White Species Pioneers: Republican President Richard Milhous Nixon, Evangelist . . . Billy Graham. Secret tapes on the evils of the Jews in the USA

I’m going to post several today. Jews brought Republican President Nixon down just as they were involved in so many assassinations of White Leaders who Jews hate our white men and rape our White women as Jew doctor raped me Chicago. You’ll see why Jews used Jew Armand Hammer whose father Julian started the Revolution […]

Republican President Nixon and assistant Halderman: Jew Arrogance (Spies) Above the Law

As I wrote, Jews were above the law in Poland, 1000 years. Now those Jews from Poland occupy the USA and we their captives. Just a handful of people can control 700,000,000 Whites. (although damaged, dying and deranged by Jewish media and influence.) We know #1 spy in USA, Jonathan Pollard, released after I wrote […]