Jews Sadistic Hateful Murders of White Little Children of European Exposed: Jewish Ritual Murder Arnold Leese

Jews’ Hateful sadistic sex insane ritual Murder of White Christian children for ages. It isn’t “I” who am the hater, but report it. Do you think Matthew, Mark, Luke and John of the Bible New Testament were “haters” when they all reported unanimously the crimes and murder of Jews against White Jesus Christ the first […]

Black McDonald's Worker Savagely Beats White Mom in front of her baby White Boy Toddler.

Black Brutal Bitch working for McDonald’s attacks a White little woman. Her little toddler tries to desperately help his Mama, and I’m crying now, for his little white body was no match for the welfare huge overweight, muscular, Black woman, destroying the eye sight, bruised White women, humiliated as I was when beaten in Vegas […]

Test Your Holocaust Knowledge

If you want to stop illegal immigration stop the Jews. They are the “Masters” of deceit.” In 1940, Jews filled ship called “Patria” (like Patriotic) and one of their own Jews blew it up. They wanted to immigrate illegally to Palestine to take it over as they did by turning the entire country into today’s […]