Jews World War II Against White Race: List of top Jews for Roosevelt

Without a doubt, World War II was orchestrated for all Jews to leave Poland their 1,000 year home. It’s called population control to move an entire people. Almost all Jews come from my Poland. There’s the Wandering Jew (like the aggressive plant) and their leaders wanted them out of “Old” Europe into “New World” of […]

How Jews Hollywood Mixed up Academy Award – gives to black Homosexuals Instead. Embarrass White Race stars with "wrong" envelope

Jews planned this a long time ago. Tell the White stars of movie “Bonnie and Clyde” White gangsters the wrong info. Jews viciously embarrassed them. I hope White Race sees clearly through this Jewish vice on our minds, feelings, health, and even heterosexuality. Even the titles “La la land” and “Moonlight,” indicate Whites live in […]

More: How Jew Hollywood sexually deluded White Race with Baby Shirley Temple

Jews ultimate goal: Destroy White male (and his countries) and use White women and boys as mere sewers for Jews and non-White (92% of world.) I thought the White male and females reproduction was sacred not the dung heap of the Jewish Hollywood. Jews Talmud book says “ok” for psycho Jew to have sex with […]

How Jew Hollywood Underworld Pedophilia deluded White Race with Baby Shirley Temple; Also Jewess bill HR 672 against White Freedom of Speech

Jew’s pedophilia, race-breaking, alcoholism. This Jewish movie, “War Babies,” typifies some of the perks White men will get from Jewish wars. But what the real perks are PTSD, suicide, severe addictions, destruction of one’s life, limbs, and soul. It doesn’t affect the Jews who pay $.37 for each White soldier bodybag. What Jews are doing […]

Jews "like" for Whites to "hate" them; Dr. William Luther Pierce

Freedom of Speech destroyed. All of Dr. William Luther Pierce’s audio tapes, 308, destroyed. He was a physicist and the smartest of the Whites. Very few could ever figure out what has happened to the White Race, and fewer the Jews behind this genocide. I went to put on a Dr. Pierce audio. Completely taken […]