Red Indian Nikki Haley USA Representative for UN

It’s odd of 700,000,000 White people in the world, we need to have a Red Indian woman, Nikki Haley, to representative all of us in decisions which affect our people, well-being, country and future. For example, making Jerusalem, where Jews assassinated Jesus as the capital of Israel, hence crime capital of the world. With all […]

Elvis Tries to Jewish Communism, December 21, 1970, Christmastime

Elvis tried to stop Communism, December 21, 1970. My favorite Christmas movie.Elvis Meets Nixon, 2nd movie about this event. This is the first one I watched many times. (Other posted today) ¬† Elvis saw his audiences turn from the ’50’s into a drug addicted audience of the 60’s. He called it a Communist Revolution, and […]

Jewish "Talmud Unmasked;" White Catholic Christian Priest Murdered

(above meme from Here’s link and notes to see what Jews really think of White Christians from their holiest of books, “The Talmud.” The Catholic priest,¬†Father I. B. Pranaitis, was murdered by the Jew-led Bolshevik Russian Revolution. As I said before when Jews took over they put a law into effect, if any […]

Jew Dustin Hoffman, Another Sexual Predator Jewish Dustin Hoffman constantly harasses and physically violates one f the state actresses, White Kathryn Rossetter. The play was “Death of a Salesman,” by Jew Arthur Miller. The USA government subpoenaed Jew Miller as an assertion Hollywood was run by Communist Jews. (that was in the 1950’s) when the government didn’t know until my […]

Fat Jews Steal White Jokes for Meme's “Fat Jews” steal White ideas and became fat, rich Jews, and we their slaves. It’s especially true of the sad reality of Jewish comedy. Before a Jew goes out in front of his White paying crowd, he spends time in his room and thinks of as many hateful things about Whites as he can. […]