Separation of Religion and State: James Madison / Hitler

What’s really odd is from what I read, Rabbi in a synagogue drafted the Civil Rights Act, and passed 1965. But we have a separation of religion and state. That means the “Jewish religion,” too. All laws only against Whites (as Jews did to Poland) and all laws “for” Jews like the anti-Semite law. That’s […]

Part 2: Hitler Youth – Hitler Jugend: to Save White Christian Children taken over in Germany by Jews

Continues 1:01:43 Note the way Hitler kisses the mother’s hand. No wonder they melted. What respect! I was the perfect Hitler woman. Breastfeeding, married to a Veteran corporal, US Marine, decorated Purple Heart Hall of Honor, fought the Communists (Jews and Chinese) who killed 100,000,000 White Christians, lost, suicided, had one testicle. My husband’s was […]

Part 1: Hitler Youth – Hitler Jugend: to Save White Christian Children taken over in Germany by Jews – GRAPHIC PIX

The first book I found was at college library after Veteran husband’s suicide. My entire reality shattered and I wept while driving to school for I knew I was entering the worse possible taboo for whites: Hitler and the Nazis. It’s why our people can’t “get it,” especially women devoted to Jewish men and other […]

"The Death of the White Male" Michael Savage Against Affirmative Action

Early in my study, I went on KDWN Las Vegas radio, and spoke about my Vietnam Veteran’s White suicide. I chose the station at random, 2005. When I chose the first station in my search, I turned it on and Jew Michael Savage was the host. Some Jews are on are side, and most don’t […]

Nuremberg Trials: Welfare to Jew Holocaust claims should be stopped retroactively

The book, “Doenitz at Nuremberg: A Re-Appraisal,” shows about 150 testimonies of famous military officers, President, and distinguished men from all around the world who condemned the Nuremberg Trials, run by Jews and Communists, against Germans. Here’s a link with pictures and videos: More blog writing below: Here’s sample of exhibits shown at the […]

White Thomas Edison's Anniversary; Jew Hollywoodism

There’s Communism, Capitalism, Judaism, and now Hollywoodism. The movie is really superb below. We live in an artificial Jewish reality. Surely with White (Christian) approval since the House and Senate voted 100% at the second the last Anti-Semite  Bill (code word for Anti-White, Anti-Christian descendant.) I called all 535 Reps and Senators for this last […]

More White Species Horror Stories

These are added pioneers from my autobiography which I’ll update as I discover more. Please contact me for any authentic stories of our White Species Pioneers. Arnold Höfs, Germany -( 80 year old prisoner).Arthur R. Butz, PhD – The Hoax of the Twentieth Century—The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry. Alma mater […]