Anti-Semite includes Semites: Both Jews and Muslims; Tomahawk Missiles on Syria or Israel? White Dr. William Luther Pierce vs Jew Eddie Bernays

Dr. William Luther Pierce YouTube, “The Beginning of the End?” My comments below: News has it there were Tomahawk Missiles on Syria which was said to gave used chemicals on their own people. I’m not involved with news whatsoever. As White Polish-American slaves for Jews, family of 15, we were too poor for TV, […]

US Senate, Filibuster, Cloture, Treaty of Versailles

It’s historic a Senate wanted to debate or filibuster a Supreme Court Justice Nominee, as President Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch. I’m glad the Senate voted for cloture to give an up and down vote for Gorsuch. Yet when I searched the first filibuster it was for Jew’s rights in the Treaty of Versailles after World […]

"Katyn, (Death in the Forest, Lyrics) Also Dr. William Luther Pierce's Last audio

I wept. Search my blog, bottom right, for word “Amazon” and blog which talks of “Katyn.” Dr. William Luther Pierce’s article below. Katyn Rosemary Pennington · April 2, 2017 by Dr. William L. Pierce A BACKGROUND NOISE that seems never to go away is the constant whining and yammering of the Jews about how […]

White Species Pioneer – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian Great Writer "200 Years Together: A History of the Russians and the Jews"

  Here’s the life of Aleksander Solzhensitsyn, who stood up to the Jews in his writings. He writes of the 200 year history of the White Christians and Jews. My autobiography will be a 1,000 year history of the Jew’s secret European home: My Poland. Worse slavery in history . . . silenced. His book […]

"Instauration" Magazine Feb. 1976, the play "The Game and the Candle"

Notes: I’m trying to put together a list of White Race Pioneers. My husband, from Chicago, I think 2815 E. 76th St. 2nd Floor if I remember 48 years ago. My husband’s mother apparently committed suicide or was murdered. Very beautiful blonde woman from Lithuania. Ancestry: her mother was a princess in Lithuania (rich) married […]

Jew Master Halperin Spy Ring after World War II; Also Execution Jew couple: Rosenbergs

Below is a picture of a Hollywood Halperin gold lam´e gown Ginger Rogers #1 actress in 1945 end of WWII. She wore it in the movie with the fabulous dancer, Fred Astaire. When I transferred my website after it was shut down in the persecution and martyrdom of Whites in the last two years, I […]