Jew Elections: Assassin replaced by mass murder; also rapes of Palestinian women and White women like me from weak families

Jew doctor raped me in 1968. Because of the “taboos” Jews put on unsuspecting women we were silenced as I was for 40 years. This youtube by Dr. William Luther Pierce from National Alliance addresses this so perfectly. The Jew-led Communist Russians brainwashed by them to rape the German women after World War II as […]

White Species "To Read or Not to Read: That is the Question. "The Dispossessed Majority"

Here’s a quote from Wilmot Robertson’s book: ” . . . for the literate man who reads nothing but nonsense is more ignorant than the illiterate who reads nothing.” As White Polish slaves for Jews for 1,000 years our brutal Masters kept us illiterate so we’d remain beasts. Yet by Grandpa moving to America I […]

Autobiography: "The Dispossessed Majority" Whites Servants now to non-White masters

One of the most powerful statements: “There is hardly a greater form of dispossession than becoming a servant in one’s own house.” Two autobiographical recollections: My deceased husband’s ancestry. His cousin, Diane, whose family did an in depth study of their family tree, told me this anecdote: Husband’s grandmother was a princess-like in Lithuania. (Since […]

White Species Pioneer – Simon Sheppard, in prison because he debunked Jewess Anne Frank Diary

Sold out book: Here’s a post I did earlier when I wrote Simon Sheppard in a US Prison. I wrote him and other Whites who were in prison. He was put in jail after fleeing England where there’s no freedom of speech. Worse, the USA kept him in prison instead of considering him a political […]

Jewess Communist Angelica Balabanoff 1917 eulogies Carlo Tresca, anarchist who wanted to overthrow the USA government

Jews wanted and still want to overthrow the USA government (whatever is left of it.) Jews demand as in my Poland, their secret home for 1,000 years, 100% control. Reading the “Insaturation” magazine play, “The Game and the Candle” about USA 1912-1960. This time period started the Jew Federal Reserve Bank, World War I, II […]

Draining the swamp: The Polish Jews, 'the dirtiest race of all.' Mama said the same thing.

You can’t make this up. Almost all Jews come from my Poland 1025-1945. Manufactured a Hollywood fiction type of Holocaust and out of thin air moved the entire Jewish population from Poland into USA. What we have here is merely a continuation of what Jews did to Poland for 1,000 years, Russia, 200, and then […]

USA capital, Washington DC, extremely high percentage of Blacks. An army?

Startling to me: the extremely high percentage of blacks in our capital of Washington DC. In a war, when the enemy conquers their victim, it’s by taking over the capital city. Whites have been conquered at that level. Since the weather was fair in DC they didn’t need black workers as perhaps in the South. […]

Jew Communist founder, Karl Marx, 1853, "Revolutionary Holocaust" of the races too weak. (White race?)

Odd but Jew Karl Marx, despised by all said he will destroy Christianity, God and Jesus. It would be his picture and life which would be worshiped around the world. We are close to that. We already worship Jews 24/7; it’s our reality. But here in 1853 he says the races “too weak to master […]