White Species Pioneer, British – British National Party Leader, Nick Griffin, Expelled, Fleeing Country

Nick Griffin expelled in England for standing up for White Civil Rights. Perhaps the British realize the danger they have been in since World War I, II, where they fought for Jew’s rights to emigrate from my Poland (and other countries Jews went to) and not for their own country, continent, and White people. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/nick-griffin-bnp-emigrate-hungary-next-six-months-british-national-party-a7638131.html

Jew & Imps Final Destruction of White Species is "Now:" Communication Media

If I wasn’t working on this consciously and some one told me this info I wouldn’t believe it’s possible humans, (Jews and their imps) have so much power. Just since I’ve gotten more involved in trying to get a pulse on the White Species, Media, USA, World, I’ve heard of  overwhelming shut downs of our […]

"Trump Sends FBI to Israel, Arrests Jew Terrorists," & 2,000 years of Expelling Jews!

Below these screen shots I took is phenomenal youtube. Add to this list, my Bydgosz, Poland expelled Jews, Melania Trump’s Slovenia expelled them 3 times including burning down villages. Also, add 1968 Poland expelled them again. At one point Poland executed 1/3 of the Jew population!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNqBoiqsRTs    

White Species Pioneer – Ezra Pound, Genius, Arrested for Truth – Treason, Caged like White Animal, Broken Down

I’d like to be a genius and wish it for all Whites! Of the 4 top races: Jews from my Poland smartest, Yellows second, Hindus third, and bottom is Whites. It’s time we define new education not anti-White education we have today, and then implement it 24/7. It may take 1,000 years, but today is […]

Jew News 1. Any Confederate (White) statues of leaders destroyed; 2. FBI arrested Jew teen 2000 Threats against own Jews!

Accidentally I put Harrison, Arkansas show to sell some easy gardening equipment since I moved. How I even heard this is unthinkable and not possible with human odds. Oh well. I studied how the White KKK formed as sheriffs to protect White women and children after Jews in the South tortured the Whites, confiscating land […]

Polish Jew Haym Solomon Incited US Revolutionary War against our White Brothers in Britain

I’ve written on this blog about Haym Solomon funding $25 million for the Revolutionary War of White America fighting White Britain Brothers to the death. Freedom? No, slavery to Jews. Since then USA been at war constantly from 1776-2017, except for 5 years!!!! White Bodbags for Jews as USA Marine Purple Heart Suicided Husband. We […]

Jews the Spy Kings and Queens of the World, USA, against White Race

I’m going to get back to my book. Will be brief. On “Fake News Now,” Eurofolkradio.com, they said the biggest spy ring in history: Jews right before 9/11. All arrested but all released. I’ve written of Jew Jonathan Pollard, worse spy against USA in our history, pardoned by Black Barach Hussein after I wrote about […]