White Race Pioneer – Jöerg Haider, Austrian

Joerg Haider, Austria: One of the only pro-Whites elected to office in Europe. The Jew Israeli secret service, the Mossad, closely watched him. Austria-first, not illegal immigrants first. He mentioned a few comments favorable about the Third Reich and good employment practices. On the day of his acceptance speech when he ran for office, he […]

White Race Pioneer – Senator Charles Percy – stood up to Israel in Senate – daughter murdered during his campaign re-election

In 1975, five years before he became committee chairman, Sen. Percy dismayed members of the Jewish community after he described Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat as a “moderate.” Sen. Percy explained that he used the term “relative moderate” and only in contrast with George Habash, whose radical PLO faction was notorious for terrorist attacks. […]

"Early Edition" TV Show I was Background Actress on, has episode: Explosion of Chicago Sears Tower Skyscraper Explosion: 1990's

Here’s just a snip it from my analyzing an Early Edition, TV show I was a background actress for. I analyzed it because I show the Jews’ racial prejudice against Whites and preference for themselves, Blacks, other races. The theme of this Chicago based show was the star would get a mysterious newspaper at his […]

Healthy Happy Jewess Concentration Work Camp Workers, (not death camps) Liberated by my Polish people, Aug. 5, 1944

Just as my writings back to the year 1025 when 7 Jew banking families ruled all 7 Polish tribes, they kept us in “constant” wars. I was so surprised to learn in both my ancestry Polish study and separately my White studies since I’m widow of White US Veteran who committed suicide, it was my […]

White Species Pioneer – Vincent Reynouard, French, Exiled in England

” . . . Historical revisionism belongs to no one. Its findings are the fruit of traditional methods of inquiry where scientific expertise assists in the appraisal of testimonies and in documentary research. They will be obvious to any honest individual.” V. Reynouard ” . . . Its implications extend well beyond the historical scope. […]

Jews Scared: Passing Laws All Over the World to Punish White Men & Women who debate Holocaust

In the Bible, the name and idea of “God” was so sacred, the Caucasians would not even speak it. But now that is not true. But the name “Jew” has already killed out idea of God for no one can speak their name or write it without prison, arrests, computer hacking, etc. This is truly […]

Black Barach Hussein Pardons Worse spy in USA history: Jew Jonathan Pollard

I wrote about this before and don’t repeat myself. But I found this on another site so adding. Jew Jonathan Pollard said he did the spying for money, jewels and politics (for Israel criminal state, which I think he fled to. Jews around Europe would create havoc and the White Europeans kicked them out 106 […]

The Jew Confederate Judah P. Benjamin -Civil War – burned all the documents; absconded with Southern Treasury

Jew Benjamin was so arrogant and confident, that either if the North would win or the South would win, the Jews would win, as in WWII, where all Whites lost, especially Christianity. I’ve written about this before and don’t repeat myself. Here’s something new and relates to Jew Jonathan Pollard, worse US spy in history, […]

White President John Kennedy – Warning: (Jew) Communism

Since Jews invented Communism, Whites lost to Jew Communism both World War II and Vietnam, (not Muslims although Jews use their White money to finance Muslim mosques and Jews do Christian churches; we need unity of White Christians not to spend money on more churches. That can happen with just sharing youtubes, letters, calls, but […]