, such as airline pilot, well educated, nurses, paramedics, … police officer, many jobs Whites do… but he never mentioned one was a Jew Rabbi. This is not uncommon. I know in Chicago the head of […]

Movie "Ever After"

Jews and Christianity. I was able to watch a movie today, “Ever After.” I have seen very few movies in my entire life, and since Jews stole White Thomas Alva Edison’s talkie movie machine invention & ran and created Hollywood, nearly all movies seen by Whites in our entire existence… are Jewish. It’s how they […]

Jewess Mrs. David Selnick

Jewess, Mrs. David Selznik,  producer of #1 of all time, “Gone with the Wind.” Read a chapter of her autobiography to get an insight into “why” Jews behave as master mind criminals and never get caught. If the White Treasury police catch them, arrest them, try with White $$ for courts, find Jew guilty, imprisoned […]

White First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Cook, Jew Elinor Morgenthau

Here’s picture I posted below accidentally thinking it was Jewe$$ Cond. Morgenthau, but the name under is a Nancy Cook. That was Jew Dr. Rejtman who raped me at University of Illinois affiliate hospital.. his private nurse. He had her teach me about sex and vibrators and if “any man wanted sex I should give […]

White First Lady of World War II, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jewess Elinor Morgenthau

ocrat Whites / Jews: Reading another chapter sample from autobiography as I wrote earlier. This one is First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, whose husband President Franklin Roosevelt was in charge (4) terms, (let’s see if we get into another Jew$ war for Obama to be in control so Jew$ can inflict another White body bag fest […]

President Truman's Autobiography Re: President Roosevelt

Jews Internationally and strategically placed started World War II. Here’s Franklin Delano Roosevelt (said to have Jew blood) who was put up in wheel chair for Whites to feel sorry, feel sorry, feel sorry for. Then Jews can do anything they want with Whites, our children, country, business, churches, government. Our entire existence. Here’s a […]

Con’d. It hurts as I write now. I’m sure Jew$ and Jewe$$ are happy about that. Here’s last picture of me in costume as an Aviator like Charles Lindbergh Sr. whose baby was kidnapped, mutilated, $50,000 ransom paid in gold certificates for Jews to get all gold certificates back to Fed Reserve, and White German […]

More on Jew? Part 3 Murder of Charles Lucky Lindberg's White Baby.

White “Lucky’s” Baby & Jew Murderers? It’s strange but I have written extensively about Charles “Lucky” Lindberg’s baby’s kidnap, murder, and how they butchered baby before it was found. You can read on my website go to bottom search “Charles Lindberg” or “kidnap.” Then go Control F (for find) and on bottom put in […]