1,000 Years of Constant Wars for Poland

Partial list of the millennium of misery for my White Polish people under Jewish dictatorship. My research shows in 1025, seven Jew banking families ruled all seven Polish tribes. The Jews managed to divide and conquer us, kept us inner fighting in families, neighbors, tribes, and sometimes all Poland’s neighbors were fighting her all at […]

Jew and Other Races Want to Abolish and Kill the White Race: Abolitionist

And the government punished the Whites at Charlottesville, and rewarded the Jew Mayor, Black Vice-Mayor but giving into their Supremacist will. No one stops the Jews and other races who are destroying not only the White Species, but the entire Europe and America continents. How come no government or Jew shut down this Jew’s website […]

Repeat: Letter to Federal Communications Commission: Whites are Discriminated by Jew Monopoly

I’m including in “I’ll Name Jew Names.” With stiff World-Wide competition, and the decline and death of the White Species and USA, we have to “identity” a problem such as in Dr. Deming’s Quality Evolution, where I was a leader, before we can “solve” the problems. Jews keep us trying to solve our problems in […]

9/11 Orthodox Jew Judge Handles All Litigation

Not only did Jew Larry Silverstein buy up the World Trade Center skyscrapers a year before the 9/11 Tragedy, but had them insured double. Two light aluminum planes hit two buildings, brought down three and (White) insurance is paying them for seven. Also, see where Jew Silverstein is suing the three airlines. (Two planes? Three […]

How Jews and Homos attacked the White Polish-American Veteran after WWII

Here’s the movie “Streetcar Named Desire,” Marlon Brando, Vivien Leigh. It’s about a White Polish-American Veteran after World War II. Odd but the White Polish men and families were slaves for Jews for 1,000 years. Treated Jews so well, not only Jews, but all of Europe, knew Poland was the Jewish “Paradise.” How does the […]