White General George Patton Bashed the Filthy Jews

I generally kept my costumed karaoke light. But I later read the story of White General George Patton and watched his movie, “Patton,” and referred to Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Patton” in my autobiography coming soon. I have a real decorated army jacket and since my new last name was “Patton” from my second marriage, I […]

Jews Harass White holy Christian Sister Rose While She Sings

Here’s example just how insidious the Jews are. Sister Rose and I went to mostly Jew public grammar school. She took me for kindergarten, she was in 8th grade. The teacher asked her to sing in front of class. Since there were so many sisters, we sang in harmony, like the Lennon Sisters, while doing […]

Jews Gouge White Benedict Arnold; Flaunt Jew Haym Salomon.

  I wanted to research “Benedict Arnold” supposedly the worse White traitor to America, only to find out that the instigator behind Benedict Arnold were “Jews,” the “Franks.”   It’s just “another” example of Jews behind White men, and ruining us beyond repair.   Note the White man is not only punished, but punished for eternity, […]

Assassination White Polish Queen Poisoned; Jew Bankers

Jews have always been connected with White Royalty, Churches, Government of Whites. We depended on them and never learned how to be SELF SUFFICIENT. Anywhere there are Jew Bankers, there’s an assassination. Painting by famous Polish artist who did so many paintings that I’ve used before, such as “Jews Arrive in Poland, 1096.” After German […]