Autobiography: Polish ancestry research, Bydgoszcz, 1906, White Diversity

First, in youtube below, there are paintings by Rembrandt, White, of Polish “noblemen.” When I first became White aware, I read 7 Jew Banking families ruled all 7 Polish Tribes and kept us in constant wars, misery, starvation, bankruptcies, and death for 1,000 years. But those Jews were scheming, dishonest, and in cahoots with White […]

Jews Assassinate Czar, Czarina, 5 children, spiritual healer. White Race Martyrs and saints. 100th anniversary soon, July 17, 1918, Czar holds his dead son in his arms

Well, hope the White Russians and the Orthodox Christian Church begin making plans early commemorating the Jewish slaughter of the White Christian Czar, Czarina, 5 children and the spiritual healer. It’s frightening because the White Russians gave the Jews homes, work, opportunities and the Jews wanted to turn the Russians into drunkards and debt. I […]

Jew Aaron Ruben's Insult to the White United States Marine Corp: His TV Show: Gomer Pyle. My deceased Veteran from the Mayflower (Thanksgiving Day) 1620, was a proud, valiant, USMC

Since an introduced law says one can’t blame a people or Israel, which is stupidity for Jews are connected and in Poland answered only to “their” laws, not the White Polish laws of the land, I’ll put the specific Jew’s name to show the treachery, anti-White hatred of this Jew Aaron Ruben. I write out […]

Jewess Lowey Law HR 6208 for Jew Rights Shuts Down 1st Amendment: Freedom of Speech. Where's the anti-White law? Not anti-Semite law!

Here’s the Jewess Lowey Law punishing any White person for telling the truth about Jewish crime. If someone even tells about a “real” crime, not just “imaginary” the USA will punish that White person, namely me. I tell that a Jewish doctor raped me and it was ‘he’ who said he was Jewish and had […]

Holocaust? Jew's Hatred Words – 10 Purim Hangings of White Race Christian Germans Who Tried to Save White Race: Julius Streicher tortured for only writing, speaking, publishing truth news

See other notes today: Note in this Jewish article the “hatred” the writer spits out at the White man who spoke, wrote, thought, published the truth exposing hidden Jewish hatred against White Christians. If you read this you see who the hater is with the Jew writer’s words against Whites who faced 10 hangings not […]

Cover-Up: Graphic Pictures Jew-led Communists 20,000 massacred Katyn. My Vietnam Vet, Mayflower History, 1620, bravely fought the Jew Occult and lost. As did Hitler.

My Vietnam Vet, Mayflower ancestry, US Marine, fought the Jew led communists in Vietnam. For 400 years from 1620, the Whites have suffered, sacrificed, and built this USA only to turn it over to the greasy, filthy, devilish hands of the Satanic Jewish occult. Here’s what the Jew-led Hateful, devilish, evil Jews did to my […]

Jewish led Nuremberg Trials Holocaust of German White Christians, World War II, set precedent for "people's courts" and affected both those White Veterans in Korean and Vietnam wars.

Soviet-Style Kangaroo Court: Ohio Republican Senator Robert Taft objected to the judicial mockery of the Nuremberg war crimes trial with these prophetic words: “It is a miscarriage of justice the American people will long regret.” Senator Taft new that the precedents set at Nuremberg would be used against American servicemen in a future conflict with […]

White Race Pioneer – Julius Streicher, Germany, martyred for speaking and writing the truth about Jews

This World War I and World War II is a really¬† excellent biography about German Julius Streicher, who was martyred, murdered just for writing and speaking the truth about Jews. He had no part in the war for fighting. The Jewish led Nuremberg Trials, which even the Jew-led Communist Russians admitted they covered up their […]